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CBG (Cannabigerol) > CBN vs CBG: How Do They Compare To Each Other? Full Breakdown!

CBN vs CBG: How Do They Compare To Each Other? Full Breakdown!

May 17, 2022

Table of Contents

CBD is now well-established and widely known, but it’s not the only non-intoxicating cannabinoid out there! Other cannabinoids are getting a chance to shine – CBG and CBN are amongst them.

Two minor cannabinoids from the hemp plant and their therapeutic potential are gaining popularity, and rightly so.

But with so many cannabis compounds and so many acronyms, confusion also abounds. We’re here to clear some misconceptions about two increasingly popular (and strikingly similar) cannabinoids: CBG (cannabigerol) and CBN (cannabinol)

Main Keypoints:

  • Both CBN and CBG, isolated, are non-intoxicating cannabinoids (They don’t make you high)
  • CBG and CBN are similar in chemical structure. (both are organic and appear naturally in the cannabis plant.)
  • CBG and CBN have different potential benefits.
  • CBG is said to help with energy and focus, whereas CBN could assist as a sleep aid.
  • Both seem to have a calming and relaxing effect.
  • Studies show that both CBG and CBN can help with body aches and discomfort in general.
  • You can find both available in various products in the market, such as gummies, oils, smokables, and tablets.
  • The best CBG or CBN oil comes in the form of a PCR oil. (More details below)
  • Studies show that both CBG and CBN work best in the form of a full spectrum product.
  • Hemp-derived CBG and CBN products are legal in the US, containing less than 0.3% THC in total dry weight.

CBN vs CBG: What Is The Difference Between These Cannabinoids?

CBG and CBN are very similar in chemical structure, as they both appear naturally in the cannabis plant. Both are non-intoxicating. Both interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system. The system is responsible for keeping our bodies in balance.

The endocannabinoid system consists of molecules and receptors. Our body contains two central cannabinoid receptors: CB1 receptors in the nervous system and brain and CB2 receptors in the immune system and other areas.

Despite interacting with CB1 and CB2 receptors, CBG and CBN have very different mechanisms and effects on the body.

CBG is referred to as the “mother of all cannabinoids” because it serves as the starting point for nearly all other cannabinoids. CBG is converted to CBD, CBC, or THC with the help of specialized enzymes.

CBN is not present in high volumes in mature cannabis plants, and instead, it appears when THC is exposed to UV light. The light degrades THC into CBN (oxidation).

Top 5 Differences of Each Cannabinoid

  • One primary difference between them is how they appear naturally in cannabis plants. CBG appears first in the cannabis plant stem cell and then breaks down into CBD and THC. While CBN occurs as a byproduct as THC degrades due to oxidation.
  • The second main difference is how they affect the human body. CBG binds with the CB1 and CB2 receptors without activating them, while CBN binds and slightly activates them.
  • Some hemp strains are naturally CBG rich, while CBN is extracted after UV light has degraded the THC into CBN.
  • Another difference is how these cannabinoids feel; CBG helps with energy and alertness, while CBN has more sedative properties.
  • Also, the reported medical benefits of each cannabinoid.

What is CBG good for?

  1. Boost energy.
  2. Help with focus and alertness
  3. Treat anxiety
  4. Relieve body ache and discomfort

What is CBN good for?

  1. Sleep disorders (sleep aid)
  2. Eating disorders (appetite stimulant)
  3. Help with anxiety
  4. Inflammation
Where to buy CBN and CBG

Where to Buy CBG or CBN For Sale / Near Me

CBG and CBN products are available in stores across the country. But, if you’d rather scroll on the internet for the best product where you can see all the info beforehand, have it delivered to your doorstep, and save on exclusive online deals, you’re in luck because Biowellness delivers across the US.

What is CBN? Brief Background

CBN is a cannabis-derived compound, like CBD, CBG, and over 100 other minor cannabinoids found in hemp. However, it’s different in the way it gets formed.

CBN is formed after the Cannabis plant is harvested as a byproduct of THC degradation. When THC is exposed to heat and light (aka oxidation), it creates a unique metabolite: CBN. Unlike THC, CBN doesn’t have psychoactive effects.

CBN was first identified in the late 1800s, before any other cannabinoid. CBN oil has emerged as a popular natural sleep remedy.

