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Benefits Of Cannabis Use For Anxiety Among Older Adults

March 2, 2023
Benefits Of Cannabis Use For Anxiety Among Older Adults

Anxiety among older patients is a growing concern for mental health professionals. Luckily, cannabis has been found to be an effective tool in managing anxiety symptoms without the need for prescription medications or therapy.

Cannabis use has become increasingly become popular as a form of holistic treatment due to its potential therapeutic effects on various conditions such as depression, chronic pain, and PTSD. But what about cannabis’ effectiveness on older adult populations?

Recent studies, including randomized controlled trials, have shown that cannabis can help promote relaxation and reduce anxiety levels in the older generation with great success.

The idea of using cannabis for medical purposes may seem strange at first, but understanding how it works could make all the difference in achieving better outcomes for those suffering from anxiety-related issues. In this article, we will discuss the evidence-based research behind cannabis’ positive effects on reducing symptoms of stress and worry in older patients while exploring best practices for safely administering cannabis treatments.

Main Key Points:

  • Recent research suggests that it can be effective in treating the symptoms of anxiety, especially among older adults.
  • Cannabis products are primarily made from marijuana and hemp plants, with hemp-derived cannabis being considered federally legal.
  • Cannabis products can support mental illness sufferers, especially older patients, by interacting with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body, which regulate mental and physical functions.
  • The best cannabis products are made from organic ingredients and should not contain any artificial additives, harmful chemicals, or heavy metals.

What Is Cannabis? What’s the Difference Between Marijuana and Hemp?

Cannabis is technically a family of plants that have been used for centuries as an herbal remedy. In recent years, it’s become increasingly popular as a natural treatment for anxiety.

Cannabis plants come in two varieties: marijuana and hemp. Marijuana contains higher levels of the cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is responsible for its psychoactive effects, while hemp contains much lower levels of THC and higher concentrations of cannabidiol (CBD). CBD does not produce any psychoactive effects but still offers therapeutic benefits. Medical cannabis products made from marijuana are legal in many states; however, they may require a prescription or special medical card to purchase them. Hemp-based products are available without a prescription all over the nation.

The best part hemp-based THC is legal thanks to the 2018 farm bill. As long it does not contain more than 0.3% Delta-9 concentration. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Keep reading to learn more.

Get Legal Cannabis Products Made From Hemp All Over The Nation

You Can Get Legal Cannabis Products Made From Hemp All Over The Nation

Fun Fact: there are now more legal cannabis products made from hemp available all over the nation, as well as a greater acceptance of its potential benefits among health professionals than ever before.

This is due to one law passed in 2018, the national Farm Bill. This bill legalized the production, sale, and possession of hemp-derived products at the federal level. And with virtually all states in agreement, hemp-based THC and CBD are safe, legal ways to get all the beneficial cannabinoids that relieve stress, pain, and anxiety. However, it does come with some restrictions. After all, you are dealing with a very potent compound.

It is believed that this is due to the therapeutic effects of cannabis use on certain receptors in the brain, which help regulate mood and emotional responses. Furthermore, research indicates that long-term use of medical marijuana use does not lead to any harmful cognitive or physical side effects, making it an attractive option for those looking for relief from their anxious feelings without risking further harm.

While the evidence supporting medical cannabis use among older adults for anxiety treatment is still limited, it appears promising and worth further investigation. Further research into this area will provide valuable insight into how best to utilize these substances for improving mental health outcomes across different age groups.

The Definition Of Anxiety

Anxiety is a feeling of fear, worry, or unease about an uncertain outcome. It can be triggered by stressful situations and often results in physical symptoms such as headaches, nausea, chest pain, rapid heartbeat, sweating, shaking, and difficulty breathing. Older adults are particularly vulnerable to anxiety due to age-related changes in the body that make them more prone to stressors. With cannabis use becoming increasingly accepted among older adults for medical purposes, it’s important to understand both the benefits and risks associated with its use for anxiety relief.

