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Hemp-Derived CBD and THC: Natural Sleep Aid Solutions

More and more sleep-deprived consumers are finding that prescription sleep aids just aren’t doing the trick anymore. For some, they cause an unnatural dependence, for others, the side effects are just too severe.

Today there’s another option. At BioWellnessX, we offer a variety of safe and effective natural sleep aids made from organic, US-grown hemp. If you’ve been longing for a good night’s sleep, look into our sleep aid products to discover how you can easily and naturally improve your sleep cycle and sleep quality.

What Is Hemp-Derived THC?

In 2018, the US government passed the Farm Bill, which allows for legal production and sale of natural hemp compounds. These compounds include Delta-8 THC, Delta-10 THC, CBD, HHC, and dozens of other beneficial cannabinoids.

For those experiencing trouble sleeping, or even chronic insomnia, Delta-8 has become one of the best natural sleep aids for many. As a natural cannabinoid, it interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system to help users relax and unwind. However, like a traditional marijuana experience, Delta-8 also provides a psychoactive full-body euphoria.

Verified users and years of research suggest that Delta-8 can help users fall asleep faster and promote a deeper sleep throughout the night.

How Can Delta-8 Improve Sleep Quality?

Our organic Delta-8 products can relieve sleep disturbances and promote a night of overall better sleep in a number of ways.

First, Delta-8 directly interacts with our body’s CB1 receptor in the central nervous system. This receptor is known to regulate pain and inflammation. By relieving sufferers from chronic pain, joint and muscle inflammation, or arthritis pain, users can fall asleep easier. The CB1 receptor can also improve anxiety levels, thus Delta-8’s calming and soothing mental effects.

So with less pain and less anxiety, sleep latency naturally improves.

Additionally, recent studies have shown that even 15mg of THC can increase sleepiness, improve sleep latency, and enhance your mood the very next day. Because of all of these integrative health benefits, Delta-8 THC has quickly become one of the most popular natural sleep aids on the market. Some might only need 5mg THC to feel a difference.

Is Delta-8 THC Safe to Use for Insomnia?

When discussing sleep disorders, it’s important to note that every person experiences sleep problems differently. A natural sleep remedy for one person might not help induce sleep for another.

Delta-8 THC is a natural compound found in cannabis plants like hemp and marijuana. As such, it’s generally considered safe, as there have been no recorded overdoses from any strain of THC. From what we know, It also has none of the side effects of chemical sleep medicine. It does not negatively impact the body’s natural ability for melatonin production – meaning there’s no risk of developing a dependence.

If you or someone you know is looking to improve their natural sleep cycle or fight insomnia with Delta-8, we recommend speaking with your personal healthcare provider before experimenting with natural sleep remedies of any kind.

What Is the Best Delta 8 Dosage for a Deeper Sleep?

The thing about any natural sleep aid is that they don’t affect every person the same way. Delta-8 sleeping solutions are no different. The best way to find a proper dosage is to start with low doses and gradually increase until you find your individual tolerance level.

For example, if you try our Organic Delta-8 THC Gummies, we recommend taking either one-half or one-quarter of a gummy at first. If you still have trouble falling asleep, you can gradually increase the dose until you’re off to dreamland.

When Should I Take Delta-8 If I Want to Improve Sleep Quality?

It depends on which type of Delta-8 product you’re taking. Gummies and THC in supplement form can sometimes take an hour to fully kick in. Meanwhile, tinctures can help you fall asleep faster, and smokable Delta-8 hits users almost immediately. A good rule of thumb is to take your natural Delta-8 sleep aid 30 minutes to an hour before your bedtime.

Are There Any Side Effects of Taking Delta-8 Before Bedtime?

Delta-8 THC, like traditional THC, can cause drowsiness. Which is actually a welcoming side effect for those suffering from poor sleep. However, users should still be aware that they can become drowsy and lightheaded from a regular dose of Delta-8.

Customers can also expect to experience a rejuvenating and soothing physical high. This feeling also contributes to falling asleep faster and improving sleep quality. Unlike marijuana-derived THC, hemp-derived Delta-8 carries less risk of paranoia, anxiety, or increased heart rate.

