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Baked THC Goods

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with Our Delicious Baked THC Edibles.

Are you looking for high-quality cannabis edibles and delicious THC baked goods? There’s no limit to the healthy and beneficial properties that high-quality cannabis products can offer. Now, those same benefits are available in organic, all-natural tasty treats like chewy cookies and THC brownies! From BioWellnessX, an industry leader in natural hemp-derived relief comes a new line of THC-infused snacks, including our soft homestyle Delta-9 cannabis cookies.

Why Buy Baked THC Edible Products From BioWellnessx?

From the beginning of BioWellnessX, it was our mission to provide our community and consumers around the world with high-quality, organic THC and CBD alternatives for chemical medications. From our first Delta-8 THC gummy to our new delectable bites, we’ve strived to create cannabis products that were clean, natural, and essentially ripped straight from nature.

Our THC cookies are no different. We took a long-standing family recipe and added our premium hemp-derived THC distillate oil. What you’re left with is an utterly delicious THC cookie made from natural and organic ingredients only. Cane sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup, fruit extracts instead of artificial preservatives, the way nature intended. Each freshly baked THC cookie is loaded with 15mg of our finest Delta-8 THC, the perfect dosing for multiple servings, long-lasting effects, and a more customizable experience.

The Benefits of Baked THC Edibles and Goods

Choosing a THC edible, like THC-infused cookies or even THC gummies, has a lot of positive benefits. For one, consumers don’t have to inhale any smoke or vapor to feel the euphoric buzz and relieving abilities of hemp-based THC. Instead, users get treated to all the lovely and soothing benefits of THC in one of our secret homemade recipes. The infused Delta-8 THC distillate oil is also more bioavailable, helping the body absorb THC faster and utilize more of all the beneficial good stuff hemp-derived THC has to offer.

Delta-8 is potent and can (and will) provide consumers with a euphoric, full-body high. Aside from the physical feelings, though, Delta-8 is known for its ability to sedate, relax, de-stress, and provide relief from pain, inflammation, and anxiety. These naturally rejuvenating benefits have to lead the cannabis community to use Delta-8 THC as their preferred nighttime compound. But our organic Delta-8 THC cookies are ready to go whenever you are, with a perfectly formulated dose of just 15mg per edible.

Can I Buy Baked THC Edibles in a Non-Legalized State?

The great news about these baked goods and other THC-infused delectable bites is that they’re considered legal at the federal level. That’s right, in 2018, the Farm Bill was passed in the United States, allowing for hemp-derived cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, and of course, Delta-8 THC to be produced and sold across the United States.

As long as the Delta-9 THC concentration is under 0.30%, our chewy triple-chip bliss cookies are in full compliance with federal law! We do recommend reading up on State and local laws, however, because a few states still have antiquated laws about hemp products.

BioWellnessX Takes A Different Approach To Baked THC Goods

If you look around the cannabis industry, you’ll see that most THC baked goods are far too potent and could potentially lead to some heavy-duty highs.

At BioWellnessX, we’re about optimal health, natural relief, and a safe experience. That’s why our soft, fresh-baked cookies are the perfect dose. At 15mg Delta-8 per cookie, users can essentially create their own experience. And when the moment comes for another dose, customers can always enjoy another full or half cookie. We do this for easier customization and so that customers can actually enjoy the taste of one of our family’s most secret recipes.

The New Way to Enjoy Baked THC Goods

At BioWellnessX, we follow tradition while innovating and creating new ways for the cannabis community to find relief. With hemp-derived THC, like Delta-8, customers can enjoy tasty treats like our home-baked THC cookies while experiencing a more balanced and clear-headed high.

Infused with organic Delta-8, freshly baked cookies have never been so rejuvenating. Customize your dose to create your own personal mix of relaxation, creativity, and complete euphoria.

Why should You Try Our Delta 8 THC Edibles?

Our cannabis cookies, and other baked goods, are made with complete health and wellness in mind. Unlike other brands, we never use artificial sweeteners, dyes, or preservatives. Everything from our Delta-8 to the raw cane sugar to our veggie-derived coloring is made from premium, organic ingredients.

We believe starting with the purest ingredients will give our customers the purest experience.

