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Wholesale Delta-8 THC Oil Tincture Bulk

Offer Your Customers All The Health Benefits of Premium Delta-8 THC Oil Tincture Bulk

THC and CBD made from the hemp plant is becoming more and more popular. This could be because hemp-derived cannabinoids are now federally legal to produce and sell or because Delta-8 THC, Delta-10 THC, and all the other cannabis compounds provide effective and natural relief for millions of people.

Now you can become a certified reseller of our bulk Delta-8 Oil Tinctures and offer your retail customers high-quality, all-natural relief from pain, anxiety, excess inflammation, sleeplessness, and more!

How Can I Become A Trusted Delta-8 THC Oil Tincture Bulk Wholesaler?

If you’re ready to buy bulk Delta-8 THC, we’ve made it easier than ever. At the end of the day, we want as many customers to experience the highly-beneficial intoxicating effects of our Delta-8 tinctures. So now you can purchase top-notch organic Delta-8 oils and add them to your inventory today.

There are two ways you can resell our organic Delta-8 oil tincture. You can choose to be a certified reseller and offer our branded THC oil tincture on your own website, or you can choose to have your bulk Delta-8 tinctures white-labeled with your own brand and artwork. Whichever option you choose, your customers will love the new health and wellness THC products available at your online store.

Why Should I Buy Wholesale Delta-8 THC Oil Tincture Bulk From BioWellnessX?

The truth is most bulk cannabis products, including bulk Delta-8 THC tinctures, will turn out to be around the same price. But there’s a difference in wholesale companies, and that’s where BioWellnessX cannot be compared.

From the beginning, we’ve been dedicated to crafting the absolute best, most effective natural hemp products on the market. It starts with organic, US-grown hemp, and it means using state-of-the-art extraction techniques, committing to organic all-natural products even if it costs more, and you’re left with the best final product possible.

To keep our whole team accountable, every hemp product is then sent to a third-party lab to be tested for quality, safety, and potency. Only then do we bottle up our Delta-8 oil and sell it to our passionate customer base.

Organic Hemp: Whether it’s Delta-8, CBD, or traditional Delta-9 THC, we source it directly from US-grown, organic hemp flower. Additionally, all of our cannabinoid products are Non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan.

Natural Flavors: You’ll never find artificial ingredients in our products. Each gummy, tincture, or other edible is packed with natural flavors derived from organic fruits and vegetables.

Organic Sweeteners: Our mission at BioWellnessX is to create health and wellness products that help users find clean relief. So we’ll never include high-fructose corn syrup or other chemical sweeteners. For tasty gummies, you’ll find Organic Tapioca Syrup and Organic Cane Sugar. Sure it costs more, but the results are worth every penny.

Third-Party Lab Tested: No matter how big or successful a company is, things can go wrong sometimes. We don’t want those mistakes going to your consumers. That’s why every cannabinoid product, bulk or otherwise, is third-party tested for quality, potency, and safety. All our products have been tested to secure they are legal and don’t have more than 0.30% Delta-9 THC per total dry weight.

Certificate of Analysis: We know how important consumer confidence is, so we make sure each of our D8 products, along with our other cannabis products, comes with an official certificate of analysis to ensure the formula, ingredients, and potency are exactly where they should be.

Loyal, Happy Customers: BioWellnessX has always been focused on one thing: customer experience. Our dedication and commitment have paid off, as our cannabinoid products have become an industry leader in verified customer reviews and customer retention. All of our Delta-8 wholesale distributors have the advantage of offering one of the most highly-regarded formulas in the industry.

All Of Our Delta-8 THC Oil Tincture Bulk Wholesale Products

At BioWellnessX, we have one bulk Delta-8 THC tincture, and it’s one of the best money can buy. Stay tuned for other wholesale tinctures, or check out our inventory of all-natural THC tinctures and full-spectrum CBD tinctures here.

Organic Delta-8 THC tincture with Full-spectrum PCR Oil

It’s a mouthful, literally. With just one dose of this Delta-8 oil tincture, customers will experience the full potency and benefit of this awesome origin material. Not only do users experience a soothing and completely rejuvenating high from the premium Delta-8 oil, but they’re also treated to our blend of full-spectrum PCR Oil.

PCR Oil is basically the big brother of full-spectrum CBD oil. It has all of the beneficial cannabinoids found in full-spectrum CBD, including trace amounts of THC, but in higher potency and more pure form. We also include naturally-derived MCT oil as both a carrier oil (for better absorption and body utilization) and cognitive aid for that mental advantage.

Great for pain relief, anti-anxiety, sleeplessness, high blood pressure, muscle recovery, and more, our bulk Delta-8 THC bottle is free from artificial flavors, preservatives, colors, or other harmful additives.

