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HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol)

Feel the Difference With Pure and Potent HHC/CBG Edibles You Can Trust!

HHC and CBG are both hemp-derived cannabinoids that are becoming more and more popular since their legalization from 2018’s Farm Bill. HHC products are similar to your traditional THC products, meaning they give users a euphoric feeling and a psychoactive high. BioWellnessX offers HHC products, both with CBG and without, so you can assess your personal HHC dosage.

Why Buy HHC Gummies From BioWellnessX?

BioWellnessX was founded to help people suffering from chronic pain, migraines, anxiety, sleeplessness, or other mental and physical ailments in a safe and natural way. We wanted to offer an alternative to prescription medications that were free from artificial additives or harmful chemicals.

On our shop, you’ll find HHC products, Delta 9 THC, Delta 8 THC, Delta 10 THC, CBD, CGG, and other cannabinoids, all naturally sourced and in their purest form.

Additionally, each of our products is tested for safety, potency, and efficacy at a third-party lab. So whether you’re looking to buy HHC online for anxiety or Delta 8 THC to help you sleep better, we can guarantee you’re getting a quality product every time.

HHC Benefits?

The traditional THC molecule and HHC products are more alike than they are different. Users should feel a similar psychotropic effect to THC derived from the cannabis plant. However, there is a slight difference as THC uses double bonds to interact with the central nervous system and the endocannabinoid system, while HHC does not. We believe it’s due to this slight difference that studies have shown HHC to be just 70% as potent as THC.

So though HHC users can expect a mind and body high, it should be just slightly less potent than its cousin THC.

With that being said, HHC products can have some incredible benefits on their own, including:

  • Stress Relief

  • Relaxation

  • Anti-Anxiety Benefits

  • Pain Management

  • and Appetite Stimulation

Whether users choose HHC vapes or edibles, they can expect the same kind of results, as it has an extremely high bioavailability. BioWellnessX also offers products that combine both HHC + CBG for even better results.

CBG’s chemical structure is very closely related to another naturally occurring cannabinoid, CBD. CBG, or cannabigerol, is also derived from the hemp plant and can help reduce inflammation in the body, fight pain and nausea, and even regulate serotonin for a better mood throughout the day.

That’s also what makes HHC plus CBG such a potent cannabinoid combination and perfect for daytime use.

Claims about cannabinoids have not yet been approved by the FDA. Read the full legal disclaimer here.

How Is HHC compared to THC?

Hemp-derived HHC and traditional Delta 9 THC produce very similar feelings. Both will include a psychoactive experience, but there is a slight difference in how they react to the body.

It all has to do with double bonds. Both HHC and THC interact with the CB1 and the CB2 receptors, they just do it a little differently. HHC contains two additional hydrogen molecules, which could be why HHC has slightly less psychoactivity. Compared to traditional THC, many users report a more clear-headed, uplifting high (like a Sativa strain). But when you combine HHC and CBG, our users also report a more focused experience with less brain fog. This could be due to CBG’s ability to regulate serotonin and help reduce inflammation.

In short, HHC products derived from hemp plants tend to be just slightly less potent than their Delta 9 THC counterparts, with a more uplifting and clear experience.

HHC Side Effects: What You Should Know Before Buying It

What are some of the things I can expect? Are there any adverse effects with HHC?

Both HHC and CBG are naturally occurring cannabinoids, and at BioWellnessX, both are very carefully extracted from organic hemp plants. To start, due to CBG’s lack of a double bond, you won’t experience any psychotropic effect with CBG alone (similar to CBD).

For HHC products, like gummies or an HHC vape, you should expect a fairly intense mind and body buzz, similar to cannabis or hemp-derived THC. And like traditional Delta 9 THC, you can expect the usual side effects, with some exceptions.

HHC effects are typically less intense than THC or THC O, and therefore many users report a cleaner, less cloudy experience. Other side effects of our HHC/CBG gummies include, but are not limited to, more mellow experiences of:

  • Dry Mouth

  • Drowsiness

  • Lethargy

  • Sensitivity to Lights and Sound

At BioWellnessX, our #1 priority is always health and happiness. If you’re interested in trying an HHC product but are unsure how it will affect you, please consult your medical advisor or physician before you begin.

Do HHC Edibles Get You High?

HHC affects every person differently. However, we do know that HHC products are very similar to traditional THC.

Basically, that means HHC vapes, HHC flower, and HHC edibles will typically provide users with a psychoactive experience akin to hemp-derived THC or other traditional cannabis products. Users report a less intense experience, lasting longer than THC, with a cleaner headspace.

Our HHC + CBG gummies at BioWellnessX also contain CBG, which is known to increase mood and cognitive function. Because of the combination of these two popular cannabinoids, our HHC/CBG gummy experience is more uplifting, like Delta 10 THC, and less sedative, like Delta 8. It’s perfect for an extra boost of creativity and focuses during the day.

What’s the Difference Between HHC and THC (Delta 9)?

