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Sleep Aid

Suppose you are having trouble falling asleep and looking for a natural remedy; you’ll find a wide range of products on this page that many seek because of their sedative properties that can assist with a good night’s sleep. Delta 8 THC for sleep has been a hit among our customers, plus we have some of the best CBD oil and THC edibles for sleep.

Delta 8 THC For Sleep

Delta 8 THC Gummies and Delta 8 THC oil offer a soothing effect that many uses to fall asleep faster.

Our organic Delta 8 THC gummies now come in 4 different potencies, so you can easily find the one that fits your needs. We suggest going with our 10mg Delta 8 gummies for sleep if you are just starting. If you need a more robust dosage, you can find our 25mg or even a 50mg if you find yourself with more severe sleep deprivation.

Our strongest gummies for sleep might be a better fit for the experienced user that also finds themselves with high levels of discomfort. In that case, try our 100mg Delta 8 gummies.

CBN For Sleep

One of the more unknown cannabinoids from the hemp plant is CBN. CBN has become the new replacement for melatonin for many because of its relaxing properties, especially when taken with other compounds such as CBD and THC.

CBN Gummies For Sleep

We offer some of the best CBN Gummies for sleep created to give you the best possible experience. Our vegan blend is made with a premium grade full spectrum CBD distillate oil mixed with CBN, giving you one of the most potent sleep gummies on the market today. Learn more about our CBN Gummies here.

CBN Oil For Sleep

If you don’t have a sweet tooth or are not into our delicious cannabis treats, you might want to look into our high potency CBN Oil. With 2000mg CBD per bottle and 300mg pure CBN distillate, you are getting the whole-plant experience.

Depending on your size and how your body absorbs CBN, you might find yourself needing a little extra kick of pure CBN; for that reason, we specifically designed our nighttime CBN tablet, which offers you 10mg of CBN and no THC. Combining a tablet with our CBN gummies or CBN oil, you will quickly see why CBN is praised among other hemp enthusiasts.

NON-THC For Sleep

If you are not interested in consuming THC edibles for sleep, we offer you two robust solutions.

Our delicious CBD Gummies for sleep with added melatonin and other supplements give you a powerful blend without you having to feel euphoric from consuming THC. These Nighttime gummies were an immediate hit among those seeking non-thc products.

As an alternative, we designed our nighttime capsules for sleep made with 100% pure and natural ingredients. Each ingredient focuses on relaxing and calming your mind and body before bedtime to offer you a sound sleep.

Where To Buy CBD Gummies For Sleep

If you are looking for a natural alternative for a night of deeper sleep, BioWellnessX offers many solutions. You can pick between products with THC or CBD, or both. Interested in the more rare cannabinoids such as the sedative CBN, we offer various products with an increased amount of CBN too. Select between our popular THC gummies for sleep or our high potency full spectrum CBN oil. We have something for all.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Sleep Aid

What are THC gummies good for?Many seek THC gummies for their euphoric properties, but many also use them for their sleep effects. THC is known to calm the body and brain if taken in the proper doses. Also, if seeking a natural option for sleep aid, it's essential you only take THC that is related to indica strains as that will make you feel more at ease and relaxed vs. feeling a boost of energy which you get from sativa strains. Pick your THC gummies carefully. Delta 8 THC Gummies are an excellent alternative for better sleep.
Will Delta-8 make me sleepy?It sure will. Delta 8 resembles indica strains and offers relaxing properties, so many use Delta 8 gummies for sleep.
Does Delta-8 calm you down?Yes, if taken in smaller dosages, you will feel a serenity of calmness.
Is CBN oil good for sleep?CBN is known to offer sedative effects and works even better when consumed with other cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, and other minors. When consumed together, you'll experience a feeling of relaxation throughout your body.
What does CBN do for sleep?You'll find various research papers that show indications that CBN is a powerful sedative. What many say is that if taken with THC, it amplifies its effects.
How many CBD gummies should I take for sleep?It depends on what gummies you are looking to take. If it's just a pure CBD gummy, it's suggested you take one if the CBD content is around 25mg. That goes for any other type of CBD gummies, too, for that matter. Start with one, and increase the doses as you see fit.
When to take CBD oil for sleepIt suggested you take CBD oil for sleep 1-2 hours before bedtime. If you feel too sleepy early on, you might want to adjust the time. Ideally, you will first figure out how fast the CBD oil goes into effect and then time it so that when you lay in your bed, it starts to kick in, and you can get a solid night's sleep.
Which is better for sleep, THC or CBDIt's two very different types of compounds; one offers a euphoric experience, whereas the other doesn't. It can also be combined to provide the best of both worlds. It's a personal preference, and you want to figure out which feeling you like the most. Overall, THC does offer stronger properties when it comes to sleep vs. just CBD alone.

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