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november 28
CBN [Cannabinoid] > What is CBN? Can you gain control of sleep using it as a remedy?

What is CBN? Can you gain control of sleep using it as a remedy?

November 7, 2021

What is CBN?
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Do you have trouble falling asleep these days? Your inability could be related to an active brain or too many things going on during the day.

Sleep is a natural biological process and should be treated with treatment methods like resetting your body clock to make sleeping remedies more effective than they are today.

At night, your body shuts down so the brain will have a chance to rest. It does that by sending a signal from your eyes to the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) in your brain.

Disclaimer: The information in this article should not be taken as any legal or medical advice. This article is based on research and what current studies have shown and made public to read. When it comes to information like this, you should always do your own research, especially if you take any current medication and similar. It’s advised to ask your local physician or doctor for advice.

The Real Reason You Cannot Sleep: Your Natural Body Clock Is Being Disrupted.

Our “real” body clock tells the pea-sized pineal gland to release the natural melatonin we have in our bodies when we are awake or during night hours. Without this signal, the brain doesn’t have time to rest because it constantly receives information from your eyes that say it’s light outside.

It has shown to be one of the many issues with most sleeping remedies like pills and drugs on the market today, that it disrupts your natural body clock.

Sleeping pills and drugs have been shown to interfere with the body’s natural processes that are activated when you sleep naturally. Studies by Norwegian researchers showed that patients who took sleeping pills did in fact sleep. However, the quality of their sleep and ability for self-regeneration when they woke up the following day was significantly more inferior to those that didn’t use any sleeping pills or related drugs.

Most of those you find on the market today only mess with your brain signaling, making you feel sleepy and tired even though you don’t need to sleep. You don’t reset the body’s natural clock, which is why you might feel off and tired when you wake up in the morning.

If your pineal gland fails to send the call, you experience temporary releasement of melatonin. It leaves you physically tired but struggling to fall asleep.

Unfortunately, most doctors still prescribe drugs for sleep. They tell their patients that nothing else works. However, this is not true.

Sleep Aid Alternative Cutting Sleepless Nights By 67%

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that more than 32 million Americans are sleep-deprived. This can be caused by chronic health problems like depression, diabetes, obesity, and heart attack risks, and it’s only getting worse with it everything going on in the world today.

In a new study at the Center for Applied Health Sciences, there is an unknown powerful natural remedy to improve your sleep and help those who have sleepless nights.

The breakthrough cannabinol is called CBN. This all-natural formula works great as a CBD alternative. It attaches directly to receptors related to sedation and has an effect four times more potent than CBD alone.

CBN (The Sleepy Cannabinoid) Puts You to Sleep, All Night!

CBN originates from the cannabis and hemp plants and is one of the many cannabinoids we are fortunate to extract using modern-day and cutting-edge technology. As written about before, hemp’s ability to relieve chronic pain, lower blood sugar, improve cognitive functioning, ease anxiety relief and reduce inflammation, to mention a few, keep astonishing many, and as we get smarter about this plant, we also find how well each of these cannabinoids works separately but more importantly how they work together. The CBN cannabinoid is one to keep an eye on as its effect to help to balance our natural clock has, through research, shown some amazing results.

CBN is a natural alternative to sleeping pills, with the added benefits of not leaving you feeling groggy.

A recent test subject named Anais M. found this out firsthand when she used CBN for the first time following her physician’s advice, Dr. Al Sears, MD, of the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine in Royal Palm Beach, Florida.

I had never heard of CBN,” she explained. “But I was willing to try anything – as long as it was natural.”

She further explains, “Within 15 minutes, I was drowsy. Instead of taking over an hour to fall asleep, I was out almost immediately.

Consumers who tried CBN report back saying the best part of using CBN is that it doesn’t just help you fall asleep. It helps you stay asleep. In other words, it’s the perfect sleep aid remedy.

That night was the first night in months that I slept all night long,” she reports. “I didn’t even wake up when my husband got up for work at 4 a.m.” Anais M. 

What about CBD? Does That Work For Sleep Too?

The short answer is yes. Studies suggest CBD helps improve sleep.

The Center for Applied Health Sciences recently published preliminary results of a double-blind study with two groups, one receiving hemp extract and a placebo intervention.

The researchers found that people who received the hemp extract reported an absolute improvement in sleep quality (22%) and increased sleep quantity (21%).

Researches from the University of Colorado followed 72 patients with sleep and anxiety-related disorders.

Approximately 79% of those using hemp oil reported lower levels of anxiety, and 67% said they slept better.

Even though they both have many of the same properties, CBN has one core focus: to help you with sleep. Even though CBD assists with deeper sleep, recent studies indicate CBN is sweeping CBD by a milestone. Many who have relied on CBD for deeper sleep might find this Cannabioil working as a booster to the current remedy to keep those eyes closed at night.

CBN As Effective As Valium – New Pain Relief?

Research has found that CBN is the most sedative of all cannabinoids, which can be found in the cannabis plant or the hemp plant- equaling many pharmaceuticals.

The study found that just five milligrams of CBN can relax a body into falling asleep as effectively as 10 mg of Valium – without the groggy side effects.