It’s essential to clearly define anxiety before exploring how cannabis use may benefit individuals suffering from this condition. Anxiety is usually characterized by feelings of dread or panic over potential danger or harm that may come in the future. These feelings are accompanied by physiological responses like increased heart rate and shallow breathing, which can lead to further distress when left unchecked. Symptoms vary depending on the individual but typically include restlessness, avoidance behaviors, irritability, trouble concentrating, insomnia, fatigue, and muscle tension.

The Rising Prevalence Of Anxiety In The Older People

Over the years, anxiety has become a growing concern for older adults.

According to UC San Diego Health, about one-fifth of older adults experience an elevated level of distress or worry that can significantly interfere with their daily functioning and relationships. This prevalence is likely due to a variety of factors such as medical problems, caregiving responsibilities, financial worries, family members with substance use disorder, etc.

The good news is that cannabis may help ease some of these symptoms associated with anxiety in older adults with limited adverse effects. Studies suggest medical cannabis use could offer relief from both physical and psychological effects related to stress and anxiety. In particular, CBD – a nonpsychoactive compound found in hemp plants – has been linked to decreased levels of cortisol (the “stress hormone”) which can lead to calming feelings among users.

Effects Of Cannabis On Stress And Anxiety

Effects Of Cannabis On Stress And Anxiety

Recent research suggests that it can be effective in treating the symptoms of anxiety, especially among older adults. A study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders found that cannabis users had fewer behavioral and psychological symptoms associated with anxiety than non-users.

Cannabis UsersNon-Users
Lower Anxiety SymptomsHigher Anxiety Symptoms
Reduced Stress LevelsIncreased Stress Levels
Improved Moods & Sleep QualityNegative Moods & Poor Sleep Quality

The use of medical cannabis oil is also gaining traction among older adults who are suffering from anxiety disorders. Research conducted by the University of Michigan and the University of California, San Diego School showed that patients using medical cannabis reported improved moods and sleep quality, as well as reduced stress levels when compared to those not taking part in the trial.

This indicates a potential benefit for aging individuals looking for relief from their anxious thoughts or feelings.

Additionally, THC – the psychoactive component in cannabis – might also provide short-term improvement in moods by triggering positive emotions and relaxation responses within the brain’s reward system. With appropriate dosing, cannabis use may have beneficial effects on managing anxiety among seniors without any serious side effects.

Challenges To Using Cannabis For Anxiety

While there are potential health benefits of cannabis use for anxiety among older adults, there can sometimes be challenges. Cannabis users reported feeling more relaxed and having an improved sense of well-being while using the drug; however, these effects may not be consistent across different doses or strains.

Additionally, certain psychiatric conditions, such as bipolar disorder can worsen with the use of marijuana.

Inconsistent Effects Across Different Doses & StrainsCareful Research on Dosage Guidelines & Strain SelectionImproved Symptom Management & Quality Of Life Experiences
Worsening of Certain Psychiatric Conditions With UseEvaluate Mental Health History Prior To Usage & Regular Check-Ins During Treatment Plan ImplementationMinimized Risk For Intensified Symptoms While Benefiting From The Positive Effects Of Cannabis Use

In addition to evaluating mental health history prior to usage and regular check-ins during a treatment plan implementation, it is important to consider all possible risks associated with this form of therapy. With appropriate precautions taken and knowledge regarding the potential outcomes of cannabis use for anxiety among older adults, individuals can benefit from its positive effects while minimizing the risk of intensified symptoms.

What Works Better For Anxiety: Delta 8 THC Or Delta 9 THC?

When it comes to cannabis treatment for anxiety among older patients, the two main components of cannabis, aka hemp, are THC and CBD. THC itself can be separated into different strains. In hemp, scientists have found Delta-8 THC, Delta-9 THC, Delta-10 THC, and the psychoactive cousin HHC. Each with its own set of benefits.

