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Triple-Chip Bliss Delta-8 THC Cookies – Freshly Baked


Grandma's Home-Baked THC Cookies

How do you make cookies even better? You turn them into Delta-8 THC cookies. These tasty and rejuvenating triple-chip bliss cookies with Delta-8 THC are made with three different types of tasty chips: chocolate, white chocolate, and butterscotch, for a sweet but well-balanced treat.

Crafted with premium, all-natural ingredients, no preservatives, and pumpkin puree for an extra layer of creaminess and fluffiness, each THC cookie delivers 15mg of Delta-8 THC for a calm, blissful, and relaxing experience. This particular dose was chosen so customers can enjoy more than one yummy cookie without overdoing it.

15mg Triple-Chip Bliss Delta-8 THC Cookies
– 90mg THC (6-Pack) w/ 3 kinds of chocolate chips

In stock

100% Hemp-Derived Delta-8 THC
Non GMO And No Preservatives
Egg And Gluten-Free, Natural, & Organic Ingredients
Made With Pure Love

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THC Cookies made with 100% Hemp-Derived Delta-8 THC

These Delta-8 THC oil baked cookies contain 15mg of organic, hemp-derived THC. Delta-8 THC is similar in structure to the more familiar marijuana-derived THC but delivers a soothing, calming, and smooth effect.

Similar to an indica strain, Delta-8 interacts with the body's endocannabinoid system and is known to help users relax, destress, and shown to relieve discomfort. Because of its naturally sedative effect, this calming snack is a favorite for late afternoon or nighttime use for those that need something extra to help them sleep more. Unlike its cousin Delta-9 THC, this hemp-derived Delta-8 is known to have far less side effects like paranoia or increased heart rate.

For these cookies, our team formulated a very specific dosage of 15mg. This is because we want our users to have a lower dose option, to enjoy more of these delicious cookies, and better control your euphoric experience. After all, one cookie is never enough.

Always Freshly Baked with no sight of preservatives.

Our Delta-8 THC cookies are always freshly made, only using natural and gluten-free ingredients. For those that can't consume eggs, you'll be glad to know these are also egg free.

15mg Triple-Chip Bliss Delta-8 THC Cookies
- 90mg THC (6-Pack) w/ 3 kinds of chocolate chips

Find our full list of ingredients below:

  • Organic Hemp-Derived Delta-8 THC: All of our hemp-derived compounds are derived from organic, US-grown hemp. Delta-8 is one of the most popular health-boosting cannabinoids with the ability to help users in various ways.

  • Pumpkin Puree: When you talk cookies, pumpkin has to be one of the all-time favorite cookie flavors. Our all-natural pumpkin puree is made from Non-GMO pumpkins and kicks this tasty THC cookie up a notch.

  • Natural Sweeteners: Our goal at BioWellnessX is to provide premium and natural alternatives to prescription and chemically enhanced medications. That means we take our natural ingredients seriously, using organic cane sugar and tapioca syrup in place of artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup.

  • Natural Spices and Flavorings: You can't make a tasty THC cookie without tasty ingredients. Our natural spices and flavors include all-natural ground cinnamon and premium vanilla bean extract.

  • Gluten-Free Flour Blend: Our Delta-8 THC oil-baked cookies are entirely gluten-free, made from a healthy blend of Rice Flour, Tapioca Starch, Sorghum Flour, and Potato starch. Now everyone can get the upscale bakery experience at home with our gluten-free baked goods.

Our Triple-Chip Bliss Delta-8 THC Cookies Are Made For Pure Enjoyment!

For adults, take one THC cookie (15mg Delta-8) every 6 hours or as desired. Consult with your doctor before using if pregnant, nursing, using prescription medication, or if you have preexisting medical conditions. If you are subject to drug testing, Delta-8 THC will show up on drug test samples.

For experienced THC users, our Delta-8 cookies are low dose and can be used to control your experience. For beginners, these THC cookies deliver a psychoactive effect and should be taken in small doses. We recommend beginners start with half of one cookie and wait at least two hours before taking more.

Store in a dry, cool place to ensure long shelf life, and enjoy! Refrigerate to maintain freshness.

Looking for a stronger dose? Check our Chocolate-Trip Cookies With 100mg Delta-8 THC.



Please Note:
If this is your first time using our Delta-8 cookies, or if you have never tried any Delta-8 in general, we suggest you start with half a cookie until you find your tolerance. We do not recommend taking additional cookies until you are familiar with your personal tolerance level.

Alcohol could intensify the effect of Delta-8 edibles. Do not use when operating a car or dangerous machinery. This product is potent!

Our products are intended for healthy adults. Please consult a medical professional or your personal physician before purchasing or taking any related health products if you are pregnant, nursing, have or suspect a medical condition, or are taking any medications. Especially if you are planning on consuming any gummies, the food and drug administration has not evaluated these statements. BioWellnessX makes no health claims for our products, and our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All our hemp-derived products are made with love and care.

