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The Best Libido Gummies And Where To Buy Them

June 10, 2022
The Best Libido Gummies

Cannabis…The gift that keeps on giving has a few things in store to help you take your sex life to the next level! That’s why the best libido gummies around relate to cannabis.

Gummies are a delicious way that can help boost your libido, wash the stress of the day away, and help you get it on with your partner. Keep reading because we’ve got some scientific facts that’ll blow and open your mind for a natural and alternative remedy to spice up your sex life.

Main Keypoints:

  • Cannabis can act as an aphrodisiac, increasing both male and female libido.
  • Libido gummies are a new, more effective, and convenient way to get the sexual health benefits of cannabis.
  • Research suggests that libido-enhancing gummies can aid in alleviating stress and anxiety, helping increase sex drive.
  • Studies show that libido gummies can enhance sexual arousal and improve sexual function.
  • The best natural gummies for sex have Delta-8, Delta-9, Delta-10 THC, and/or CBD.
  • Hemp-sourced Libido gummies are federally legal, containing less than 0.3% THC total dry weight.
  • You can buy your favorite gummies online and have them shipped to your doorstep.

Benefits of Using Libido Gummies

For millennia, people have used cannabis to enhance their libido and improve their sex life. But these wonder gummies help your overall well-being, including your sexual health.

Consuming a Libido gummy is a great way to get your daily dose of beneficial cannabinoids and end your night on a “high” note. (Pun intended)

What Sexual Benefits Do Libido Gummies Have?

study shows that libido-enhancing gummies can help elevate your sexual experience by:

  • Increasing sensations in the body. (Which helps increase intimacy levels as well as enhance the overall experience.)
  • Alleviate stress and anxiety, including performance anxiety. (Allowing you to give that overthinking brain a break, be present at the moment.
  • Increase serotonin and dopamine levels; if you’re feeling good, it’ll reflect on your sex life and how good it feels.
  • More frequency of sexual encounters. “Quite literally will keep you coming back for more,” according to a study that suggests a positive correlation between cannabis use and sexual frequency in both men and women.

What Does The Research Suggest?

The research supports what our ancestors knew about the magnificent benefits of the wonder plant to sexual health.

In 2017 a study explored if using cannabis before sex affected the sexual experience and if it did, by how much, and which domains of sexual function were involved.

65% of respondents reported their experience was much more pleasurable, 58% believed that cannabis increases their sexual drive, and 51% said they’ve experienced a more satisfying orgasm.

study suggests that women who used cannabis before sex had 95% higher odds of satisfactory orgasms than women who didn’t, which was further confirmed in a review paper showing that cannabis led to longer, more satisfying orgasms in both men and women.

Advanced Natural Libido Enhancer

Advanced Natural Libido Enhancer

Sex enhancement supplements are flooding the market right now, advertising to help boost libido in men and women by exerting some hormonal level changes in the body to help deal with the symptoms of sexual problems.

For example, some men’s supplements claim to naturally boost testosterone and increase nitric oxide levels in the body over the span of months to help men get over all their sexual problems.

BUT did you hear that? Months of hormonal imbalance!!!

With unusually high testosterone levels, you can get irritable and aggressive, which could lead to severe consequences.

Other supplements on the market claim to have clinically proven ingredients, but there’s no guarantee that the “quality ingredients” aren’t mixed with other questionable ingredients.

Which brought the sexual wellness industry back to the treasure trove of cannabis! And cannabis products rose to the challenge proving to be a safer, more potent, and natural alternative.

Cannabis gummies deal with sexual wellness from a holistic approach, dealing with both the root cause and symptoms.

Most cannabis gummies from reputable companies only have the pure goodness of the plant in them, without the risk of questionable ingredients.

Try premium THC gummies for sex.

Can You Use CBD To Enhance Sexual Arousal?

CBD is being raved about as the new star cannabinoid to hit the scene, and you might ask if CBD brings those glorious benefits to the bedroom, and the answer is ABSOLUTELY YES!

Research suggests that CBD can promote the production of a naturally-occurring chemical in our bodies called anandamide, which in turn helps release Oxytocin, widely referred to as the “love hormone.”

CBD increases the love hormone levels in our bodies, and according to studies, it also hinders the production of the primary stress hormone called Cortisol.

Does THC Work To Enhance Sexual Arousal As Well?

Both CBD and THC are key ingredients in cannabis that give it its medicinal properties.

People adored and feared THC for its intoxicating effects; it can alter our state of mind and perception, which is actually a great thing when it comes to sex.

As a part of that mechanism, it also lowers inhibition, meaning you’d worry less and do more ;).

You’d become more adventurous, confident, and comfortable trying out new things in the bedroom, which isn’t always possible without the help of THC products.

THC is a family of cannabinoids, each with different effects than the other, so you can always find the THC that works for you. Discover more on that here.

Benefits Of Using Cannabis For Sexual arousal

Your state of mind before sex plays a crucial role in the experience. When our mental health is compromised by things like stress, it signals a physical reaction in our bodies; you can feel the racing heartbeats, changes in blood pressure, and muscle tension.

The physical implications are also prevalent when it comes to sex.

Erectile dysfunction (ED)

Most researchers strongly believe that E.D is primarily caused by psychological factors. Stress, anxiety, and depression significantly affect a person’s ability to indulge in sexual activities. (It’s hard to get lost in your partner when you’re already lost in your own thoughts)

Cannabinoids such as CBD and THC are praised for their anxiety-calming and mood-enhancing effects. Who would have thought that much-needed relaxation is what it takes to build sexual tension and arousal!

