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With the introduction of the 2018 Farm Bill, federally legal hemp products have taken off. With variations like relaxing Delta-8 and energetic Delta-10, as well as the full spectrum of beneficial cannabinoids, chronic sufferers have a new option for safe, natural relief. At BioWellnessX, our mission is to create the highest quality hemp products. That starts with organic, USA grown hemp plants and finishes with clean, non-GMO ingredients.

If you’re looking to stock up on quality hemp-derived THC and CBD products your customers love, it’s time to become a certified wholesale partner with one of the most trusted cannabis brands on the market.

Why Buy Wholesale Hemp Products From BioWellnessX?

From Day one, BioWellnessX has been dedicated to crafting the highest-quality hemp and hemp-derived relief solutions. Over the years we’ve created dozens of premium, high-potency THC and CBD products to help people suffering from pain, anxiety, inflammation, and more. For us, it’s not just about sales, it’s about offering reliable support for people suffering around the world.

Organic, US-Grown Hemp Plant

It all starts here, with the best-quality hemp seeds and natural love and care. No pesticides, no chemicals, no artificial additives or preservatives.

Premium, All-Natural Ingredients

Every supporting ingredient is also carefully chosen. In our gummies, you’ll find raw cane sugar instead of corn syrup, banana-derived potassium instead of artificial preservatives. Our science is based on FDA approved research, and each batch of new product is sent for third-party testing. Our commitment to health is just one of the reasons our brand is trusted across the entire cannabis industry.

Fast Shipping

Get your first bulk order in days, not weeks. Our team is ready to ship out our products so you can start making sales faster.

Customer Retention

When combined, our high quality hemp extracts, clean ingredients, and first class customer service keeps our customers coming back for more. And with thousands of 5-star reviews across all of our products, they’ll be sure to love your supply just as much.

What Hemp Products Do We Offer Wholesale:

Be sure to check this page early and often as we continually add new bulk hemp products to our inventory. For now enjoy everything from our homestyle baked THC cookies to our ultra-clean Delta-8 oil tinctures.

If you’re not seeing something here, be sure to reach out to our team and we’ll do our best to get your favorite cannabis goods stocked and ready to go.

Baked THC Goods

All the benefits and fatty acids of organic hemp extract are now available in our homestyle, freshly baked goods. Taking the same dedication to healthy and natural ingredients, your customers will love the sweet, delicious flavors of our THC-infused baked goods.

Triple Chip Pumpkin Cookies

How do you make a triple-chip pumpkin spice cookie better? Add some THC and CBD for a balanced, rejuvenating experience. We chose the ideal 15mg dose per cookie so your customers can enjoy both the delicious taste of these freshly baked cookies as well as all the benefits of pure hemp seeds and hemp-derived cannabinoids.

Delicious and rejuvenating, order your bulk THC cookies today!

Delta-8 THC Products

How did BioWellnessX become one of the most popular and trusted hemp brands on the market? By offering the best possible products with all-natural ingredients and no harmful additives. Our Delta-8 THC products were our first major line and demonstrate this commitment to optimal health and wellness.

Organic Delta 8 Gummies 50mg - 15 count - Chery

Our best-selling Delta-8 gummy is now available at wholesale pricing. The epitome of our mission statement, this tasty gummy is made from organic ingredients and is one of the cleanest ways to find natural relief. A favorite for those being evaluated for chronic pain, anxiety, or excess inflammation, as well as those looking for a deeper, more restful night’s sleep.

A first-class formulation, this hemp-derived gummy is a must have for any serious cannabis shop. Our popular Delta-8 gummies are available in 10mg, 25mg, 50mg, 100mg varieties.

Our premium, potent Delta-8 isolate combined with PCR oil and organic MCT oil. These three ingredients combine for a highly-rejuvenating and effective experience. PCR Oil, like full-spectrum CBD oil but more pure and potent, introduces the entourage effect to our Delta-8 extract, boosting effects and strength of the cannabinoids and fatty acids of hemp. For fast, effective relief, just one small drop of this oil tincture is all your customers will need.

Delta-8 THC Smokes Wholesale

Sometimes you just need the feeling of a traditional THC pre-roll. Our wholesale Delta-8 THC smokes are the perfect combination of clean and potent. Customers love the quality of our hemp flower, and the fact that the entire cigarette – filter and all – is completely biodegradable. A nice versatile addition to your CBD or THC inventory.