Is CBN stronger than CBG

Is CBN stronger than CBG? Does it get you high?

Both are non-intoxicating cannabinoids. They’re both processed in the human body by the endocannabinoid system.

While CBG binds with the CB1 and CB2 receptors without activating them, CBN activates the CB1 receptor to a not enough extent but not enough to cause intoxication.

Since CBG doesn’t activate either receptor, the effects of CBN might feel stronger. CBG is plenty strong, too — it just interacts differently with our receptors.

Everyone experiences cannabinoids slightly differently, but you generally don’t expect psychoactive effects (High) after consuming neither CBN nor CBG. However, if you’re sensitive to THC products, you might feel that CBN mixed with THC is mildly psychoactive. However, if you are looking for something that gives you a buzz, try our Delta-8 gummies.

CBN vs CBG for sleep

While both seem to have a good effect when it comes to relaxing the mind and body, CBN does exhibit more sedative qualities. CBN oil has been used as a sleep remedy for a long time.

Recent medical research aimed to assess the effect of (CBN) on sleep quality, sleep duration, and awakenings in medical marijuana users. The participants reported using medical marijuana for several conditions, including sleep/insomnia (69%), pain (40%), and generalized anxiety disorder (29%).

The research shows that participants enjoyed a better sleep quality by 18%.

Studies show that when multiple cannabinoids are combined, they create something called the entourage effect, where they elevate each other’s efficacy. So you’re better with a full spectrum product that gets the most benefits from each cannabinoid.

CBN vs CBG for anxiety

Both are shown to help with anxiety, with one significant difference:

CBG can calm down your anxiety and may also increase dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain, resulting in a sense of increased focus and energy; that’s why it’s best to be taken during the day.

CBN has more sedative qualities that calm your anxiety and relax your body enough to sleep! That’s why it’s best used at night.

CBN vs CBG for pain and inflammation

It’s been reported that both cannabinoids can help with pain and inflammation without psychoactive effects.

A study suggests that cannabinoids that activate the CB2 receptors, such as CBN, can help reduce neuroinflammation in the brain.

CBN does not only reportedly reduce inflammatory conditions in the brain; It can also help reduce the inflammatory pain response through the body, making CBN an effective pain relief method, especially when mixed with other cannabinoids like CBD.

Research indicates that CBG may have anti-inflammatory properties, as it binds with the CB1 and CB2 receptors without causing any intoxicating effects. This research also pointed out that CBG may act as a GABA reuptake inhibitor. This means that CBG may have a relationship with neuropathic pain and inflammatory pain.

Hemp-derived CBN and CBG became legal in 2018 after Congress passed the Farm Bill.

In passing the 2018 Farm Bill, the federal government legalized hemp and its cannabinoids, including CBN and CBG.

With no limitations on how much CBN and CBG a hemp product can contain, companies are now manufacturing highly-concentrated CBN/CBG products, such as gummies and oils. These products can legally be marketed as dietary supplements as long as they’re hemp-derived and contain less than 0.3% THC of total dry weight.


CBD vs CBG vs CBN: How Does CBD compare?

Despite their individual qualities, CBD, CBG, and CBN have one thing in common: they are all non-intoxicating. Their felt effects may vary, but in every case, these cannabinoids provide mild, calming effects without displaying intoxicating effects.

CBD (cannabidiol) uses different neurochemical pathways in our brain than CBG and CBN inducing other effects on the body.

With CBD being the most researched and abundant cannabinoid found in the hemp plant, it’s found that it plays well with other cannabinoids, helping to boost their potential benefits.

Studies show that CBN, in combination with CBD targets TRPV-2 receptors acting as agonists (activators). This activation releases specific proteins and neurotransmitters responsible for pain relief and modulating pain perception.

Depending on your intended use, you can get a CBD product infused with another compound, for example, our Focus gummies enriched with CBG and Dream Drops gummies enriched with CBN.

CBN vs CBG: What Products Can you Find On The Market?

With the rise of these latest cannabinoids in the industry, you can find them in many products to suit your preference, from oils, gummies, edibles, and smokables to tablets and topicals.

If you’re starting your exploration journey with cannabis, you can start with gummies; our customers love the fruity flavor and moderate strength; it does the job without stimulating you too much. And you can always start with our pocket packs to see which cannabinoid and which flavor is to your liking.

