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Does THCP Get You High? How Potent Is It?

March 13, 2023
Does THCP Get You High - BiowellnessX

So, THCP is hitting the scene at full throttle, and cannabis lovers are wondering if it lives up to the expectations and trying to get a clear answer to the most important question “does THCP get you high?.”

Well, let’s get to it…

Main Key Points

  • THCP is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in a particular strain of the cannabis plant.
  • THCP is highly psychotropic, more than any of the other THC compounds.
  • Hemp-derived THC-P is legal on a federal level.
  • You can buy THCP products online.

What Is THC-P?

THCP is a newly discovered cannabinoid that first came to light in 2019 by Italian researchers while studying a particular strain of cannabis plants.

The newbie cannabinoid proved to be a formidable compound with more potent effects than any of the known cannabinoids in the cannabis industry.

The potent cannabinoid exists in very low concentrations, so in order to get more THCP for further study, scientists were able to extract it from other natural cannabinoids. But with its growing popularity, cannabis breeders are looking for a way to grow THCP-rich strains to further produce THCP products.

Does THCP Make You High?

THCP doesn’t just make you high; it takes you to a whole new level of high! Thanks to its seven carbon atoms, THCP possesses highly potent psychoactive effects, unlike any other cannabinoid you’ve tried before.

How Strong Is THCP?

To get the full picture of how strong THCP is, let’s see how it interacts with the human body. Like other cannabinoids, THCP binds to the cannabinoid receptors connected to various systems throughout the body.

Research shows that the seven carbon atoms of THCP give it a much stronger affinity to bind and stimulate the cannabinoid receptors connected to the nervous system, making it the strongest psychoactive cannabinoid yet.

Let’s see how THCP compares to other famous THC analogs.

THC-P vs. Delta-9 THC

Researchers estimated that THCP has more binding ability than Delta-9 THC by 33 times! That’s how potent this stuff is!

But researchers think that the cannabinoid receptors have a max level of stimulation, which means that THCP won’t give you 33x the high, more like 10x the high of Delta-9, according to users.

THCP vs. Delta-8 THC

Delta-8 is one of the most beloved cannabinoids amongst users of all ages; it’s kinda hard to beat the Delta-8 relaxation! But when it comes to the psychoactive effects, THCP has Delta-8 beat 40 times over.

Yes! Research suggests that THCP has 40x the ability to bind with cannabinoid receptors than Delta-8.


THC-O made a huge buzz in the past few years as a more potent form of regular THC. Users report that THCP has more than 3x of the psychoactive effects of synthetic THCO.

The Benefits Of THC-P

Cannabis research into this mighty cannabinoid is still ongoing, but the studies show us that THCP can be helpful with pain relief, alleviating anxiety, stimulating appetite, helping with sleep problems as well as controlling seizures and nausea.

Is THC-P Legal?

Thankfully yes! Our hats go off to the federal government that legalized hemp-derived cannabinoids, including THCP.

According to the Farm Bill, cannabinoid products sourced from hemp, with less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC of total dry weight, are federally legal.

Always check if your State law agrees with the federal law regarding THCP or whether they have different restrictions.

What Does THC-P Feel Like?

Cannabis users report that the THC-P effects include a strong psychedelic high that also relieves pain and anxiety.

Many users say that the THC-P high is about 10x stronger than the high they get from regular THC.

THCP Products On The Market – What’s Out There?

As a new and massively potent cannabinoid, THC-P usually comes in a small variety of products in conjunction with other cannabinoids to balance out its strong effects.

One of the best THCP products to hit the shelves is our THC-P gummies with Delta-9 and CBG! These delicious gummies are vegan and all-natural and give longer-lasting effects than any other method of consumption.

You can also find THCP flower, which is a THC flower coated with THCP, THC-P oil tinctures, and THC-P vape carts.

So where can you shop THCP? A variety of dispensaries carry THCP products, but their varieties can be limited, and the price tags usually aren’t budget-friendly; that’s why online retailers are the best place to find THC-P products of high quality and better prices.

Will THC-P Fail A Drug Test?

Since THC-P products usually have other forms of THCs in them, they’ll show on drug tests. But scientists also predict that THC-P will produce THC metabolites in the body same as the rest of the THC family, which will also show on a drug test.

Final Thoughts – Does THCP Get You High

THC-P will have you on cloud nine; it’s a golden ticket to euphoria land! With 33x the ability to attach itself to the cannabinoid receptors than THC, THC-P makes a home run and leaves all the other cannabinoids behind when it comes to psychoactive effects.

Try our brand new THC-P gummies with Delta-9 and CBG for a euphoric experience of a lifetime!

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Is Delta-9 legal?


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Does THCP give the strongest high?

Studies and user reports show that THC-P has more psychoactive effects than natural psychoactive cannabinoids such as THC and even more than synthetic cannabinoids such as THCO.

Is THCP legal?

Hemp-derived THC-P products with less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC of total dry weight are federally legal.

Is THC-P stronger than THC?

Yes! Studies estimate THC-P to have 33x the potency of THC.

How old do you have to be to buy THC-P?

The legal age to buy cannabis products is 21+.

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