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Delta-8 THC For Sex – Does It Make It Better?

February 23, 2023
Delta 8 THC for sex

People have been smoking marijuana to elevate their sexual experiences for decades, “flashback to the 70s and 80s”, but with the rise of better marijuana alternatives such as Delta-8, some wonder if Delta-8 will have similar effects on their sex lives as well. Well, let’s get up close and personal with Delta-8 For sex.

Main Key Points

  • Delta-8 is a natural hemp-derived psychoactive compound.
  • Delta-8 could help with common sexual dysfunction issues such as low libido and performance anxiety.
  • Studies show that Delta-8 can increase sexual desire.
  • A survey shows that women who use cannabis before sex experience more pleasurable orgasms.
  • Hemp-sourced Delta-8 Products are legal federally.
  • You can buy Delta-8 THC products online.

What Is Delta-8 THC?

Delta-8 THC has been a nationwide sensation recently, and for a good reason! It’s a natural cannabinoid that exists in trace amounts in the cannabis plant.

Delta-8 quickly became a fan favorite as it carries the same benefits as regular THC but with much nicer psychoactive effects and fewer side effects.

Can Delta-8 help with sex performance

Can Delta-8 Help With Sexual Performance?

The short and sweet answer is YES! Delta-8 can help sexual function in more ways than one, but in order to understand how it can do so, we need to understand what really stands between you and a steamy night in the sheets.

Common Sex Problems

According to research and surveys, most sexual problems stem from psychological factors, as well as a few easily managed physical problems.

Let’s break down the most common reasons why the song “I can get no satisfaction” resonates with you more often.

Low Libido

A low sexual arousal is a form of sexual dysfunction that can ruin your sex life. If “you’re not in the mood” more often, there won’t be much fun to be had.

Performance Anxiety

Wanting to blow your partner’s mind with a hot night is all fun and games till you start feeling pressured to perform and get stuck in your head! Other body parts will pick up on your tension and choose to tap out, “if you know what I mean!”


It’s a no-brainer that if you’re in pain or experiencing sexual pain, you won’t be having much of anything except maybe some painkillers. (Once that lower back pain kicks in, you can kiss that sexy time goodbye.)

Erectile Dysfunction

E.D. is a condition where one can’t get an erection or can’t keep one long enough for satisfactory sexual experiences. (That pretty much sums the whole situation up.)

How does Delta-8 make sex better

How Does Delta-8 Work For Better Sex

Let’s start with the basics of how Delta-8 functions. When Delta-8 enters the body, it mimics the actions of our body’s natural cannabinoids, acting as a signal carrier, booster, and blocker if needed.

Delta-8 binds and activates the cannabinoid receptors located in the central nervous system as well as the receptors connected to our sexy bits.

Delta-8 For Sexual Libido

Researchers found out that Delta-8 THC helps increase the production of “Acetylcholine,” a neurotransmitter responsible for many important functions, one of which is sexual arousal.

According to another study, the THC compounds in cannabis, including Delta-8, have the ability to activate the parts of the brain that control sexual arousal.

Delta-8 For Better Orgasms

There are two ways Delta-8 helps with sexual satisfaction big time. The first is that it produces a body high that heightens your senses, making everything more pleasurable, from touch to taste and smell. “Do we need to say more?”

The second is that it increases the blood flow throughout the body, including your sweet spots leading to more intense orgasms and increased sexual pleasure.

Delta-8 For Performance Anxiety

Say it with me: “Less stress and more sex.”

Delta-8 has potent relaxing effects that can take you out of thinking and stressing too much and into the heightened sensation of the moment.

The Delta-8 relaxation comes with more than stress-free headspace; it also comes with lowered inhibition, that’ll get you more adventurous and open to trying new scenarios without analyzing too much.

Research also shows that Delta-8 doesn’t only alleviate performance anxiety and anxiety disorders, but it also increases the production of happy hormones in the brain. (If it gets you in your happy place before you start, imagine where you’ll be once you’re halfway there.)

Delta-8 For Erectile Dysfunction

Experts agree that in most cases of E.D., the causes are stress and anxiety more than actual physical problems. Luckily for the gents, Delta-8 has a thing or two to say about the common perpetrators behind E.D.