What Are the Best Delta 8 Products for a Good Night’s Sleep?

If you’re looking to improve sleep quality or you want to address insomnia without the use of prescription pills, Delta-8 gummies are one of the best natural sleep remedies you can find. At BioWellnessX, all of our gummies are made from organic hemp and contain no artificial colors, dyes, fillers, or preservatives.

These healthy non-habit-forming sleep aids are a fan favorite for their natural ability to induce relaxation, relieve general anxiety and improve complementary and integrative health. We have two popular Delta-8 gummies for novice users and experts alike.

Premium Organic Delta-8 Gummies

There’s no better way to improve sleep quality than with these tasty gummies. Gluten-free, organic, vegan, and Non-GMO, they’re the ultimate health-centric way to fall asleep and stay asleep. These gummies come in different doses, so whether you’re a beginner or an experienced THC user, you’ll find the perfect dose to help you conquer poor sleep.

Click here to learn more about our D8 Gummies and how they can offer restful sleep.

Knockout Gummies: 100mg Delta 8 Sleep Inducer

High dose warning here! These natural remedies are for experienced users only. Each Delta-8 Knock Out gummy contains 100mg of premium Delta-8 isolate. Our most powerful gummy to date, they are sure to encourage a deep sleep for any and all users.

Learn more about our D8 Knock Out Gummies here.

Delta 8 Oil for a Deep Sleep

Our same premium organic Delta-8 THC is available in a tincture. This is perfect for those looking to fall asleep even faster, as Delta-8 is absorbed faster in this form. Users also have the ability to easily customize their dose with Delta-8 essential oils, making it a popular choice for natural sleep aids.

Check out our Delta-8 Tincture with Full-Spectrum PCR Oil.

Are CBD and CBN Effective Natural Sleep Aids?

Even though CBD and CBN are considered non-psychoactive cannabinoids (meaning they won’t get users high), they’re both powerful natural sleep aids. As two naturally occurring cannabinoids, they affect the body’s central nervous system and CB receptors in a similar way to Delta-8 THC, just without the euphoric buzz.

They both help reduce anxiety levels and regulate excess pain and inflammation. Most importantly, both CBN and CBD can induce calmness and help users relax before bedtime.

Best Time to Take CBN for Sleeping

As a non-psychoactive sleep aid, users can take CBN at any time throughout the day. In fact, even if someone takes CBN in the morning, its long-lasting calming effects can be felt all day long. If you’re looking to really improve sleep quality, we recommend taking CBN twice daily – once in the morning and once an hour before bedtime.

Does CBD or CBN Work Better For Sleep?

While both can improve sleep quality and sleep duration, users report feeling more at ease and relaxed when taking CBN. Ideally, a combination of both would make for the most powerful sleep aid, but if you’re taking just one, then we recommend looking for an organic CBN supplement.

What Are the Benefits of Taking CBN Before Bed?

Like CBD and other naturally occurring cannabinoids, research suggests that CBN can help relieve anxiety, help calm and relax users, and helps alleviate cases of mild insomnia. Over the last few years, CBN has become a popular sleep aid that provides a healthy natural alternative to prescription medications.

Difficult sleepers can look forward to these reported CBN benefits:

  • Inflammation & Pain Relief

  • Natural Sedative Effect

  • Provides A Calming, Soothing Experience

  • Non-Habit Forming Sleep Aid

  • Helps Relieve Muscle Spasms

How Much CBN Is Necessary for Quality Rest?

Natural sleep remedies aren’t quite like other medications. Since CBN, as its name suggests, is all-natural, THC-free, and non-psychoactive, there’s not really a risk of taking too much. To build a healthy sleep foundation, however, we encourage you to start with lower doses until you discover your own individual tolerance.

CBN alone is non-habit forming, but you should definitely be aware of dietary supplements that contain other medications, especially chemically formed medications.

A good starting point for CBN is about 1omg, though some experienced users may find 25mg to be a more appropriate dose.

Any Side Effects When Taking CBN?

