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THCP (Tetrahydrocannabiphorol) > What Is THCP? Is It Worth The Hype?

What Is THCP? Is It Worth The Hype?

March 13, 2023

What is THCP - BioWellnessX
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Just when you think you know all about cannabis plants, it surprises you with yet another mighty cannabinoid! THCP is the talk of the town nowadays, and if you don’t know what THCP is, we’ve got a crash course that’ll make you fall in love with it as much as we did.

Main Key Points

  • THC-P is a natural cannabinoid existing in the cannabis Sativa plant.
  • Studies show that THC-P has 33x the psychoactive effects of THC.
  • According to research, THC-P can help with pain relief and anxiety relief.
  • Hemp-derived THC-P is legal federally.
  • You can buy THC-P products from dispensaries and online.

So, What Is THC-P?

THCP stands for Tetrahydrocannabiphorol, a newly discovered cannabinoid found in a particular cannabis plant strain.

Unlike other cannabinoids, THC-P has seven carbon atoms, which gives it significant psychoactive effects.

THC-P exists in trace amounts, but luckily, labs can extract it in larger quantities from other natural cannabinoids.

The Potential Benefits Of THCP - BiowellnessX

The Potential Benefits Of THCP

Researchers are still uncovering the therapeutic benefits of this mighty cannabinoid, and thus far, they suggest that THC-P can help with the following:

  • Pain relief
  • Anxiety relief
  • controlling seizures
  • Controlling nausea and vomiting

How Does THCP Work?

In a similar way to other cannabinoids, THC-P interacts with the endocannabinoid system. This system consists of a vast network of receptors connected to all of our primary systems and organs, regulating a multitude of functions such as pain, mood, memory, sleep, and more.

THC-P binds to the cannabinoid receptors linked to our nervous system, causing psychoactive effects and other benefits.

Is THC-P The Same As THC?

THCP belongs to the THC family, but with some major differences! THC-P has a different structure, where it has seven carbon atoms, while other THC compounds only have five.

Those carbon atoms are what affect the compound’s ability to bind with our cannabinoid receptors, and with THC-P having seven, it gave it a much higher binding affinity than the rest of the THC compound, leading to much stronger effects.

Does THCP Make You High?

THCP has powerful psychoactive effects, so the answer would be that it makes you incredibly high! Researchers found that it has a strong ability to bind to the body’s cannabinoid receptors, unlike any other THC analogs, even synthetic ones such as THC-O.

THCP vs. Delta-8 THC

Scientific reports estimate that the THC-P effects are about 40x that of Delta-8 due to the difference in their binding affinity. Read more about THC-P vs. Delta-8.

How Is THC-P Made?

At first, the Italian researchers who discovered it extracted it directly from the cannabis plant. Still, due to its low concentration in the plant, they had to find a way to produce it in larger quantities for further study.

In a similar process to other THC analogs, they used a chemical process called decarboxylation to extract THCP from natural hemp-derived cannabinoids such as CBD.

During this process, labs heat CBD isolate in an organic solvent and use an acid catalyst to create the necessary chemical reaction that then converts CBD into THCP.

With how incredibly strong THCP is, you’d wonder if it’s legal, and your answer is YES, but with a few strings attached!

Under federal law, hemp-sourced THCP products with less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC are legal. BUT, THCP sourced from a marijuana plant is federally illegal.

Considering that THCP is a psychoactive substance, some states may enforce their own laws around it.

What THC-P Products Are Available Right Now

Currently, there are no pure THCP products; however, with the rising popularity of THCP, brands include it with other cannabinoids in their top-selling product forms, such as:

  • THCP vapes
  • THC-P coated flower
  • THCP gummies
  • THCP oil tinctures.

The Best THCP Gummies On The Market - BiowellnessX

The Best THCP Gummies On The Market

Gummy lovers! Where are you? We come bearing gifts!

Brand new vegan, all-natural THCP gummies have just hit the market with THCP and other hemp-derived cannabinoids.

A unique formula of 25 mg of premium Delta-9 THC, 25 mg of pure CBG extract, and 3 mg of THC-P to give you an experience that’ll last longer than any other gummy!

Whether you’re looking for an uplift in mood or energy, chill for a few hours, or need a natural remedy for mild body aches, you’ve never had hemp-derived THC gummies like this.

Where To Buy THCP Products? Let’s Find Out!

More and more THCP products are hitting the shelves of dispensaries and CBD shops, but online retailers still carry the best goodies!

Plus, why drive to a shop when you can chill on your couch and scour the net for the best products at bargain prices?

What To Look Out For When Shopping THCP Online

With the different brands and THCP products available online, it’s hard to make a choice sometimes, but we’ve got your back on this one!

Here are a few things to consider coming straight from professional online shoppers to help you make the best choice.

Brand reputation

Brand reputation matters most when it comes to your health; you need to trust the brand’s ethics and quality management. And if it’s an online retailer, you need to know that the brand will listen to your complaints if anything was to go wrong!

The quality of ingredients

Quality comes first, second and third, especially when it comes to cannabis products. Always make sure your THCP product is free of any harmful chemicals, artificial ingredients, and GMOs.

More isn’t necessarily a good thing.

When it comes to THCP, less is more. As a cannabinoid with such high potency, it isn’t safe to consume it in high concentrations.

Suspicious prices

One saying that never gets old is, “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is!” The market is full of flyby brands that use unknown ingredients and try to sell their products for cheap.

Customer reviews

Reading the experiences of other customers just like yourself gives you a better, clearer idea of what kind of brand and product you’re dealing with.

Will THCP Fail A Drug Test?

As we don’t know for sure whether THC-P will fail a drug test or not, researchers believe that as a THC analog, THCP will most likely be picked up on standard drug tests that scan for THC.

Final Thoughts – What Is THCP

As the latest cannabinoid to hit the scene, THCP sure lives up to its reputation. With its strong ability to activate the cannabinoid receptors linked to the nervous system, it can serve more potent benefits and effects than other THC compounds.

But THCP is a cannabinoid that demands respect, so don’t jump in head first when trying it out! Start with a quarter gummy of our THCP gummies and see how this marvelous cannabinoid affects you.

Shop THCp Gummies from BioWellnessX

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Does THCP give the strongest high?

Studies and user reports show that THCP has more psychoactive effects than natural psychoactive cannabinoids such as THC and even more than synthetic cannabinoids such as THCO.

Is THCP legal?

Hemp-derived THCP products with less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC of total dry weight are federally legal.

Is THCP stronger than THC?

Yes! Studies estimate THCP to have 33x the potency of THC.

How old do you have to be to buy THCP?

The legal age to buy cannabis products is 21+.

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