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Indica vs. Sativa Edibles – Is There A Difference?

February 28, 2023
Indica vs Sativa Edibles - BiowellnessX

Cannabis edibles have been all the rage in recent years, with their endless potential benefits and qualities. But when shopping for an edible, you must have encountered the strains and wondered how they would affect your experience. Well, keep reading to know the different strains and how Indica vs. Sativa edibles will fit you more!

Main Key Points

  • Cannabis plants come in a variety of strains, including Sativa, Indica, and hemp.
  • Sativa and Indica edibles sourced from marijuana strains are federally illegal, except for the 18 states that legalized Marijuana.
  • Hemp plants have Sativa, and Indica strains as well. However, it’s federally legal.
  • You can get legal cannabinoid edibles that carry the same effects as Indica or Sativa.
  • Delta-8 edibles carry the effects of Indica, while HHC and Delta-10 edibles carry the effects of Sativa.
  • You can shop hemp-sourced edibles legally online.

What Is the Difference Between Indica vs. Sativa Edibles?

To fully answer the question about the difference between Indica and Sativa edibles, we need to understand what makes the two strains different and how it can affect your experience with your edible.

Indica Strain Edibles Effect

Indica edibles are basically a first-class ticket to chill-town. Indica plants possess potent relaxing properties that also provide pain relief and are a great sleep aid.

With Indica edibles, you’ll experience a body high that makes you feel deeply relaxed. In small doses, Indicas are the ideal partner for a chill session at home. However, in high doses, they can turn you into a proper stoner whose stuck to the couch.

Most users prefer Indicas for nighttime use because of their sedative-like properties.

You might have smoked Indica strains before, but munching on some Indica edibles hits much harder.

Sativa Strain Edibles Effect

Sativa strains tend to be more on the energizing and uplifting side; Sativa edibles come with a cerebral high that flirts with your creative side.

In small doses, Sativa edibles will bring out the extrovert in you, helping you feel more energetic, adventurous, and focused.

But in large doses, however, Sativa edibles can make you a little dizzy and induce a serious case of giggles.

Sativa edibles are best for daytime use, as they usually come with an energy and focus boost that helps many with their daytime activities.

Understanding The Cannabis Strain Profile - BiowellnessX

Understanding The Cannabis Strain Profile

So, what makes Indicas and Sativas have that different effect? It’s mainly the percentage of terpenes, THC, and other cannabinoids in each strain.


The cannabis plant produces a hundred different types of cannabinoids, which are chemical compounds that help the plant grow and give it its therapeutic benefits and unique effects.

There are a few rare cannabinoids when isolated, tend to carry the benefits and effects of certain strains; those cannabinoids are:

What Are Cannabis Terpenes?

Terpenes are aromatic compounds that give each plant its unique smell, color, and also other benefits.

Some of the famous terpenes in the cannabis plant are:

Does Indica And Sativa Matter in Edibles?

Sativa and Indica strains carry almost the same cannabinoid profile; it’s the terpenes that can really make you taste the difference!

That’s why the difference between Indica and Sativa flower is more recognizable when smoked, but when made into cannabis edibles, matters tend to get more complicated.

When making edibles, you need to ensure that the strain terpenes are preserved. Destroying the terpenes will make Sativa and Indica edibles difficult to differentiate.

It’s much easier and more convenient to get cannabinoid edibles that carry the effects of the strain you want.

For example, Delta-8 THC resembles an Indica strain, whereas Delta-10 seems to be more of a Sativa strain, along with HHC, and finally, Delta-9 THC, in this case, would be more of a hybrid-Sativa dominant strain.

The Downside Of Indica And Sativa Edibles

So, here’s the biggest issue with Indica or Sativa edibles, if you forgo what we mentioned above, is the fact that both strains are classified as Marijuana and are banned federally.

So, even if you find yourself a good brand of edibles, chances are, they won’t be legal where you live.

But fret not; industrial hemp may have the right solution to this sticky situation.

Why Hemp Is Our Favorite Source Of Edibles - BiowellnessX

Why Hemp Is Our Favorite Source Of Edibles

Industrial hemp is a variety of cannabis that has less than 0.3% THC. The beautiful thing about hemp plants is that they can come in Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid strains.

The reason we’re so obsessed with industrial hemp is that it’s F.E.D.E.R.A.L.L.Y LEGAL! Yes, peeps, unlike other cannabis strains and cannabis edibles, hemp and its derivates are legal on a federal level!

Hemp is leading the legal cannabis market right now. You get to have edibles with the qualities of Indica and Sativa strains legally with hemp. Isn’t that just the right reason to obsess over it?