With Delta-8 THC edibles, that means a calming and euphoric psychoactive effect. Perfect for nighttime use to induce a night of deep, restful sleep or for that moment when you need a more chill and relaxing vibe. Delta-8, derived from the hemp plant, is also known to help relieve achy joints and sore muscles while helping to alleviate excess stress, anxiety, and inflammation.

What’s the Best Way to Dose Baked Delta 8 THC Goods?

We personally believe that being able to customize your cannabis experience is the best way to enjoy a quality high. That’s why our formula includes 15mg of Delta-8 THC. This means beginners should be able to experience a perfect gentle yet powerful vibe, and more advanced cannabis users can increase their dosage according to their personal tolerance.

When you’re ready to increase your dosage, make sure to wait at least 90-120 minutes before taking another serving, as THC edibles can take some time to kick in. That being said, it’s all about making the right choice for your and your individual tolerance levels.

If this is your first time using Delta-8 THC or your first time eating cannabis-infused brownies, cookies, or other baked goods, we recommend starting with half of a dose.

Delta-8 THC Cookies

All of our Delta-8 THC cannabis cookies, and other baked goods for that matter, are made using home-style family recipes and never from a box or a mix you can find at the store. When you buy THC brownies online from BioWellnessX, you can bet there’s someone baking these quality ingredients in a kitchen somewhere.

Triple-Chip Bliss Delta-8 THC Cookies

The one that started it all, our Triple-Chip Delta-8 Cookies are made from three different varieties of chocolate chip have an artfully balanced flavor profile. They are our best sellers for a reason, these cannabis cookies are delicious and perfectly potent, with 15mg of Delta-8 THC per cookie.

Chocolate chips THC Cookies (Coming soon)

Sometimes a classic cookie is the best cookie. We take our same family recipe and use chocolate chips only for a hit of nostalgia while you enjoy a relaxing, soothing, and rejuvenating high. Made from organic and all-natural ingredients, it takes “baking” to a whole new level.

Other Delta 8 Tasty Treats Coming Soon:

Delta-8 THC Peanut Brittle

With a high bioavailability, THC peanut brittle is dangerously delicious and perfectly dosed. Get all the goodness that comes with hemp-derived THC in a classic fall treat. Just keep these hidden from friends and family because these irresistible baked goods are sure to go quickly.

Delta-8 THC Fudge

Is there anything better than soft and chewy fudge? Well, yes, and it’s fudge with a hint of cannabis and THC. Coming soon is our family’s secret fudge recipe with 15mg of hemp-derived THC for an enjoyable and invigorating experience. Just like our other baked goods, it’s our mission to offer this fudge with clean, high-quality ingredients so you can enjoy your relief completely guilt-free.

Delta-8 THC Brownie

Another classic cannabis baked good. We’re taking our dedication to quality and health and putting it all into THC brownies. These tasty treats will have all the chewy, chocolatey goodness you can only get from home-baking while treating users to the beneficial effects of premium Delta-8 THC. You won’t find these homestyle cannabis brownies in a store. Check back soon to see when they’re in stock!

Any side effects of consuming Cannabis Cookies with Delta-8 THC?

As with any psychoactive cannabis product, whether it’s made from hemp or marijuana or bought in-store or online, there are always some side effects to be aware of. Another great thing about hemp-derived THC, however, is that side effects appear less severe than marijuana – with less paranoia and less risk of increased heart rate.

That said, cannabis users should be aware of the following:

  • Increased Heart Rate

  • Drowsiness

  • Increase Appetite

  • Dry Mouth

  • Light Headedness

These are the most common side effects, but with Delta-8, they should be less prevalent than with traditional THC products.

Do Our Cannabis Cookies Get You High?

Packed with 15mg of Delta-8 THC, our cookies and other baked goods should provide a powerful yet clean high. Users report feeling less brain fog and couch-lock effects while still experiencing the mental and physical high associated with THC, making Delta-8 one of the most sought-after relief solutions on the market today.

Now customers can experience one of the best ways to find soothing relief from pain, stress, and inflammation in delicious, mouth-watering recipes.

Who Should Consume BioWellnessX Baked Goods with THC?