Delta-8 THC Disposable Vape Wholesale

CBD and THC vapes are one of the most popular ways to introduce THC and nano CBD particles into the body. Younger generations are even more likely to opt for the vape cartridge than hemp flower or other smokeables. Now, you and your team can take advantage of wholesale pricing and stock up on this popular and ultra-clean hemp vape. Each vape contains just two ingredients: 1000mg of premium Delta-8 isolate and all-natural terpenes for that distinct flavor and indica or sativa-dominant effect.

Hot Item: Make sure you stock up on these disposable vapes before we run out!

Delta-9 THC Products

Though our Delta-9 is derived exclusively from hemp plants and hemp seeds, hemp-derived Delta-9 is virtually identical to marijuana-derived THC. So experienced marijuana users should find very familiar benefits and effects when using our wholesale Delta-9 products. The big difference is the quality and potency of our products are unmatched and can deliver a clean, invigorating high.

25mg Delta 9 Gummies Green Apple

You can’t go wrong with this crowd favorite. Traditional THC users will love our premium Delta-9 Gummies. With nothing but pure hemp-derived Delta-9 isolate and organic ingredients, these tasty gummies can help your customers find relief, while experiencing one of the best euphoric highs in the world. Available in a variety a flavors, wholesale options include 10mg and 25mg doses.

Delta 9x Gummies - 15 Count Mango Flavor

We took our world-famous Delta-9 gummies and made them the most powerful gummies on the planet by adding 25mg of CBG and 3mg of THCp. Like CBD, CBG is a cannabinoid found naturally in cannabis plants, but CBG has the ability to boost and enhance the effects of psychoactive compounds like THC and THCp. What is THCp? A newly discovered variant of THC that can be up to 33x more potent than THC itself.

If your customers consider themselves “heavy hitters”, they’ll love this organic hemp-derived Delta-9x blend with 53mg of total cannabinoids.

Delta-9 THC Distillate Wholesale

Go around the middleman and straight to the source. With us, you get the highest quality and legal Delta-9 THC distillate available in bulk at low wholesale pricing. Use our premium quality hemp-derived Delta-9 however you please – in a new gummy formula, as a Delta-9 oil tincture, or in your favorite baked-good recipe.

Delta-10 THC Products

If Delta-8 is similar to an indica strain, then you can think of Delta-10 THC products as Sativa-dominant. Delta-10 users report feeling energized and focused, with a boost of creativity. For this reason, bulk Delta-10 items are great for daytime use or for those who are creatively or physically active.

Organic Delta 10 Gummies - 55mg - Lemon Flavor
Organic Delta-10 THC Gummies

With a wide range of health benefits, Delta-10 THC is known as the energetic and uplifting cousin of Delta-8 THC. Potent, psychoactive, and engaging these THC gummies are a favorite among creative types and the physically active. Users report feeling more focused, clear-headed, and energized while experiencing a strong full-body high. These wholesale Delta-10 THC gummies are currently available in 50mg doses, but stay tuned for more options coming soon.

Delta 10 Oil Tincture - 2000mg
Delta-10 THC Tincture

Enjoy all the same benefits as our Delta-10 gummies, but with the enhanced effects of full-spectrum PCR oil. PCR Oil is basically a super-powered full-spectrum CBD Oil. It has the full range of healthy cannabinoids, but in higher concentration and with more efficacy due to PCR oil’s unique extraction method. This tincture can not only energize and uplift, but it’s PCR oil and MCT Oil (as a carrier oil and brain booster) can help support brain function, promote healthier skin, and offer amazing antioxidant benefits.

Delta-10 Tablets

Who needs all those flavors? Sometimes simpler is better! These wholesale Delta-10 Tablets are loaded with hemp-derived D10 THC, and nothing else. Our bulk THC tablets deliver fast and simple relief with just one simple capsule. And although these tablets are vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and Non-GMO, their potency is just as strong as our THC tinctures and gummies.

HHC Products

Like CBD and THC, HHC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. It’s kind of a blend between CBD and THC, as it has a wide range of physical and mental relief benefits, while also providing a psychoactive experience. This makes HHC a durable and versatile new compound for natural relief solutions.