Both hemp-derived HHC and traditional Delta 9 THC are very potent products. One important distinction, thanks to the Farm Bill passed in 2018, is that hemp-derived cannabinoids (such as HHC, CBD, and even Delta 8 THC) are considered federally legal as long the total Delta 9 THC stays below its legal limit of 0.30%.

Legal status aside, users who are experienced in the cannabis game can expect a similar experience with HHC with a few key differences.

Due to how HHC products interact with the body, users report feeling a more clean, focused, and uplifting experience than Delta 9 THC. Studies show that HHC effects aren’t quite as potent as THC but have the ability to last a little longer.

Overall, HHC and THC are more similar than they are different, and users can expect all the benefits of THC products in our all-natural HHC plus CBG gummies.

How Do HHC Products Compare to Delta 8?

There are a few similarities between HHC products and Delta 8 THC products, but really those similarities are only surface level.

Both cannabinoids are derived from hemp plants and interact with the body’s CB1 and CB2 receptors (meaning users should expect to feel a mind and body high). They are both natural and potent cannabinoids that are considered legal at the federal level.

The differences come from how these two compounds make users feel. Delta 8 THC is closer to an indica strain; it helps users relax, unwind and can promote a night of restful sleep. HHC effects are closer to Delta 10 THC or a Sativa strain; HHC products are known for their uplifting feeling.

Will HHC Gummies Show Up on a Drug Test?

Originally, one of the main benefits of HHC products was that they wouldn’t show up on traditional THC drug tests. However, recent studies have shown that might not be the case.

We recommend avoiding HHC products if you’re concerned about drug testing until further information about this is available. BioWellnessX has a wide variety of other cannabinoids that will not show up on a drug test, like CBD and CBN variations. You can check out some of our Full Spectrum CBD Products here.

What Forms Do HHC Products Come In?

Though still a relatively new cannabinoid, you can legally buy HHC online in many familiar forms.

For our traditionalists, you can now find HHC flower on a few trusted sites. For more modern users, HHC vape pens are one of the more popular ways to introduce HHC into your system, however, we find that there’s a higher bioavailability with HHC gummies.

Additionally, users should be able to find HHC tinctures, candy, and other infused edibles.

At BioWellnessX, we offer three different hemp-derived HHC options.

Our first is a pure HHC gummy, available with 25mg or 50mg per dose.

We also offer an HHC Gummy with CBG that has quickly become one of our most popular products sold.

Finally, for more experienced users, we offer an HHC Gummy + CBG Gummy combo pack with 50mg and 75mg, respectively. Each of these options is all-natural and comes in various delicious flavors.

HHC Gummies

If you’re looking for an uplifting, creative, and energetic experience without the brain fog or paranoia associated with THC, then you’ll want to try our new HHC gummies. With 25mg and 50mg doses available, you can experience a cleaner mind and body euphoria.

Think of these tasty gummies as a perfect blend of Delta 10 THC and a Sativa strain. They’re perfect for daytime use without feeling “couch-locked” or lethargic.

You can check out more about our HHC Gummies here.

HHC Plus CBG Gummies

When HHC and CBG are used separately, they’re both amazing wellness options that can help relieve many common ailments. When combined, they still have all those same benefits, but their special combination has a unique effect on the brain’s cognitive function.

While HHC provides an energetic and creative psychoactive experience, CBG has shown to relieve inflammation, increase natural cognitive behavior, and keep your brain firing on all cylinders. This HHC/CBG combo is also known to boost serotonin levels and keep users in the zone for longer.

Whether you need an extra boost or just need a kick to get through everyday life, these HHC + CBG Gummies can help you get the job done. Check more details about our HHC/CBG gummies here.

HHC Plus CBG Combo Pack

If you’re an experienced cannabis user and think the energizing, clear buzz of HHC products sounds like a dream come true, we recommend our super HHC Plus CBG Combo Pack. Each pack comes with our 50mg HHC Gummy and our 75mg Focus Gummy blend.

Using these two cannabinoids together, users should expect an intensely creative and energetic experience with a heavy buzz. If you’d like to learn more about our Focus/HHC Combo Pack, Click Here.

Are HHC gummies safe?

BioWellnessX takes great precautions to ensure all of our HHC products are safe and effective.

To ensure each batch’s safety, quality, efficacy, and potency, we have all of our products independently tested at third-party laboratories. If for any reason, a batch of HHC does not meet our high standards, it will be tossed out and remade.

Our top priority is to provide high-quality, all-natural products for anyone looking to improve their personal wellness.

Who Should Use HHC Products?

HHC is unique in that HHC products are good for both beginners and experienced users alike.

HHC is slightly less potent than its cousin, THC, but its effects are also more uplifting and could last longer than traditional cannabis. Our 25mg and 50mg HHC gummy options allow users to create and customize their own experience.

Those who are suffering from the following ailments should consider if HHC is right for them:

  • Joint or Muscle Pain

  • Migraines

  • Anxiety and/or Stress

  • Insomnia

  • Excess Inflammation

  • Nausea

BioWellnessX is committed to helping people live their best lives, but we also want our customers to be smart and safe.