Honestly, anyone suffering from excess anxiety, inflammation, chronic pain, or sleeplessness can benefit from one of our homemade cannabis recipes. As Delta-8 is known for making customers feel more relaxed, sedated, and ultimately more rejuvenated, it’s the perfect natural wellness compound.

Our company also takes great pride in producing accessible products for everyone. That’s why most of our tasty treats are gluten-free, vegan, Non-GMO, and all-natural. While not all of our products fit into all of these categories, our mission remains to create organic wellness solutions.

If you’re not sure how cannabis cookies might affect you, we recommend speaking with your healthcare advisor or medical professional.

The BioWellnessX Promise

Our products are made with the finest ingredients. Our formulas are transparent and readily available to our customers. Every batch of cannabis products is sent to third-party labs to be tested for safety, quality, and potency.

We do these things not because we have to but because it’s our mission to provide the best natural wellness solutions to sufferers around the world. We want to offer real relief to those who need it most, and we choose to do it by making clean, high-quality products from start to finish.

First-Class Customer Service

At BioWellnessX, the customer always comes first. It has long been our mission to provide safe and natural relief solutions to those looking for an alternative to chemically engineered medications. If that means baking soft and fresh cookies and shipping them out by hand, that’s what we’ll do!

But we won’t stop there. Our team is dedicated to making sure each and every customer is completely satisfied. So we’ll be here 24/7 to answer any questions you might have, whether it’s about following one of our recipes at home or which strain of cannabis is best for daytime use.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We know that our tasty treats won’t be for everyone, and that’s okay. We still want to make sure all of our customers can shop with confidence and peace of mind.

That’s why we offer a full 60-day money-back guarantee for all of our cannabis products. If you’re not completely satisfied with your THC baked goods, simply return the rest of your package for a full refund. Our number one mission is providing real relief, and if, for some reason, our cannabis recipes just don’t do that, we want customers to be protected.

Got More Questions? Contact Us Today

Our team is standing by to answer all of your cannabis and cannabis-related questions. Whether you want to know how to follow one of our secret baking recipes or what THC edible is best for joint pain, contact us at any time, and we’ll do our best to help you out.



Claims about any cannabinoids have not yet been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Read the full legal disclaimer here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Delta-8 THC cookies legal?
    Are Delta-8 THC cookies legal?Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, all cannabinoids derived from the hemp plant are considered legal at the federal level. Our products comply with that law, but it's important to check your local and State laws to make sure you're also following their hemp and cannabis laws.
  • What are the benefits of baked goods infused with THC?
    What are the benefits of baked goods infused with THC?With baked goods, you don't have to inhale any smoke into your lungs, making for a much safer experience in general. Other benefits include natural pain and anxiety relief, relaxation, deeper, more restful sleep, anti-inflammation, better moods, and more.
  • Where can I buy THC baked goods online?
    Where can I buy THC baked goods online?We'd recommend buying your cannabis baked goods right here at BioWellnessX. But more importantly, we encourage looking for a few things in your next THC edible. Organic ingredients, good customer reviews, a money-back guarantee, and transparent formulas should all lead you to a trusted online cannabis shop.
  • Does BioWellnessX carry any other baked goods?
    Does BioWellnessX carry any other baked goods?Expect more details to follow, but as of right now, we only offer THC pumpkin cookies. In the future, we expect to offer Delta-8 THC brownies and freshly baked THC donuts. For other edibles, you can check out our inventory of Delta-8 and Delta-10 THC gummies.
  • What will consuming Delta-8 THC cookies and other baked goods feel like?
    What will consuming Delta-8 THC cookies and other baked goods feel like?Delta-8 is a more relaxing and sedative high, much like an indica strain with traditional marijuana. Users can expect to feel calmer and more relaxed while experiencing a euphoric mind and body high. Typically these effects will present themselves 30-60 minutes after consuming THC-infused products.
  • How long do effects last after eating a cannabis-infused edible?
    How long do effects last after eating a cannabis-infused edible?Typically you can expect to first start feeling a high sensation between 30-60 minutes after ingesting cookies or brownies. The psychoactive experience can then last anywhere from 4-6 hours, depending on the dosage, potency, and other various details.

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