HHC CBG Gummies - 75mg Per Gummy
HHC gummies

Think of these organic HHC gummies as a sativa strain with more clarity. Users report feeling more focused compared to traditional marijuana-derived THC, with a more uplifting overall experience. Like our CBD and THC products, these HHC gummies are made with organic, USA-grown hemp, and intended to provide relief from a variety of common ailments.

Wholesale HHC gummies are available in both 25mg and 50mg varieties.

NON-THC Products

All the beneficial healing power of CBD and THC, without the psychoactive properties. If your clients are subject to drug tests, our zero-THC wholesale options can help them find the relief, while complying with their lifestyle requirements.

Wellness Gummies Plus from BioWellnessX
Wellness Gummies Plus

These broad-spectrum organic gummies have no detectable amount of THC, but all the other cannabinoids your body loves. CBD for anti-anxiety and pain relief, CBG for cognitive support, CBN for relaxation, and abundant nano CBD particles for even more results. Your clients can enjoy all the healing benefits of organic hemp, with zero detectable THC.

These gummies also include 5mg of Myrcene per serving, for a sedative, relaxing experience. Perfect after a particularly stressful day or to help user fall asleep and stay asleep.

Full-Spectrum CBD Products

Our advanced extraction techniques use a slow but efficient process that captures nano CBD particles and other cannabinoids and can maintain theif efficacy for longer. Using organic hemp plants, we believe our full-spectrum CBD oils are the best on the planet. Now, users can experience that healing power in a variety of trusted full-spectrum products.

Full Spectrum CBD Gummies (Mellow Drops)

One of our most popular full-spectrum hemp products. These Mellow Drops, as the name suggest, are formulated to help users relax, unwind, and deliver real relief from pain and anxiety. With 25mg of full-spectrum CBD per drop, these are perfect for nighttime use or after a particularly heavy day.

Full Spectrum CBN Gummies - Dream Drops
Full Spectrum CBN Gummies (Dream Drops)

The ideal, non-habit forming sleep aid is here with full-spectrum Dream Drops! These non-psychoactive drops are made with full-spectrum CBD distillate and have an additional dose of CBN. CBN is known for its calming and sedative effects. So while the full-spectrum CBD works to provide relief from pain, muscle soreness, anxiety, excess inflammation and sleeplessness, CBN can help users unwind before bed a promote a deeper, more restful sleep.

Focus Gummies - Green Apple - 75mg
Full Spectrum CBG Gummies (Focus Gummies)

While not completely free of THC, as there’s trace amounts in full-spectrum CBD oil, these CBG Focus Gummies are considered non-psychoactive. Instead, the additional dose of CBG is intended as a powerful cognitive support aid. Known for it’s brain stimulation, CBG users report feeling more energized, focused, and alert – making this full-spectrum gummy perfect for daytime use, especially during stressful workloads.

CBG Oil Tinctures

All the benefits of our full-spectrum CBG gummies, but none of the calories! If your customer lives a sugar-free life, this tincture is for them. For the healthiest of pain and anxiety sufferers, our CBG Oil tincture only contains three healthy ingredients: organic CBG oil, coconut-derived MCT Oil, and full-spectrum PCR oil. These three ingredients combine to offer natural alertness and enhanced brain function.

CBN Oil Tinctures

Like our CBG Oil tinctures, our wholesale CBN tinctures are also free from sugar and other natural additives. These healthy full-spectrum tinctures include: organic, hemp-derived CBN oil, full-spectrum PCR Oil, and MCT Oil for boosted effects and additional cognitive health. Our premium PCR Oil can help relieve anxiety and stress before bed, and the additional dose of CBN can help users fall asleep faster and enjoy a deeper, more restful night’s sleep.

CBN Tablets

Sure, gummies and tinctures work just fine, but sometimes all you need is a fast-acting tablet. These wholesale full-spectrum CBN tablets are both potent and highly bioavailable, meaning they work faster within the body. Like our bulk CBN gummies, these tablets are the perfect choice for natural nighttime relief. With full-spectrum CBD and an extra dose of CBN, users can help their body recover while also promoting a deep, restful, and reinvigorating sleep.

Hemp Smokes

A traditionalist favorite! Why waste calories on THC-infused food, when you can enjoy an old-school cigarette packed with nature’s best hemp flower. These smokeables are made with hemp seeds and hemp alone, no tobacco and no nicotine – just pure relief in the familiar comfort of a biodegradable cigarette.