In terms of D8 and D9, both can be highly beneficial in relieving anxiety symptoms, but they have different effects on the body. Delta 8 THC is a milder form of THC that has been found to have similar anti-anxiety properties as its more potent cousin, Delta 9 THC. Think of it like a relaxing, calming Indica strain.

On the other hand, Delta 9 THC delivers a stronger effect which could potentially provide faster symptom relief than Delta 8 alone. Ultimately, when considering what works best for managing anxiety symptoms in older adults, it is important to weigh all options carefully and consult with your doctor before deciding on a particular course of action.

What Cannabis Can You Get That's Best For Anxiety

What Cannabis Can You Get That’s Best For Anxiety Based On Above?

There are multiple medications and treatments available that can help alleviate symptoms associated with anxiety disorders in the older population. Medical cannabis is one such option; however, there are several different strains available that may be more beneficial than others when it comes to relieving symptoms related to anxiety. Also, you dont have to go the medical route and more focus on hemp THC which offers nearly the same effects and benefits.

The following table outlines some of the most commonly used strains of cannabis for treating anxiety:

StrainsTHC PercentagesCBD Percentages

Indica strains typically have a higher percentage of THC than CBD, while Sativas tend to contain more CBD than THC. The effects of indica strains are known to be calming and relaxing, making them ideal for managing stress levels and providing relief from symptoms associated with anxiety.

On the other hand, Sativas are energizing and uplifting, so they might not be as effective at reducing feelings of worry or fear. Hybrids typically offer a combination of both effects depending on the ratios of each cannabinoid present in the strain. Additionally, it is important to consider potential risks associated with substance use disorders when deciding whether or not cannabis is an appropriate form of treatment for their individual situation.

Here are some Delta-9 and Delta-8 hemp products that are intended to help older adults find relief from pain, stress, and anxiety.

Also, Delta-8 works as an Indica, whereas Delta-9 is more on the hybrid-Sativa department. D8 is about half as potent as D9 but carries the same health properties. Some even go as far as to say D8 works significantly better as a pain management and relaxant remedy.

Want to know more about how Delta-8 gummies can work for anxiety? Read the article here.

Potential Risks Using Cannabis

While the potential benefits of cannabis use among older adults for anxiety are immense, there is still a need to consider the risks associated with its use. Medicine researchers report that past year cannabis use has been linked to adverse effects in this population, such as increased heart rate and decreased cognitive abilities. These negative consequences can be especially pronounced for those who have not used cannabis before or have underlying conditions that may complicate its usage. Additionally, older adults may also experience more severe side effects due to their age-related changes in metabolism and organ functioning.

The interaction between THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) – one of the primary psychoactive components in cannabis – and other medications must also be considered when using this drug. While medicinal marijuana can potentially reduce symptoms of anxiety, it is important to be aware of how it interacts with other substances and prescription drugs taken by an individual. It’s essential to consult a doctor if you decide to use cannabis so they can evaluate any existing medical issues or drug interactions which could influence your safety while using cannabinoids. Moving forward, understanding these risks will help ensure proper management when considering cannabis as an option for treating anxiety among older adults.

THC And Interactions With Medications

When using cannabis oil, older adults should be aware of the potential interactions with medications they may already be taking. THC, one of the active compounds in cannabis, has a wide range of effects on different systems in the body.

It is important to understand how these changes can interact with other medications and supplements that an individual is currently taking.

Drug/MedicationInteraction LevelEffects
OpioidsModerate-HighIncreased sedative effect; increased risk for respiratory depression or overdose; decreased absorption rate of opioids from the gut.
AntidepressantsLowUnknown; may increase effectiveness or side effects of certain types.
Blood Pressure MedicationsHighCannabis use increases blood pressure; may reduce the efficacy of medication.
Diabetes MedicationsHighMay decrease efficacy due to reduced insulin sensitivity; increased risk for hypoglycemia when combined with diabetes medications.

In some cases, combining THC with certain medical conditions could lead to adverse side effects such as dizziness, confusion, nausea, and even coma. For this reason, it is important to speak with your doctor before considering any type of cannabis therapy.