As one of the THC-free, non-psychoactive, and natural remedies, CBN has little-to-no side effects when taken as directed. These natural sleep aids don’t have many unintended side effects, but here are a few things to be aware of:

  • Sedative Feelings & Drowsiness

  • CBN Might Show Up on Drug Test

If you’re worried about how CBN might interact with the medications you’re currently taking, we recommend you speak with a sleep medicine specialist or your personal healthcare provider.

Want to learn more about CBN? Read our comprehensive guides below. 

What Is CBN And What Does It Do To The Human Body?

CBN For Sleep – Does It Really Work?

CBN Vs. Melatonin – Which Is Better For Sleep?

What Are the Best CBN Products for Improved Sleep Quality?

There are a few different ways we suggest taking CBN. Ideally, finding CBN derived from organic hemp is the best way to go. CBN gummies and tablets are great natural sleep aids that deliver consistent doses so you can form and maintain a healthy sleep cycle. Additionally, with high bioavailability, we also recommend CBD Oils for sleeping better.

Nighttime CBN Tablets

BioWellnessX offers chewable CBN tablets with 10mg of premium hemp-derived CBN. Our organic hemp is US-grown and free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Most importantly, there are no chemical or harmful ingredients that would cause dependence. That makes these nighttime tablets a great option for an all-natural sleep medication.

Check out our Pure CBN Tablets Here.

CBN Oil Plus PCR Oil For Sleep (Full-Spectrum CBN Oil)

This expertly formulated tincture combines two natural sleep aids and essential oils. As we discussed earlier, CBN can help reduce anxiety and pain while increasing feelings of calmness and relaxation. With our nighttime tincture, users will experience full-spectrum CBN Oil plus PCR Oil, an essential oil with the power to promote healthy melatonin production. These two oils combine to help users fall asleep faster and wake up feeling totally rejuvenated.

Try Our CBN Oil Mixed with Full Spectrum PCR Oil and Start Sleeping Better

CBD and Other Non-THC Solutions for Improved Sleep

CBD has been a top natural sleep aid for years. It was here long before CBN, Delta-8, and even before melatonin supplements were popularized. CBD is non-habit forming and is loaded with countless health and wellness benefits that go far beyond alleviating sleep problems.

When combined with certain natural sleep aids like lavender oil, CBD can help users suffering from insufficient sleep finally find natural relief.

Full-Spectrum Nighttime Capsules with Melatonin & Lavender Essential Oil

Frustrated sleepers will love our dedicated nighttime sleep aid. This all-natural sleep supplement has everything you need to get deeper, more restful sleep. Not only does it have anxiety-relieving and naturally calming CBD, but it also contains Lavender Oil, Melatonin, Valerian Root, Chamomile, Passiflora, and more natural sleep solutions. If you’ve been suffering from sleep problems, this natural sleep remedy can help you finally find relief.

Learn more about our CBD Nighttime Capsules here.

Nighttime CBD Gummies with Melatonin

You don’t need prescription sleep aids to experience better sleep. These completely natural sleep gummies are loaded with relaxing and rejuvenating ingredients. Our Nighttime gummies contain 25mg of calming CBD, as well as melatonin, passiflora, and L-theanine. BioWellnessX users report experiencing sleep improvements with just one serving of these organic gummies.

Read more about our natural Nighttime Gummies here.

Get Quality Cannabis Products From BioWellnessX!

From Delta 8 and 10 to hybrid strains and CBD – all our products are made with organic, US-grown hemp. Our gummies will tantalize your taste buds without adding any artificial preservatives or additives. We only use real fruit flavors to ensure you enjoy a natural, pure experience each time.

First-Class Customer Service

At BioWellnessX, we take customer service seriously. Our professional team of cannabis experts is available around the clock to address any of your questions or concerns. From the difference between Delta 8, 9, and 10 to whether a particular strain is Indica-dominant or not – no question will go unanswered.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We want to make sure you’re satisfied with your purchase. That’s why we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee so that if you’re unhappy with your sleep aid gummies or oils, you can send them back within two months and get a full refund – no questions asked. We want to make sure that our customers have the best possible experience when shopping with us, so if you’re not completely satisfied, we’ve got you covered.

Contact Us Today

Do you have more questions about a certain marijuana strain? Would you like to know how smoking cannabis affects people differently than THC gummies?