Delta-8 THC Edibles - Indica Strains At Its Finest - BiowellnessX

Delta-8 THC Edibles

The Indica Strain At Its Finest

One of the top-rated products for pain relief and relaxation in the past few years is Delta-8 Edibles! Check out the full review of Delta-8 edibles.

If you’re looking for true Indica edibles that are federally legal, then Delta-8 THC is what you’re after. Even though Delta-8 is not exactly a strain, its effects are what would be similar to an Indica-dominant hemp strain.

Delta-8 edibles can help you meet the chill version of yourself with a clear-minded high that’ll dissipate your anxiety.

Delta 9 THC edibles

Delta-9 THC Edibles

A Potent Hybrid-Sativa Gummy

The original THC is where it all started. If you want one of the most potent gummies that will resemble a lot like regular Marijuana, then the Delta-9 THC Gummies are what you are looking for. With a hybrid-Sativa vibe, you get the head-high followed by a creative state of mind while feeling mental peace floating over you. Because of its hybrid strains functionalities, some even use these as a sleep gummy, as after its peak, you will feel very calm and relaxed.

Want to elevate your experience, try our Delta-9X THC gummies that are designed to be 3 stronger.

Delta 10 THC edibles

Delta-10 THC Edibles

The Core Of Sativa In A Gummy

If you’re looking for a Sativa edible that takes things easy, then Delta-10 gummies will do right by you.

Delta-10 is the least psychoactive among the cannabinoids in this article, making it the best choice for those who want a cool, cerebral Sativa buzz that’ll get their creative juices going without hitting hard.

If you’re looking for Sativa edibles that’ll give you a little kick, then our Delta-10 gummies will be your best buddy.

HHC Edibles - The Accelerated Sativa Experience - BiowellnessX

HHC Edibles

The Optimal Sativa Experience

HHC is one of the newest cannabinoids to hit the market; it’s pretty much a Sativa strain on a lot of good coffee.

The HHC high is double that of Delta-8 and about 20% less than that of the normal THC. Imagine the Sativa edible effects of a potent cerebral high but with a mega boost of energy, clarity, and focus. (It’ll make you alert and focused while being incredibly buzzed.)

And the best part is most states don’t know how strong the psychoactive effects of HHC are, so it’s legal in most states, even the ones that ban THC.

Check out our HHC gummies for a Sativa experience unlike anything else! Or, if you want to take HHC to the next level, check out our HHC + CBG Gummies.

Where To Shop For Indica And Sativa Edibles

So, if you live in one of the 18 states that legalized Marijuana, you can stop by any dispensary or even order your cannabis edibles online.

However, if you want a true edible experience and going with a cannabinoid edible instead, we recommend getting hemp-sourced edibles online that is federally legal.

How To Tell The Difference Between Indica and Sativa

So, you live in a state where Marijuana is legal, and you wish to make your own cannabis edibles, and you wonder how you can tell which is which? It’s easy. The two strains are visibly different.

Cannabis Sativa strains

Sativa plants are usually tall with thin, light green finger-like leaves.

Cannabis Indica strains

Indica plants appear shorter and bushier than Sativa, with broad leaves that change colors to purple from dark green.

Final Thoughts – Indica vs. Sativa Edibles

So, there you have it, folks; Indicas are best for keeping you relaxed and chill, while Sativa edibles will have you feeling more productive and adventurous. If you are looking for a middle way, hybrid strains are a good place to start looking. Delta-8 is similar to Indica, Delta-10 is similar to Sativa, and finally, Delta-9 is more of a hybrid.

Indica and Sativa edibles sourced from Marijuana are still illegal federally, while hemp-sourced edibles are federally legal.

It’s best to try hemp-sourced cannabinoids that can give the same effects. You can get the true Indica edibles effects and benefits with hemp-sourced Delta-8 and the Sativa edibles effects with hemp-sourced Delta-10 and HHC.

Shop Organic Legal Edibles Online - BiowellnessX

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FAQs on Sativa vs. Indica edibles

What are popular Sativa strains?

Some of the most popular Sativa strains are Jack Herer, Durban Poison, Green Crack, and Tangie.

Which is more relaxing, Sativa or Indica?

Indicas tend to be more relaxing and sedating, while Sativas are more uplifting and energizing. Looking for something in the middle, then you might want to look into hybrid strains.

What Do Indica edibles feel like?

Indica edibles usually come with a euphoric body high that’ll relieve pain and anxiety while relaxing you.

Which is better, Sativa or Indica edibles?

Depending on what you want them for! Each strain has its unique effects; Indicas are more sedating and are great for a “Netflix and chill” vibe, while Sativas are more stimulating and creativity boosting and more of a “let’s get the party started” vibe.

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