Best CBG Gummies

There are plenty of options depending on what you’re looking to get out of the gummy.

If you’re overwhelmed with work, school, or just tasks around the house and feel like your mind is going crazy and can’t focus, our Focus Gummies are your safe haven! With up to 75 mg of cannabinoids and natural fruit flavor, these powerful little candies will clear your mind and get you focused like nothing else! Try the best CBG gummies around.

However, if you’re looking for something to wind you down and relax your mental and physical anxiety, “Yes, extremely tense shoulder and neck,” our Mellow drops gummies are what you’re after. Double plus points: it comes in two flavors.

Best CBG Oil

With the increasing popularity of CBG, you’d think you want a CBG-isolate oil, but why let go of all of the other potential benefits of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and goodies already in the hemp plant?! Why not get you a PCR oil known for its whole plant experience? Think of PCR as the royalty of CBD oils.

PCR stands for Phytocannabinoid-rich; it’s the closest you can get to a TRUE full-spectrum CBD oil. In addition to terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids, it also contains vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, phytonutrients, and other materials naturally present in the hemp plants. 

Biowellness uses a full spectrum distillate oil, also referred to as PCR. Not only did we add 2000mg full spectrum PCR oil, but we topped it off with another 1000mg CBG extract. Making our CBG oil one of the most potent and natural oils today. 100% made with organic hemp and MCT oil. Nothing but nature squeezed into a 30 ml bottle.

Try our organically made CBG Oil with a total of 3000mg of Cannabinoids. Created to give you an experience of a lifetime.

Try CBG with Biowellnessx

Best CBN Gummies

Gummies are always a great, enjoyable way to get your CBN dose; they’re almost candy-like and super convenient.

Our Dream Drops are all the rave amongst our sleep-deprived customers. If your anxiety is keeping that shuteye away, Dream Drops will get you to dreamland in no time. With almost 50mg at each serving, these powerful yet delicious treats will not disappoint.

Best CBN Oil

When you think oil, think PCR! PCR oil focuses on the benefits of the whole hemp extracts and the entire chemical profile of the plant. To get the most out of your CBN oil, try our Biolwellness CBN oil. Imagine 2000mg of organic, natural PCR oil, stacked full of different cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and phytonutrients, and topped with 300mg of CBN extract.

CBN Tablets (A new way of getting your CBN)

What happens if you want to have the benefits of CBN but don’t smoke, don’t enjoy gummies, and don’t care for the oils? You are not alone, and that’s why CBN tablets are here for the rescue!

Our Nighttime CBN tablets with 10mg CBN are praised for their strong and calming effects that’ll have you sound asleep in no time!

Nighttime contains no Delta 9 THC, so you can feel safe and sound when enjoying these tablets made with a natural grape flavor. Most users tell us they’re easy to chew and dissolve quickly in the mouth.

Final Thoughts

While CBG and CBN may seem similar because they don’t produce psychoactive effects, each has its benefits. CBN has been a known sleep remedy since the 1800s, with relaxing qualities, while CBG is stimulating and energizing.

Both CBG and CBN can help calm anxiety in different ways; think of CBG as a cup of coffee in the morning without the stress and jitters, helping you feel awake and focused.

While CBN is like a glass of warm honey milk relaxing your body and calming your mind to sleep.

If you’re looking for something with a kick, then a CBN mixed with THC is what you’re after.

If you’d like to give it a go and explore the many benefits they offer, visit our website and start choosing your favorite cannabinoid.

Try CBN with Biowellnessx

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which is better, CBN or CBG?

It depends on your intended use of the product! Both have non-intoxicating effects and are reported to help with anxiety, body discomforts, eating disorders, and sleep problems! CBG-rich products can help with energy and focus, while CBN-rich products can help with relaxation and sound sleep. Studies show that it’s best to have a full spectrum product where you can get the possible benefits of all cannabinoids.

What is CBG and CBN good for?

Both are reported to have potential health benefits, but to simplify, CBG is excellent for increasing energy and focus, while CBN is excellent for relaxation and sleep.

What is CBN good for?

CBN has been known as a sleep remedy for a while due to its relaxing and calming effect. However, research shows that it also has other potential benefits such as antibacterial qualities, helping with discomfort too.

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