In other reports, users had better sexual experiences using cannabis as a natural remedy for libido and E.D., Which can be explained by how cannabis Sativa is shown to improve ejaculatory and sexual performance according to these studies.

Blood Flow

An incredible perk of the THC family and CBD is they are vasodilators (It means that they help open up blood vessels, increasing blood flow in the body, including those sensual areas.

Increased blood flow to the vaginal area helps women feel more aroused and experience more intense orgasms. And for men, more blood flowing to the penis helps it get hard and possibly stay hard for longer.

Poor lubrication aka Painful Sex

Believe it or not, pain during sexual intercourse is a very common problem that more than 40% of women experience. This could be due to vaginal dryness or other factors.

The beauty of cannabis when it comes to painful sex lies in its pain-relieving and relaxing properties. CBD and THC have a relaxing effect on the body, and their anti-inflammatory properties can help alleviate the pain. According to a survey “, 96% of respondents said CBD helped them with their sex-related pain”.

Manufacturers even started incorporating CBD in personal lubricants to help with vaginal dryness and related pain.

Delta-8, Delta-9, and HHC have strong pain-relieving abilities, too, even more so than CBD, according to some users. If painful sex is something you experience, start exploring the best libido gummy for you here.

Low sex drive

According to experts, low sex drive in both men and women can mainly be attributed to stress and anxiety. (We hear you, the more you stress, the lousier the sex.)

Libido gummies work to enhance arousal by alleviating stress and anxiety, more scientifically by reducing stress hormones and promoting the production of “happy hormones.”

Blood vessel dilators such as CBD and THC increase blood flow to all your sweet spots, making it easier to become physically aroused and experience orgasm.

Another theory is that cannabis interacts directly with the part that controls sexual arousal in the brain, according to this study. This concludes that cannabis may be helpful for people with low sexual drive.

Where to Buy The Best Libido Gummies

Where to Buy The Best Libido Gummies?

Libido gummies were first adopted by sexual wellness pioneers, but now, it’s so common that you can get your hands on them with a few clicks on your phone!

Aside from brick and mortar stores, the best Libido gummies are available online, where you can discover the different potency levels and flavors, read reviews and make sure your libido gummy is made of all-natural ingredients.

We pride ourselves on our gummies being some of the best in the market! When you get your hands on one of our vegan, gluten-free, all-natural gummies with natural flavors and no artificial colors, you’ll see for yourself!

Check our gummies selection here and see why our customers fall in love at first bite.

Can Weed Really Improve Sexuality?

We should probably start with how weed interacts with the human body to better understand how closely cannabis affects sexuality.

In our bodies, there’s something called the endocannabinoid system (ECS), a vast network of tiny receptors located all over the body, including the sexual tissue and reproductive organs, enzymes, and endogenous endocannabinoids. The endocannabinoids carry signals between the brain and the receptors.

Our sexual functions are affected by those receptors and signals. Weed cannabinoids act like the natural endocannabinoids in our bodies, signaling the receptors.

Cannabis helps further by promoting the production of key hormones when it comes to feeling good about sex; Serotonin, “the feel-good hormone,” is responsible for our feelings of well-being, and dopamine which researchers believe is closely linked to sexual arousal.

Libido gummies build sexual arousal by boosting those hormones and inhibiting stress hormones which could hinder your enjoyment of the experience.

Risks and Side Effects With Libido Gummies

The overwhelming majority of users didn’t report any side effects relating to sexual functions or any side effects in general. A small percentage reported mild adverse effects such as dry mouth, red eyes, and nausea.

Some customers using high-potency Delta-9 THC reported feelings of paranoia and anxiety.

Potent cannabinoids are great, but their effects vary from one person to another, depending on the body’s reactivity to them. It’s always best to start with half a gummy and work your way up to one gummy daily.

It’s a big yes! As long as it’s sourced from hemp and has less than 0.3% THC total dry weight.

Let us explain in detail; the 2018 Farm bill legalized hemp and all of its derivates, including THC, across the U.S, containing less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC of total dry weight; HOWEVER, any marijuana-sourced THC is still federally illegal in most states.

Considering how State laws can change regarding THC, it’s best to check the law in your State before purchasing.

Final Thoughts – The Best Libido Gummies

According to research and anecdotal evidence, libido gummies prove to be a potent and more advanced alternative to sex-enhancing supplements, with little to no side effects.

Studies and user experience show us that cannabis can help with low libido, E.D, and sexual dysfunction and give you a boost of the oh-so-craved serotonin.

The best libido-enhancing gummies are the ones infused with Delta-8.

Especially our organic Delta 8 gummies can heighten your sensory experiences without the brain fog of the high, alleviate your anxiety and discomfort, and increase blood flow to all the right areas so you can enjoy a night of mind-blowing sex.

In conclusion, some libido gummies paired with your favorite relaxing music are a potent formula for some sultry activities in the sheets.

Learn more about the health benefits without the high: CBD Gummies Without Delta-9 THC.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do libido gummies do?

Sex gummies or libido-enhancing gummies help increase arousal, elevate the sexual experience, and relieve stress and pain that could be causing low sex drive or E.D.

Can CBD help you last longer in bed?

CBD is an artery dilator that helps increase blood flow to the penis, possibly resulting in extended periods of sexual arousal.

What type of edibles is best for sex?

According to research and user reports, THC and/or CBD-infused gummies are the best edibles for arousal and sex. Depending on your experience with cannabis and psychoactive cannabinoids, you can start with a Delta-8 gummy.

How do I choose edibles?

First and foremost, make sure it’s hemp-derived with less than 0.3% THC content. Secondly, think of what kind of edible you want. Do you want something that gives you a euphoric high like THC, or do you want something that gives you the benefits without the high like CBD?

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