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CBN Gummies – Full Spectrum CBD Organic Dream Drops

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Comfort And Nighttime Ease With A Pop Of A Dream Drop

Our Organic Full Spectrum CBN Gummies are made with our premium Full Spectrum PCR oil and CBN, known for its calming and cognitive effect which in many eyes can work as the ideal sleep aid gummies.

With a total of almost 50mg of cannabinoid in each serving, you get 38mg of CBD, 7mg CBN, and some minor cannabinoids such as CBG and Delta 9 THC. These tasty treats are sure not to disappoint!

Our CBN Sleep gummies for sale are designed so you can get the full potential of the whole hemp plant.

45mg CBD / CBN Per Gummy:
– 450mg CBD / CBN (10 count) – Cherry Flavor
– 900mg CBD / CBN (20 count) – Cherry Flavor

First time trying us out? Try a single pack for just $4.50/pack.

Hemp Derived | Farm Bill Compliant
Contains Delta-9 THC
Certified Organic & Non GMO
Made With Love

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CBN Gummies: The Latest Cannabis-Based Natural Sleep Aid Remedy!

CBN (Cannabinol) has started to take off lately, and for a good reason. You might have seen it pop up in various places, especially online. Early research suggests that CBN works as a sedative cannabinoid that can have a greater effect than most pharmaceuticals most would take for better sleep.

Even though CBN was first discovered in the late 19th century, we are now starting to understand what this special Cannabinol can do for the human body.

Interestingly, CBN is partly formed from the degradation of THC and other cannabinoids when exposed to heat, UV light, and/or oxygen. For example, you can find high levels of CBN in aged cannabis.

One in 4 Americans develops anxiety at some point in a given year, and that number is not slowing down. Having daily tension could lead to depression, insomnia, and other treat and illnesses. Sleep has shown to be a primary "cure" to balance our bodies, and that is where this new wonder Cannabinol (CBN) steps in, and could potentially assist.

Our Full Spectrum Dream Drops are made with premium PCR Hemp oil and infused CBN distillate oil. That means you'll get the whole plant material along with delta 9 THC (below 0.30% dry-weight), creating an even more significant soothing effect when taken. CBN products and their potential benefits are an alternative many are exploring as a nighttime sleep aid.

Enjoy our sleep gummies and gain the sleep you deserve.

Our Full Spectrum CBN Gummies are made with pure and clean ingredients securing you the best possible experience each time you enjoy one of these potent dream drops.

These giant 6-gram gummies are made with love and with one focus in mind: for you to get a night of sounder and more profound sleep than you might have had in a while. The beauty of the hemp plant is giving us the wonders of its cannabinoids, where CBN has shown to work soothingly and even better when combined with CBD, CBG, and THC to create the best possible entourage effect.

Our delicious gummies with CBN come with only natural flavors. For example, we replaced corn syrup with tapioca syrup and cane sugar.

45mg CBD / CBN Per Gummy (high doses):
- 450mg (10 count) - Cherry Flavor
- 900mg (20 count) - Cherry Flavor

  • Organic Tapioca Syrup,
  • Organic Cane Sugar,
  • Fruit Pectin, 
  • Organic Flavor Extracts,
  • Potassium Citrate,
  • Citric Acid,
  • Natural Vegetable Extracts (coloring),
  • Tapioca Starch,
  • Full Spectrum PCR Oil and CBN Distillate Oil

We suggest you start with one gummy daily and increase as needed (at night). With a total of close to 50mg cannabinoid, these are potent gummies.

Works for: Mainly created to achieve sleep aid and wake up rejuvenated. Also works to assist with added daily tension and mild comfort. You'll get the best results if taken as an evening gummy, and we suggest taking it an hour before bedtime.

Contains THC: Yes, these contain around 3-4mg Delta 9 THC. Below 0.30% to be legal. 


Depending on your state law, you must be 21 or 18 years of age to purchase our products.