A recent animal study discovered that CBN, the primary psychoactive component of cannabis, prolongs sleep cycles to keep people asleep for longer.

When cannabis is exposed to air, it reacts with THC and creates CBN. CBN will not produce psychoactive effects because you have to heat the material for that reaction. That’s why CBN, unlike THC, is legal in all 50 states and currently is not on the list of scheduled controlled substances in the US. 

Studies had shown that taking CBN a few hours before bedtime improved participants’ sleep quality. It works by binding to CB1 receptors, but it is ten times weaker than THC.

What effects does CBN have?

The primary purpose of CBN is to help you get a night of better and deeper sleep. Though it does so much more than help with sleeping, research shows that this great cannabinoid can:

The only thing CBN should be recommended for is sleep. This great cannabinoid can do so much more, though, as the list below demonstrates:

Relieve pain – CBN, a cannabinoid that demonstrated pain-relieving properties in rodents and humans in a 2019 study. It was found to relieve chronic muscle pain and fibromyalgia in mammals.

Act as an antibiotic – Research has found that CBN can fight harmful bacteria. One study found 2 milligrams of this natural extract could stop MRSA, the antibiotic-resistant bacteria responsible for 20,000 deaths each year in America alone!

Preventing Malignancy Growth – Recent research points to cannabidiol as a potential treatment against malignancy growth. It attaches itself to cannabinoid receptors on these cells and impedes their growth, thereby stopping them from spreading or reproducing. 

Build stronger bones – The CBN in cannabis and hemp plants has been shown to increase the body’s production of new bone cells by activating stem cells. There are also indications that CBD, THC-A, and other cannabinoids may help treat broken bones or reverse bone loss.

Prevent Blindness – The first studies of treatment for glaucoma with CBN show that this remedy has the potential to reduce pressure on your eye and protect it from blindness.

Protect your Brain – The natural chemical could be a powerful neuroprotectant, delaying ALS onset and potentially becoming an essential remedy for the debilitating disease.

Start with 5 to 10 milligrams 30 minutes before bedtime if you want to try it yourself.

Where To Buy CBN Online?

CBN is gaining popularity, and you can start finding products online that are more focused on improving sleep. Many of these products also have melatonin, so you need to do your research.

Here at BiowellnessX, we love CBN and all its benefits and offer a wide variety of CBN products. Currently, we have our CBN Oil mixed with our Full Spectrum PCR Hemp Oil for increased effect and benefits. Soon we are launching our CBN Sleep Gummies and our Lozenges with pure CBN Isolate, which can be used in conjunction with other products (both CBD and CBN) for enhanced effect and overall sleep.

Looking for other natural remedies for sleep, you might want to check this article where we explore 8 ways to help any sleep apnea issues.

If THC is more your jam, explore our guide for the best THC gummies for sleep, or as many others have already figured out, Delta 8 THC works as an indica, used by many as a powerful sleep aid remedy.


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By reading this legal information, you agree to release the author of any liability related to or arising from your use of this data. This post contains no legal advice. We continuously work hard to do our best to give you the most updated information. We recommend checking your current state’s laws or federal hemp laws before purchasing any industrial hemp-derived products (CBN, CBG, CBD, THC) in Louisville, Kentucky. The data in this post is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or give any medical advice. Do your due diligence and seek your doctor’s advice, especially if you are in doubt or are currently taking any prescription medications. Safer than sorry is always a great idea when consuming new products.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does CBN do?

CBN, one of the most prominent cannabinoids in the cannabis plant and hemp plant (after THC and CBD), is produced when THC-A oxidizes and has several uses. CBN is used as a sleep aid or sedative since these cannabinoids interact with GABA receptors found throughout the brain to produce calming effects similar to alcohol consumption. The benefits of this compound don’t stop there.

Is CBN stronger than CBD?

Early research on CBN suggests an effective sleep aid, potentially better than most pharmaceuticals and even CBD. Other research also indicates that taking CBN with other cannabinoids increases all of them (CBN included).

Is CBN psychoactive?

CBN is the lesser-known psychoactive cannabinoid. It has milder effects than THC, but it still doesn’t produce a high as its counterpart does. Far from it. Not much research has been done on CBN at this time, and there’s no telling what benefits might be found in future studies of the chemical compound.

Can I fail a drug test with CBN?

Recent research indicates that CBN can make you fail a drug test. A team of scientists from the University of Utah has found that immunoassays designed to detect THC in urine samples make it possible for these tests to cross-react with CBN and produce false-positive results. For this to happen, 500 ng/mL or more would need to be present – which seems likely if your CBD product contains at least some THC content (100 ng/mL). If not, then 250ng might do it but only under certain circumstances.

How long does CBN take to work?

CBN can help you sleep quickly and stay asleep for longer periods. It usually takes around a half-hour to feel the effects of taking CBN, but it varies depending on what type of supplement is taken.

How many mg of CBN should I take?

With a reputation as the “sleep cannabinoid,” CBN has been found to have powerful sedative effects, giving it similar potency to Valium. The recommended dosage is 2.5- 5mg to start and increase as needed.

Is CBN legal to buy online?

CBN may be right up your alley if you are looking for a natural stimulant remedy. It’s not a scheduled controlled substance in the United States, and you can legally buy it online.

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