How To Buy Delta-8 THC Oil Tincture Bulk At Wholesale Pricing

Are you ready to start offering your customers the best in natural relief? Let’s get you set up with some bulk Delta-8 THC Oil Tincture at the best possible price! We’ve made the process as quick and painless as possible.

Simply fill out the form below with as much detail as possible, and we’ll have one of our qualified representatives reach out to you as soon as possible. They’ll go over your business needs and help you curate the perfect wholesale plan for you.

Safely Buying Delta-8 THC Oil Tincture Bulk Wholesale Online With BioWellnessX

The cannabis market is a huge place, but companies shouldn’t buy their bulk Delta-8 oil from just any site. Along with lower-quality ingredients, there’s no telling what other stuff these companies put in their oil. At BioWellnessX, we’re known for our never-ending quest of manufacturing optimal health and wellness products. That means our ingredients are organic, non-GMO, free from artificial additives, and extracted using the latest and greatest techniques.

First-Class Customer Service

When you register your business as an official wholesale partner, we treat you as our family and you instantly become one of our top priorities. We’ll have a personal team dedicated to making sure your bulk Delta-8 orders are tailor made for your business needs and that you’re taken care of every step of the way. With 24/7 support, you’ll never feel like you’re on the outside looking in. Less time waiting, means more time making sales, and that means more chronic sufferers finding all-natural relief.

Premium, All-Natural Ingredients

We put the same time, dedication, and care into our wholesale Delta-8 oil tinctures as we do our own branded gummies. That means, every Delta-8 THC tincture uses premium THC oil derived from organic, US-grown hemp plants. With our advanced extraction and preservation techniques, this psychoactive cannabinoid has never been more effective. As with all of our hemp products, every accompanying ingredient is all-natural and serves to further aid in pain relief, anti-anxiety and anti-inflammation benefits, healthier sleep cycles, enhanced moods and serotonin levels, and a better overall experience. If you’re going to sell your customers one gummy, make sure it’s made with the best possible ingredients!

Brand Quality and Customer Retention

Our steadfast commitment to quality has earned us a gold-star in the cannabis community. We have become a trusted online shopping experience for those truly interested in finding real, natural relief benefits. When you purchase any of our wholesale hemp THC or CBD products, including our organic Delta-8 oil tincture, you’re purchasing years of research and meticulous formulating that have ultimately led to a high-quality final product. Whether you’re selling online or in-store, our THC and CBD products will help you build a loyal and passionate customer base.

Buy Wholesale Delta-8 THC Oil Tincture Bulk Online Today And Receive Your Package Within Days!

It’s time to stock up on customers’ favorite Delta-8 oil tinctures! When you buy bulk Delta-8 THC Oil Tinctures from BioWellnessX, not only do you get the best prices, but you also get great service and the highest quality products.

We can’t wait to get started! Consult with our team today, find the best product(s) for you and your goals, and we’ll ship them out in just a few days.

Looking for other wholesale Delta-8 THC products? See below.

Frequently Asked Questions

White labeling means you get to use our best-in-class formulas, our premium ingredients, and our final product, but you and your sales team get to make it your own! We’ll add your brand, your custom artwork, and your unique gummy name and ship bulk, personally branded Delta-8 gummies to the address of your choice.
Technically, all hemp-based products are legal to produce and distribute at the federal level and in most states, including Rhode Island, Colorado, and nearly 45 more. This is due to the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized the sale of hemp-derived Delta-8 and all other hemp compounds – as long as the Delta-9 THC concentration is under 0.3%. All BioWellnessX oil tinctures, edibles, and smokables are in federal compliance, but be sure to check State laws and local codes to ensure no local laws conflict.
While structurally, they’re virtually identical, hemp-derived THC tends to offer a more clear-headed and clean psychoactive experience. Most importantly, however, is that hemp is considered federally legal, while marijuana still has many restrictions on its production and sale. That means we can use potent Delta-8 THC and CBD in food, gummies, and disposable vapes, and even our new crystallize origin material, Delta-8 THC Diamond.
There are a few factors to consider, like product weight, preferred flavors, and order size. That being said, we’ve always intended to get our health and wellness products to as many people who need them as possible. Because of this, we’re committed to low turnaround times. Companies can expect to receive their CBD or THC wholesale bag within 7-10 business days.
Absolutely, and we’re working on more! Check our wholesale page early and often to find out when we add more items to our inventory. From Delta-8 THC to full-spectrum CBD oils, psychoactive alternatives like HHC, and mind-stimulating cannabinoids like CBG, we have everything you need to keep your customers coming back for more.
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