Other Products

If you’re interested in something a little different for your store, these other wholesale items might be right for you. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, maybe nano CBD oils (which are coming soon), please feel free to reach out to our customer service team at any time.

Or check out these additional educational materials on our site for an in-depth look into our inventory.

How To Buy Hemp-Derived THC At Wholesale Pricing?

Are you ready to put your sales team to work? We’ve made it easy to start selling our formulas and final products, and that starts with low bulk prices.

To become a certified reseller of our CBD and THC products, all you have to do is fill out the form below in as much detail as possible. The more details you give, the better our team can formulate the right products and curate a purchase that works for you, your team, and your customers.

Click the button below to fill out the form, and we’ll reach out to you as soon as possible!

The Safe Way to Buy Wholesale THC Online

When it’s time to buy bulk hemp products online, it’s important to find the right products. But sometimes that’s easier said than done. Luckily, BioWellnessX is a high-quality hemp manufacturer that has the research and customer reviews to back it up. We believe that’s because our dedication to the health and safety of our customers comes first, even if that means spending a little more on the best possible ingredients.

First-Class Customer Service

When you register your business as an official wholesale partner, we treat you as our family and you instantly become one of our top priorities. We’ll have a personal team dedicated to making sure your bulk Delta-8 vape orders are tailor made for your business needs and that you’re taken care of every step of the way. With 24/7 support to answer any and all questions, you’ll never feel like you’re on the outside looking in.

Less time waiting, means more time making sales, and that means more chronic sufferers finding all-natural relief.

Premium, All-Natural Ingredients

We put the same time, dedication, and care into our wholesale Delta-8 disposable vapes as we do our own branded gummies. That means, every Delta-8 THC vape uses premium THC oil derived from organic, US-grown hemp plants. With our advanced extraction and preservation techniques, this psychoactive cannabinoid has never been more effective.

As with all of our hemp products, every accompanying ingredient is all-natural and serves to further aid in pain relief, anti-anxiety and anti-inflammation benefits, healthier sleep cycles, enhanced moods and serotonin levels, and a better overall experience. If you’re going to sell your customers one gummy, make sure it’s made with the best possible ingredients!

Brand Quality and Customer Retention

Our steadfast commitment to quality has earned us a gold-star in the cannabis community. We have become a trusted online shopping experience for those truly interested in finding real, natural relief benefits. When you purchase any of our wholesale hemp THC or CBD products, including our organic Delta-8 disposable vape, you’re purchasing years of research and meticulous formulating that have ultimately led to a high-quality final product.

Whether you’re selling online or in-store, our THC and CBD products will help you build a loyal and passionate customer base.

Order Bulk Hemp THC Products from BioWellnessX and Get Your Shipment within Days, Not Weeks!

We know how important getting your shipment can be. With as fast as things move in the wholesale CBD industry, the sooner you’re stocked up the better. With us, you don’t have to wait for the hemp seeds to become the hemp plant, we already have your inventory ready to go.

Order wholesale hemp products online with BioWellnessX and all your orders ship in just days, not weeks! Order t0day!

Frequently Asked Questions

As naturally occurring compounds within cannabis plants, CBD, THC and other cannabinoids are considered generally safe for public use. While they’re not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure diseases, many studies show that hemp-derived cannabinoids can provide real, natural relief to those suffering from pain and anxiety.

Absolutely! Members of our wholesale partner network get exclusive wholesale prices not available to the public. If you own or operate a cannabis site or brick-and-mortar store, our BioWellnessX hemp products can help you improve customer retention, customer reviews, and even raise your net profits.

Any bulk order from BioWellnessX should arrive on your doorstep within days, not weeks. Our team is standing by to create a wholesale order that makes sense for you and your company, once we place the order, we’ll start packaging and shipping your products as soon as possible.

When you work with BioWellnessX, you can either white-label our premium hemp products, or you can rebrand our final products and formulas as your own. Either way, your customers and clients around the world will enjoy the wide range of benefits that come with natural, organic wellness products.

Our customer service and sales team are both standing by to help you through this process. You can contact our team, Monday-Friday at (747) 236-6616 or simply fill out the quick form on this contact page:

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