A Taste of Heaven: Grandma's Delta-8 THC Cookies

These delicious gourmet cookies will make you feel right at home with their homemade blend of natural ingredients and spices. Enjoy the marriage of pumpkin spice, cinnamon, three flavors of tasty chocolate chips, and natural therapeutic relief.

Lowering Discomfort, calmness, blissful rest, and more: now, foodies and traditional cannabis enthusiasts can enjoy all the benefits of hemp-derived Delta-8 in one of America’s favorite cookies.

All-Natural & Gluten-Free Delta-8 THC Cookies

Our eggless Triple-Chip Bliss Cookies with Delta-8 THC are derived from organic, US-grown hemp. At BioWellnessX, our products are free from pesticides, artificial sweeteners, dyes, flavors, and other harmful additives. This THC cookie is no different, we wanted to make sure our customers can experience this restorative and calming snack without exposing their bodies to artificial additives.

Don’t let all these health benefits fool you, though. In the taste department, your friends and family will wonder which fancy cookie place you found your new THC cookies.

All-Natural & Gluten-Free Delta-8 THC Cookies
Pumpkin-Chip Delta-8 THC Cookies – 15mg THC

Benefits of Delta-8 THC in Cookies

Delta-8 THC Cookies are discrete, delicious, and super shelf stable. Our THC cookies deliver all the natural healing properties of traditional cannabis products in a manageable 15mg dose.

These cookies are not only delicious, users will also get the full health benefits of THC oil with every serving. Specifically, Delta-8 THC is known for its many health qualities. Users report a calming and sedative effect similar to traditional indica strains, making it the perfect choice for a late-night snack and deep, restful sleep.

There’s nothing like walking past a mall or upscale bakery, taking in the smell of freshly baked cookies. When these arrive at your doorstep, you’ll get that same feeling – and that’s before you eat them!

Our gluten-free Delta-8 cookies are made with super clean ingredients, like organic hemp and all-natural non-GMO pumpkin puree, with no eggs, and are considered the gold standard in THC edibles. With a mouth-watering flavor, no clean-up, and a wonderfully strong euphoria, our fresh-baked THC cookies are one of our new fan favorites.

Freshly Baked Triple-Chip THC Cookies - Made to Order

Where to Buy the Best Delta-8 THC Cookies

Delta-8 cookies can be hard to find. Quality Delta-8 cookies can be even harder to find. Luckily, BioWellnessX has years of experience crafting high-quality, all-natural THC edibles. We used the same organic hemp-derived cannabis oil to create THC cookies that deliver all the powerful health benefits of traditional cannabis products.

If you’re looking for a clean, gluten-free little snack, our Delta-8 THC cookies deliver a true mouth-watering endeavor.

Freshly-Baked Delta 8 THC Cookies - pumpkin chip

Why Choose Our Delta-8 THC Cookies?

Delta-8 Cookies Made with the Best Ingredients Nature has to Offer

Here at BioWellnessX, all of our products are a marriage for science and nature. We are dedicated to crafting and providing the healthiest hemp-derived products made from organic and all-natural ingredients. Whether it’s CBD oil, raw industrial hemp plant, or our delicious Delta-8 cookies, customers can shop at BioWellnessX with complete confidence that they’re getting effective, high-quality cannabis goods.

  • Made from all-natural and non-GMO ingredients.

  • Delta-8 is derived from organic, US-grown hemp.

  • Free from artificial dyes, sweeteners, and preservatives.

  • Hundreds of verified 5-star reviews from satisfied customers.

  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee backs all purchases.

  • Made in the USA. You can be proud of this American-made product!

Grandma's Home-Baked THC Cookies

What The Experts Are Saying About Delta-8 THC

"The hemp industry's latest hype is Delta-8 THC, a unique chemical compound located within the cannabis plant that delivers remarkable benefits and the psychotropic effects that enthusiasts have been craving."

- High Times Magazine

"We found that people who are utilizing delta-8-THC feel fewer adverse side effects, and they are using it in modalities that are safer, like vaping or edibles or using topically."

- Jessica K, Ph.D., a clinical assistant professor, School of Public Health and Health Professions.