We’d like to remind all of our readers that HHC or other hemp-derived products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases and should be used as a general wellness product.

If you’re unsure about using HHC, we always recommend you follow your doctor’s advice before starting any new product.

The BioWellnessX Promise

USA Grown, Organic, Clean, And Vegan-Friendly Ingredients

A lot more goes into creating premium HHC products than Hexahydrocannabinol itself. Here at BioWellnessX, we’re dedicated to the pursuit of organic, clean living, and we demonstrate that dedication in every aspect of our hemp products.

You’ll never find artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors in our gummies. Instead, we use organic tapioca, cane sugar, lime, lemon-derived citric acid, and natural fruit and vegetable extract for a perfectly balanced flavor profile. Instead of harmful chemical preservatives, we use potassium citrate found in avocados for longer shelf life and to keep your gummies fresher.

All of our products, including HHC, CBD, CBG, Delta 8, Delta 9, and Delta 10 THC, start with USA-grown organic hemp.

It simply doesn’t get any cleaner than this. If you’re looking to buy HHC online, there’s no better place than BioWellnessX.

First-Class Customer Service

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, things aren’t perfect. Maybe that means your package took an extra day or two to ship, or maybe you’re just not a fan of the pineapple flavor. Whatever your reason is that you’re not completely satisfied, our team is ready to hear about it and make it right.

Our top priority is our customers’ health, safety, and happiness; our first-class customer service represents that. Contact us any time to express your thoughts or concerns, and our team will resolve any issues you might have.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Sometimes first-class customer service isn’t enough! We get it.

Each of our products comes with our 60-day money-back guarantee, so you can shop completely risk-free.

If you don’t like your new product, simply send it back, and we’ll refund your entire purchase price, no questions asked. Shop with complete peace of mind with our 2-month satisfaction guarantee!

How Are HHC Gummies Legal?

Luckily, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill that legalized CBD and Delta 8 products from hemp (as long as the products contain less than 0.3 percent Delta 9 THC), HHC is also considered federally legal!

Just make sure to check your State and local laws to make sure you’re in compliance when shopping online.

HHC Gummies Effects:

HHC interacts with the central and peripheral nervous systems and the endocannabinoid system. These two interactions, with different strengths, give HHC gummies their uplifting and energizing effects.

If you’re familiar with traditional cannabis, you can think of it like a Sativa strain, but more clear, focused and less heavy.

Anecdotal evidence suggests HHC products are perfect for daytime use and/or for important project deadlines, as the cannabinoid has beneficial cognitive effects.

How to best Dose HHC Gummies?

As we touched on earlier, every person will be different, and it depends on where you are on your cannabis/cannabinoid journey.

For experienced users, we recommend starting with half of one gummy. (For higher doses like our 75mg gummy, even less could do the trick).

For beginners, a fraction of a gummy, like 1/4, might be a safe place to start until you discover your own personal tolerance.

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Claims about any cannabinoids have not yet been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Read the full legal disclaimer here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is HHC, and how does it work?
    What is HHC, and how does it work?HHC stands for Hexahydrocannabinol, and it's a minor cannabinoid found naturally (in small amounts) in hemp plants. It has an extremely similar structure to its cousin THC, but due to hydrogen atoms present in HHC's double bonds, it creates a more uplifting, energizing, and clearer high.
  • What are the potential therapeutic effects of HHC?
    What are the potential therapeutic effects of HHC?Like THC and CBD, Hexahydrocannabinol has the ability to help alleviate pain, excess inflammation, nausea, and other common ailments. And while it's not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any diseases, there are reports of HHC helping reduce anxiety and improve mood and energy levels, as well as potentially boosting the body's immune system.
  • How is HHC consumed?
    How is HHC consumed?HHC can be consumed in any of the traditional methods. Gummies, vape pens, edibles, HHC flower, and tinctures are the most popular methods today.
  • Is HHC safe to use? does it interact with other medications?
    Is HHC safe to use? does it interact with other medications?HHC is all-natural. At BioWellnessX, we make sure our plants are USA grown and organic. Due to this, it's generally considered safe. However, as with any supplement or cannabis product, we always recommend speaking to your healthcare provider or physician to ensure it's right for you.
  • Is HHC legal?
    Is HHC legal?In 2018, the US passed the Farm Bill. This bill states that substances found in the hemp plant shall be considered federally legal as long as the concentration of THC is less than 0.3%. Due to this bill, hemp-derived HHC is also considered legal at the federal level. We do suggest all customers check their State and local regulations to make sure they're in compliance with the law.
  • How does HHC affect the brain and body?
    How does HHC affect the brain and body?Like THC, HHC should provide users with a physical body high while also stimulating cognitive function. Users report feeling a focused, energetic, and creative buzz.
  • What are the potential side effects of HHC?
    What are the potential side effects of HHC?Due to the fact HHC is similar to but less potent than THC, users can expect similar side effects with some exceptions.

    Dry mouth, dry eyes, and drowsiness have been reported with HHC use. However, paranoia and increased heart rate are said to be far less prevalent than with its cousin cannabinoid THC.

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