Additionally, if you are taking any kind of prescription drug, it is wise to research possible interactions between those drugs and cannabis products. Doing so can help ensure that any treatments are safe and effective for each individual’s unique needs. With careful consideration, older adults can reap the benefits of cannabis without fear of undue harm.

Learn more about how Delta9 THC (the main psychoactive compound in cannabis) interferes with drugs.

Alternatives To Cannabis Use

The landscape of therapeutic options can be confusing and overwhelming for middle-aged adults who are already struggling with stress and other mental health issues. Despite recent legislation favoring legalization, there still exists a number of acute and chronic effects associated with cannabis use. Therefore, exploring alternative methods of relaxation and self-care may prove beneficial in managing anxiety levels without relying solely on cannabis.

Yoga, meditation, journaling, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) have all been shown to reduce anxiety levels in people experiencing heightened states of stress or panic attacks. Practicing these activities regularly has also been linked to improved sleep quality, enhanced moods, increased empathy, and strengthen interpersonal relationships. Allowing oneself time each day to engage in healthy coping strategies such as these can help build resilience over time and make one feel more empowered when faced with difficult life situations. On top of that, engaging in regular physical activity – even if it’s just taking a walk around the block – boosts endorphin production, which offers an effective way to soothe anxious feelings naturally from within.

Where To Buy the Best THC Online

Where To Buy The Best THC Online?

When it comes to finding the right cannabis products for older adults dealing with anxiety, there are a plethora of options available. It’s important that you do your research and find the best option for yourself or your loved one.

Once you have identified what kind of cannabis product will work best for you, then it’s time to consider where to buy THC online. There are many reputable sites offering quality products that may be suitable for your needs. Be sure to read reviews on any site before making a purchase so that you know exactly what kind of product you’re getting and how safe it is.

Additionally, make sure that whatever site you choose has secure payment methods and clear policies about returns and exchanges if needed.

At BioWellnessX, we make sure all of our products are made with the highest quality source ingredients available. All of our cannabis products are made exclusively with pure, organic hemp grown right here in the USA. We’re so confident in our products that we offer a full 60-day money-back guarantee for each order. And with thousands of 5-star reviews, there’s no better place to get your legal cannabis relief solutions.

Shop our entire cannabis inventory HERE.

Final Thoughts – Cannabis Use For Anxiety Among Older Adults

In conclusion, cannabis use for anxiety among older adults can be a beneficial option when used safely and responsibly. After understanding the potential risks of using this substance, it’s important to weigh the benefits against any possible negative effects in order to make an informed decision.

Overall, if used correctly, cannabis can help reduce feelings of anxiety in older adults. If you need help finding the best THC product, we are always here to help. Visit to see our full inventory of natural relief solutions.

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FAQ About Cannabis Among Older Adults

What is the best way to use cannabis products?

It will really be up to each individual, but we believe oil tinctures and edibles are the best consumption methods. Especially among older adults who are susceptible to conditions like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, there’s no need to smoke cannabis as gummies, oils, and tablets can deliver all the same benefits with even less risk of adverse health effects.

Are there any adverse effects I should be worried about?

As naturally occurring compounds, there is little-to-no risk of negative side effects when using hemp-derived cannabis. Some users report drowsiness, stimulated appetite, and very rare cases of cannabis use disorder. When it comes to common health conditions, data suggests high-quality cannabis products are generally safe for the public.

Where can I buy the best THC online?

There are many cannabis brands these days, but we think BioWellnessX has the best assortment of high-quality relief products. From their full-spectrum CBD oils to their potent 100mg THC gummies, there’s a cannabis product for everyone. Check out to see more.

Can I use cannabis primarily as a sleep aid?

Absolutely! While cannabis is great for anti-anxiety, it can also be used for inducing a night of deep and restful sleep. Some strains are more effective than others, so for natural sleep aids, look for Delta-8 THC products, especially when combined with CBN or melatonin.

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