The National Cancer Institute discovered that Delta 8 THC has anti-anxiety effects that can reduce anxiety.

Studies show that Delta-8 also works as a vasodilator, which means it increases the blood flow in the body, ALL OF THE BODY! (Delta-8 is there if the little man in action needs some reinforcements.)

Delta-8 For Pain Relief

Users all over the world rave about Delta-8’s ability to reduce chronic pain! According to research, Delta-8 interacts with the cannabinoid receptors connected to our nervous system, blocking pain signals from reaching the brain.

Studies also show that Delta-8 has painkillers abilities that work for different kinds of pain, including painful sex.

The Best Delta-8 THC Products For Sex

Delta-8 comes in a myriad of products to match your mood, from tasty edibles to ciggies and vape carts!

Try some of our organic, all-natural Delta-8 products that are gluten-free.

Delta-8 Edibles – For deliciously long nights

Quick and Easy Delta-8 Products – For effects that last for hours

Delta-8 Smokables – Puffs of euphoria to start the night

Our sex lives are about to get so much better now that hemp-derived Delta-8 is federally legal, thanks to one of the best bills to ever pass!

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp and hemp-derived products containing no more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC.

But then again, state laws don’t have to follow the federal government’s footsteps, and some states placed a ban on Delta-8, so check your local laws before buying.

Does Delta-8 Make You Last Longer In Bed?

Based on scientific findings, some studies suggest that Delta-8’s ability to dilate arteries and pump more blood into the penis could possibly lead to longer sessions in bed.

Another thing to note is the fact that Delta-8 does make you high, and when you’re high, you tend to lose track of time. So was it 30 minutes? Was it hours? Nobody knows, and no one is really keeping track when you’re having that much fun!

Dosing Delta-8 For Sex

Delta-8 is a potent cannabinoid. Just because it can give a boost to your sex life doesn’t mean that you can pop it like candy! Starting low and going slow wins you the favor of Delta-8.

Here are some general dosage tips to help you get the best out of your Delta-8 product:

  • Newbies should start with a dose of 5 mg to 10 mg of Delta-8, which is about half or a full gummy of our 10 mg strength.
  • Casual users can opt for a moderate dose of 15 mg to 25 mg, half to a full gummy of our 25 mg potency.
  • Experienced users can go all out with a dose of 50mg – 100 mg, a gummy of our 100 mg knock-out gummies.

Side Effects Of Using Delta-8 THC For Sex

Delta-8 has lit a spark in so many bedrooms without much of any downside. However, some users reported mild symptoms such as cotton mouth and red eyes. (Remeber to hydrate.)

Also, it’s important to remember that there’s such a thing as “too much of a good thing,” especially if you’re not used to THC compounds! High-potency Delta-8 products in high dosages can fire back with feelings of anxiety, paranoia, and dizziness.

Always start with a low dose, and consult your doctor if you’re on medication or have a health condition.

Final Thoughts – Delta-8 For Sex

Aside from health benefits typical of cannabinoids, such as pain relief and reduced anxiety, Delta-8 also has some huge benefits when it comes to taking your sex life to the next level.

According to research, Delta-8 can help with many sexual problems, such as low sex drive, performance anxiety, and E.D.

Are you ready to get frisky in the sheets? Try some of the best organic Delta-8 products on the market and get them delivered to your doorstep.

Buy Delta 8 for sex gummies

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FAQs on Delta-8 THC and Sex

Does Delta-8 make you last longer in bed?

Users report staying hard for longer when on Delt-8. That is probably because Delta-8 increases blood flow, leading to erections lasting for longer.

Is Delta-8 good for sex?

Proper doses of Delta-8 can lead increase libido and arousal and lead to more pleasurable orgasms.

When should you take Delta-8 before sex?

Depending on your Delta-8 product, the onset time differs. Smokables have near-instantaneous effects, oils take between 10 minutes and an hour, and edibles take from 20 minutes to two hours to show effects.

What’s the minimum age to buy Delta-8 products?

Most states only sell cannabis products to adults 21+ of age.

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