Learn More about the Ingredients

  • Delta-8 THC Distillate
    Delta-8 THC DistillateOur Delta-8 cookies contain 15mg of organic hemp-derived THC extract. Delta-8 is similar to traditional marijuana-derived THC as it provides a psychoactive and euphoric high experience. Our reliable formulation ensures that these cookies will provide the average person a wonderfully strong, yet relaxing and rejuvenating experience.
  • All-Natural Pumpkin Puree
    All-Natural Pumpkin PureeAlong with cinnamon and vanilla, our all-natural pumpkin puree gives these cookies a truly delicious flavor. Like biting into a long-lost family recipe, you're sure to love this mouth-watering, freshly-baked treat.
  • Gluten-Free Flour Blend
    Gluten-Free Flour BlendEven though our cookies are gluten-free, you would never guess it. That's because our GF flour blend is made from a variety of natural ingredients, including Rice Flour, Sorghum Flour, Tapioca Starch, and more.
  • Natural Flavors & Sweeteners
    Natural Flavors & SweetenersAlong with three different flavors of chocolate chip, you'll find an array of delicious flavors and sweeteners in our cookies. We use organic cane sugar, instead of high fructose corn syrup and real ground cinnamon instead of artificial flavors. Our secret recipe of spices and cinnamon flavors has made this one of our new favorite desserts.

Our guarantee to you

If you are not 100% satisfied with any of our products for any reason, please contact us to inquire about getting a refund. You can read more about our return policy here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Delta-8 THC?
    What is Delta-8 THC?Delta-8 is a hemp-derived cannabinoid that is loaded with naturally healthy benefits. You can expect your body's response to be relatively quick as edibles take between 30-120 minutes to kick in. Once it does users are treated to calming, soothing, and tranquil psychoactive experience, similar to a marijuana-based indica strain.
  • How strong are Delta-8 Cookies?
    How strong are Delta-8 Cookies?We believe our Delta-8 THC cookies are one of the more suitable doses for both beginners and experienced THC users alike. With a relatively low dose, at 15mg, the average person should be comfortably relaxed while experienced users can control a higher dose with another half-cookie or full-cookie depending on tolerance.
  • What do Delta-8 Cookies do?
    What do Delta-8 Cookies do?Our BioWellnessX Delta-8 cookies deliver 15mg of active THC, providing users a rejuvenating high. Additionally, with our secret pumpkin recipe and three different flavors of chocolate chip, users will be treated to a true mouth-watering endeavor, like stumbling upon a long-lost family recipe.
  • How long does it take Delta-8 Cookies to work?
    How long does it take Delta-8 Cookies to work?There are a few different factors at play. One would be the users experience and tolerance level. Another would be how much THC is consumed (15mg per cookie), and finally each individual users body type will respond a bit differently. Generally speaking, you can expect our Delta-8 cookies to kick in between 30-120 minutes.
  • How Will Delta-8 THC Cookies Affect Me?
    How Will Delta-8 THC Cookies Affect Me?If you've ever enjoyed a smokable THC product or dropped THC oil with a tincture, the effect is very similar. After about 45 minutes, you should start to feel a relaxing psychoactive effect. Delta-8 is known to be less heavy and results in significantly less side effects.
  • Are Delta-8 THC Cookies Legal?
    Are Delta-8 THC Cookies Legal?Luckily the THC in these Delta-8 cookies is federally legal thanks to the Farm Bill of 2018. The bill stated that any hemp-derived compound, like Delta-8, CBD, CBN, etc., is legal to produce and sell. To comply with this law, Delta-9 THC must be below 0.3% concentration. We do suggest you look up State and local laws to make sure you're also in compliance when shopping for Delta-8 THC cookies.
  • Are Delta-8 THC Edibles Safe To Consume?
    Are Delta-8 THC Edibles Safe To Consume?As a fully-natural compound, Delta-8 is considered safe for the general public. There are some minor side effects, like increased heart rate, but far less severe than its cousin Delta-9 THC. That being said, we always recommend speaking with your personal medical advisor or healthcare professional before beginning any new supplement or THC product.
  • What Is The Difference Between Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC?
    What Is The Difference Between Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC?Most people are familiar with the more common Delta-9 THC, as it's the main compound found in traditional marijuana products. Our Delta-8 is derived from hemp, and users report a much cleaner experience with less brain fog or "heaviness". While slightly less potent than Delta-9, D8 cookies will still provide a strong and enjoyable buzz.
  • What are the Benefits of Eating Delta-8 THC Cookies?
    What are the Benefits of Eating Delta-8 THC Cookies?Easy clean up, an intoxicating impact, and a noticeable level of psychoactive THC - the list of THC edible benefits is endless. Our THC cookies deliver 15mg of Delta-8 in a discrete and clean vessel. Many Delta-8 users report health benefits like relief from pain and anxiety, anti-inflammation, stress relief, migraine relief, deep, restful sleep, and more.
  • How Do I Store Delta-8 THC Cookies Safely?
    How Do I Store Delta-8 THC Cookies Safely?Like normal chocolate cookies or cinnamon cookies, we recommend storing Delta-8 cookies in a cool, dry area - preferably in a sealed air container. This should help increase shelf life and keep the potency of these Delta-8 THC cookies at its highest level.
Triple-Chip Bliss Delta-8 THC Cookies – Freshly Baked
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