If you have questions about our products, an existing order, or how to become one of our bulk THC wholesalers, feel free to contact our team any time, 24/7.


Claims about any cannabinoids have not yet been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Read the full legal disclaimer here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are THC gummies good for?
    What are THC gummies good for?Many seek THC gummies for their euphoric properties, but many also use them for their sleep effects. THC is known to calm the body and brain if taken in the proper doses. Also, if seeking a natural option for sleep aid, it's essential you only take THC that is related to indica strains as that will make you feel more at ease and relaxed vs. feeling a boost of energy which you get from sativa strains. Pick your THC gummies carefully. Delta 8 THC Gummies are an excellent alternative for better sleep.
  • Will Delta-8 make me sleepy?
    Will Delta-8 make me sleepy?It sure will. Delta 8 resembles indica strains and offers relaxing properties, so many use Delta 8 gummies for sleep.
  • Does Delta-8 calm you down?
    Does Delta-8 calm you down?Yes, if taken in smaller dosages, you will feel a serenity of calmness.
  • Is CBN oil good for sleep?
    Is CBN oil good for sleep?CBN is known to offer sedative effects and works even better when consumed with other cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, and other minors. When consumed together, you'll experience a feeling of relaxation throughout your body.
  • What does CBN do for sleep?
    What does CBN do for sleep?You'll find various research papers that show indications that CBN is a powerful sedative. What many say is that if taken with THC, it amplifies its effects.
  • How many CBD gummies should I take for sleep?
    How many CBD gummies should I take for sleep?It depends on what gummies you are looking to take. If it's just a pure CBD gummy, it's suggested you take one if the CBD content is around 25mg. That goes for any other type of CBD gummies, too, for that matter. Start with one, and increase the doses as you see fit.
  • When to take CBD oil for sleep
    When to take CBD oil for sleepIt suggested you take CBD oil for sleep 1-2 hours before bedtime. If you feel too sleepy early on, you might want to adjust the time. Ideally, you will first figure out how fast the CBD oil goes into effect and then time it so that when you lay in your bed, it starts to kick in, and you can get a solid night's sleep.
  • Which is better for sleep, THC or CBD
    Which is better for sleep, THC or CBDIt's two very different types of compounds; one offers a euphoric experience, whereas the other doesn't. It can also be combined to provide the best of both worlds. It's a personal preference, and you want to figure out which feeling you like the most. Overall, THC does offer stronger properties when it comes to sleep vs. just CBD alone.
  • How does hemp-derived THC compare to melatonin supplements and other natural sleep aids?
    How does hemp-derived THC compare to melatonin supplements and other natural sleep aids?The best part about hemp-derived THC is that it's non-habit forming, which means you'll get the benefits of a good night sleep without building up a dependence. The goal is to provide difficult sleepers with natural relief, without harming their natural ability to fall asleep in the future.
  • Can I take Delta-8 and a CBN sleep aid together?
    Can I take Delta-8 and a CBN sleep aid together?Both D8 and CBN are two naturally occurring compounds found in the cannabis plant. With CBN, or cannabiniol, being non-psychoactive, the two are generally considered safe to take together and can even help support a better sleep foundation. With that in mind, we think it's important to reach out to your health care advisor before beginning any new sleep supplement.
  • Are hemp-derived cannabinoids safe for those with high blood pressure or generalized anxiety disorder?
    Are hemp-derived cannabinoids safe for those with high blood pressure or generalized anxiety disorder?As natural compounds found in cannabis plants, generally, they're safe for use. However, if you're taking other medications or you're worried about how it will affect you, we recommend speaking with your personal health care advisor. Our number one priority is the safety and well being of our customers, please speak with your doctor to make sure natural cannabis products are right for you.
  • Can non-THC products promote sleep as well?
    Can non-THC products promote sleep as well?Of course! Even if you just focused on good sleep hygiene, like maintaining a routine, you can improve sleep functions. CBD, CBN and CBG are all cannabinoids that are non-THC and can help reduce anxiety, promote peacefulness, and help users fall asleep easier. For Non-THC products that help with sleep, be sure to check out our organic CBN Nighttime Gummies located in our online shop.
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