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Delta-8 vs. THCP – Which Is Stronger?

February 20, 2023
Delta-8 vs THCP - BiowellnessX

Nobody is surprised anymore by the discovery of yet another potent cannabinoid! THCP is the new name in the cannabis game, and users wonder how it compares to our beloved Delta-8 THC.

Main Key Points

  • Delta-8 THC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in the plant Cannabis Sativa.
  • THCP is one of the newly discovered intoxicating cannabinoids.
  • THCP is a form of THC.
  • Research suggests that THCP has 40x more affinity to interact with our receptors than Delta-8 and 33x more potent than Delta 9 THC.
  • Research indicates that THCP produces a potent mind and body high.
  • There aren’t pure THCP products available for users yet.
  • You can find THCP as a supporting cannabinoid in other THC products.
  • Delta-8 products are available online and in stores.

What Is Delta-8 THC?

Delta-8 THC is a natural cannabinoid that’s naturally present in cannabis plants but in tiny amounts. Delta-8 quickly became a fan favorite as it carries the same benefits as Delta-9 THC but with fewer psychoactive effects.

Delta-8 provides what users describe as a “clean high,” producing a relaxing body euphoria that doesn’t get to your headspace too much as other THC compounds do.

What Are The Benefits of Delta-8 THC

Research into Delta-8 has been ongoing since the 70s, and researchers discovered many potential health benefits of Delta-8, and on top of the list is its ability to:

  • Relieve chronic pain thanks to its pain-killer properties
  • Alleviate anxiety with its potent anti-anxiety effects
  • Provide deep relaxation with a unique body high
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Control nausea and vomiting

Delta-8 products you can shop right now - BiowellnessX

Delta-8 Products You Can Shop Right Now

You can shop online for a wide array of Delta-8 products, from edibles to cigarettes.

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What Is THCP?

Discovered by accident in 2019, THCP is one of the many natural psychoactive cannabinoids existing in a particular strain of cannabis plants but in trace amounts.

Upon the discovery of THCP or THC-P, scientists started extracting it from CBD as they do for Delta-8 and Delta-10.

THCP has a much higher binding affinity with our cannabinoid receptors than any of the other cannabinoids, even more so than synthetic cannabinoids such as THC-O.

Preliminary findings suggest that THCP is 33 times stronger than THC. Discover more about that here.

What Are The Benefits of THCP?

There hasn’t been much research into this potent cannabinoid as it’s a relatively new discovery, but based on the animal studies, researchers estimate that THCP can provide the following benefits:

  • Relief from Pain
  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Work as an insomnia treatment
  • Control nausea
  • Stimulate appetite

What THCP Products Can I Find?

As one of the latest hemp-derived cannabinoids to hit the market, there aren’t many products available right now. Most of what you’ll find labeled THCP won’t have THCP by itself but rather a blend of more well-known THC analogs.

There are some vape cartridges and disposable vape pens that contain THCP, as well as gummies with a myriad of THC compounds, including THCP, and hemp flower infused or coated with THCP that’ll be labeled “THCP flower.”

Here at BioWellnessX, we wanted to offer a stronger alternative to our already popular Delta-9 THC gummies, so we designed a custom formulation that has 3mg of pure THCP plus another 25mg CBG for a long-lasting effect.

If you are interested in trying them out, we are offering a single pack for just $11. Go here and check out our Delta-9x Gummies for a new and enhanced effect.

Delta-8 vs. THCP, Which Is Better - BiowellnessX

Is THCP Stronger Than Delta-8?

THCP is one of the most potent cannabinoids there is. According to research, THCP has about 33x the affinity to bind with our CB1 receptor than that of Delta-8! Those are the receptors responsible for giving the feeling of being high.

So, does that mean that THCP gets you 33x the high of Delta-8? Not really! 

Scientists believe that the cannabinoid receptors have a maximum capacity for stimulation, so while it won’t get you 33x times the high, it’ll give you more powerful psychoactive effects than any other THC compound out there.

Delta-8 vs. THCP, What’s The Difference?

There’s much to say about each compound, but let’s point out the main differences:

  1. The two compounds have different chemical structures. Delta-8 THC has a five-carbon atom chain, while THCP has seven carbon atoms on its chain.
  2. THCP has a higher affinity to interact with our cannabinoid receptors than any other THC compound, thanks to its seven carbon atoms. In comparison, Delta-8 has significantly less affinity to interact with the same receptors.
  3. Delta-8 has moderate psychoactive effects and comes with a clear-minded high, while THCP has the most potent intoxicating effects known yet, providing almost a psychedelic-trance kind of high.
  4. There’s much more research into Delta-8’s benefits than there is for THC-P.
  5. Delta-8 products are well established in the market, while there are no pure THCP products available for users yet.

Will THCP Fail A Drug Test?

Whether THCP will show on a drug test isn’t a sure thing because it hasn’t been studied. It’s a speculation game at this point.

There is no reason to believe that THCP won’t interact in the body differently than other THC compounds, creating THC metabolites that drug tests scan for.

Since no one knows beyond a reasonable doubt, we recommend that you lay off any THC compounds 90 days before your expected test.

Is THCP Safe?

The jury is still out on the safety of THCP, mainly because of its incredibly high potency. Scientists still can’t determine how pure THCP in normal potencies can do to our bodies.

However, products that have THCP usually have it in very low concentrations and within a mix of other THC cannabinoids for safety and efficacy.

Is THCP Legal In My State - BiowellnessX

Depending on its source, THCP can be legal!

In its original state from its native cannabis plant strain, THCP would be federally illegal. HOWEVER! Scientists extracted it from other hemp-derived cannabinoids, such as CBD, making it federally legal!

Under the 2018 Farm Bill, any cannabinoid product sourced from industrial hemp and contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC of total dry weight is legal under federal law!

But then again, some states aren’t huge fans of legal THC compounds such as Delta-8 and THCP and place heavy restrictions.

Always check your local laws for updates about hemp-derived THC compounds.

Read more about THCP and its legalities here.

THCP Side Effects

As of now, scientists have some common side effects of other THC compounds, such as dry mouth, red eyes, nausea, and dizziness.

In some animal studies, researchers observed that mice went into a psychedelic trance when consuming higher doses of THCP.

Final Thoughts – Delta-8 vs. THC-P

Research into the newly found THCP is still in its infancy, but the findings suggest that THCP is on its way to creating the biggest “buzz” in the cannabis world. (Pun intended.)

Studies suggest that THCP can bind and activate the cannabinoid receptors to a much higher degree than Delta-8.

While the news about a new level of high will entice many, others will stick to the relaxing and calming clean high of Delta-8.

If you want to try one of the most potent products with THCP, go here, or if you want to stick to Delta-8, try some of our top-selling Delta-8 products.

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FAQs on Delta-8 vs. THCP

Is THCP natural or synthetic?

THCP is semi-synthetic since it’s extracted from other natural cannabinoids.

Is THCP stronger than Delta-8?

According to research, THCP has the most substantial ability to connect with the body’s cannabinoid receptors than any other THC compound.

What kind of high is THCP?

From the little that we know, THCP produces a potent cerebral and body high stronger than any other cannabinoid.

Where can you buy Delta-8 products?

You can shop Delta-8 products online and in stores.

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