Please Note:

Alcohol can intensify the effect of this product. Use caution when operating a car or dangerous machinery.

Always consult a medical professional before taking any related health products if you are pregnant, nursing, have, or suspect a medical condition, or are taking any medications.

Give your body a break with a good night's sleep

Our Organic CBN Sleep Gummies are a new, natural, and delicious way to experience a whole night’s sleep with health and wellness in mind. For all our Cannabis products, we only use organically grown hemp when extracting full-spectrum distillate oil used in our gummies. This gives them the perfect balance of CBD, CBN, some CBG, and Delta 9 THC for greater sedation. Pop a drop and experience the true power of what CBN can do for your body — without the risk of unwanted side effects. It’s the perfect sleep aid remedy!

Fall Asleep With Our Sleep Gummies

Like CBD, CBG, and THC, CBN works as a healing effect through interaction with chemical receptors in nearly every body system. Whether you’re dealing with daily turmoil or inconsistent sleep patterns, our edibles offer a notable difference for sleeping and relaxation when seeking overall wellness.

CBN Gummies - Dream Drops - 45mg
Sleep Gummies with CBN - BioX

CBN: One Of The Purest Forms Of Sleep And Wellness

Studies show CBN works as effectively as melatonin and other related sleep products. Our edibles are designed to assist with:

  • Sleep Aid
  • No fogginess next morning
  • Comfort

Because it binds to our body’s receptors, it has direct access to our nerve system, which is one of the main reasons studies indicate this works so well.

Cannabinoids are the chemicals in the cannabis plant that give it an aroma, flavor, and effect. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most famous but can also be formed by heat or light exposure to THC, which breaks down into CBN through oxidative degradation. That means higher levels will occur with more aged, dried flowers due to their lower moisture content, and will offer the perfect sleep aid remedy.

Cannabis Plant: Natures Gift And Science Behind

How Does CBN Gummies Work?

  • CBN Work On Activating the Body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS)
  • CBN Binds to CB1 and CB2 Receptors (with a higher affinity for CB2)
  • Functional ingredients Support Healthy Sleep Patterns
  • Stimulates Mental Health
  • Supports Overall Health And Wellness
45mg dream drops - full spectrum CBN Gummies

Why Choose Full Spectrum CBN Gummies?

Enjoy our organic Dream Drops With Natural & Delicious Flavors.

We’re proud to offer a natural sleep remedy that works. Our drops are specially formulated to provide a wholesome experience for maximum effect. We only use organic ingredients, which you can immediately taste when you pop one in your mouth. 

  • Organic ingredients make a difference. 
  • Each gummy has a total of 45mg CBD and CBN, along with Delta 9 THC and CBG. 
  • Offered in two sizes (10 and 20 count jars), both with our popular cherry flavor.
  • Feel a natural experience each time. Consistency is vital for us, so you know you’ll get the same each time. 
  • We manufacture all CBD products and ship within the USA. An American brand you can be proud of. 
  • Produce various benefits and mildly euphoric experiences.


Best CBN Gummies For Sleep

Real Reviews from Real customers


CBN interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, and it can affect the function of many hormones and neurotransmitters, which in turn influence mood, energy, cognition and focus, appetite, immune function, and relief.

- Michael Breus, Ph.D - The Sleep Doctor

In 2002, Swedish researchers at the Department of Clinical Pharmacology at Lund University Hospital found out cannabinol and THC activate the same relief pathways.

- Department of Clinical Pharmacology at Lund University Hospital

Learn More about the Ingredients

  • Full Spectrum PCR Oil Extract
    Full Spectrum PCR Oil ExtractOur gummies are are manufactured using a full spectrum PCR hemp distillate which is known for its whole-plant experience. You'll find an arrow of other minor cannabinoids along with THC, all helping you to feel a true entourage effect.
  • CBN Oil Extract
    CBN Oil ExtractCBN Oil is extracted from the hemp plant itself, but it can also be converted from either THC or even CBD isolate. Our gummies are infused with CBN to give you a more substantial effect when it comes to a full night's sleep again.
  • Organic cane sugar
    Organic cane sugar Organic cane sugar is unrefined, nutrient-packed sweetness. It contains less processing than white or brown sugars and gives our gummies a full-bodied taste with all of its nutritional benefits intact!
  • Organic Tapioca Syrup
    Organic Tapioca SyrupYou'll never want to go back after trying this amazing, organic syrup! Made from 100% natural tapioca starch and rich in carbs with enough energy for your whole body. The enzymes break down complex carbohydrates so that they can be digested more easily which will help keep blood sugar levels steady on each dose you take.

"Within 15 minutes, I was drowsy. Instead of taking over an hour to fall asleep, I was out almost immediately. That night was the first night in months that I slept all night long,” she reports. “I didn’t even wake up when my husband got up for work at 4 a.m.” 

- Anais M.

Our guarantee to you

If you are not 100% satisfied with any of our products for any reason, please contact us to inquire about getting a refund. You can read more about our return policy here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do CBN gummies do?
    What do CBN gummies do?CBN has been shown to assist with increased sleep patterns and can be a great natural alternative for even Melatonin. It's suggested you test out 5-10mg of CBN in the evening hours and adjust as needed.
  • Which is better for sleep CBD or CBN?
    Which is better for sleep CBD or CBN?Research shows that both CBD and CBN are effective for sleep, but it appears that when used alone CBN works better.
  • How long does it take for CBN to kick in?
    How long does it take for CBN to kick in?CBN kicks in pretty fast, but it also depends on how quickly your body can dissolve CBN sleep gummies. Generally, you should start to feel the effects anywhere from 15 to 60 min.
  • Do your gummies have THC in them?
    Do your gummies have THC in them?They sure do, but they contain less than 0.30% Delta 9 THC. That being said they do have THC, which means you cannot expect these to be a zero THC product. If you take more than one gummy expect mildly psychoactive as we are dealing with a potent full spectrum blend.
  • Can CBN fail a drug test?
    Can CBN fail a drug test?Studies indicate the possibility that CBN can make you fail a drug test. Because CBN originates from the THC molecule, it is likely to show up on a test. However, you do need to consume a lot of pure CBN isolate for it to show up. Also, keep in mind if the gummies are full-spectrum as ours are you'll most likely consume Delta 9 THC. Our gummies are now that you would classify as a zero THC product.
  • Is CBN legal?
    Is CBN legal?The 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp with all its derivatives, extracts, compounds, and THC concentrations at less than 0.3%. Cannabinoids like CBN can be found in hemp, but it's a separate substance from THC, which makes CBN legal in the United States.
  • Can you take too much CBN?
    Can you take too much CBN?CBN taken by itself has a non-psychoactive effect and no known complications or side effects as long you are following a recommended dosage. That said, if you do take too much, you could wake up the following day and experience a little more fatigue and foggier than usual.
  • Is CBN product good for anxiety?
    Is CBN product good for anxiety?CBN shows many possible benefits, such as relieving body relief and even lowering tension. It offers you a good night's rest; your body feels more relaxed and calm, so it naturally can heal itself faster again.
  • Is CBN a sedative?
    Is CBN a sedative?Yes, one of the properties of the cannabinoid CBN indicates it works great as a sedative when consumed. We have also seen it works in many other areas of the body, and mental health, which is one of the main reasons it's been gaining popularity as fast as it has.
  • What are the effects of CBN?
    What are the effects of CBN?Many are using CBN as a natural remedy to assist with sleep because of its soothing effects on the endocannabinoid system. CBN has become increasingly more popular as more positive feedback arises from people using it.
  • What is CBN best for?
    What is CBN best for?CBN is mainly used as a sleep aid remedy as it has soothing effects on the human body, and studies show it directly impact the endocannabinoid system.

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