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Sativa vs Indica vs Hybrid Strains. Which One Is Right For You?

December 22, 2022

If you’ve ever been weed shopping, you’ve probably heard the question, “so, which strain do you prefer? Indica, sativa or hybrid? And if you were new to the cannabis industry, you’ve probably had no idea what that means.

We’ll guide you through the different weed strains and give you a few tips about how to enjoy them legally.

Main Key Points

  • Cannabis plants are the big family name for a variety of strains.
  • The most popular cannabis strains are Indica and Sativa strains and, more recently, hybrid strains.
  • Indica and Sativa plants tend to have different effects.
  • Sativa strains tend to be more uplifting, while Indica strains tend to be more relaxing.
  • Hybrid strains offer the qualities of their parent plants.
  • Hemp plants can have a variety of stains, such as Indica, Sativa, and hybrid, but with low THC contents.
  • Recreational and medical marijuana are federally illegal at the moment, except for the states that allow them.
  • Industrial hemp is federally legal, but each State can enforce its own laws on hemp products.
  • You can shop hemp products legally online.

Understanding The Cannabis Plant Strains

So when you hear the words “cannabis plant,” you automatically think of weed or marijuana, but “cannabis” refers to a whole family of plants.

Think of “cannabis” as the family name, and you have other family members, aka “Cannabis strains.” Each specific strain has its own unique profile and different effects.

The different cannabis strains come with a variety of cannabinoids and terpenes, which give the plant its medicinal benefits and unique aromas.

What Are Cannabinoids

The cannabis plant produces hundreds of chemical compounds (cannabinoids) to protect itself against the environment. With modern science, manufacturers were able to extract these cannabinoids individually, so you’d get the most of their individual benefits and effects.

Out of the hundred compounds, there are four main cannabinoids that carry the intoxicating and recreational effects of the plant along with other benefits; those cannabinoids are:

What Are Cannabis Terpenes?

The same glands in cannabis plants that produce cannabinoids also produce aromatic compounds (terpenes), which makes a cannabis strain smell like citrus, berries, etc.

Terpenes give a new meaning to aromatherapy! Besides giving cannabis plants their amazing smell, they also carry unique benefits.

Just like with cannabinoids, you can get cannabis products with certain terpenes in them to help boost the product’s effect.

Some of the famous terpenes in the cannabis plant are:

Types of Cannabis Strains

When you’re shopping for some “cannabis flower” or even smokables online, you’ll notice new and unique strains are hitting the shelves every day. However, all those strains mostly fall under the following cannabis strain categories:

  • Industrial Hemp
  • Cannabis Indica strains
  • Cannabis Sativa strains
  • Hybrid Cannabis strains

Knowing the nature and effects of the different strains helps you decide which one is best for you. Let’s jump right to it.


Industrial Hemp

Industrial hemp plants are cannabis strains with a higher CBD-to-THC ratio, containing less than 0.3% THC.

Hemp is a complex plant! Growers can bread hemp with Indica or Sativa dominant strains; they can even create hybrids.

Not only that, there are even cannabinoid-specific strains, such as CBG-rich hemp strains.

Why Is Hemp Our Favorite Cannabis Strain?

We’ve got two words for ya “FEDERALLY LEGAL”! Yes! Unlike marijuana, you can get hemp edibles, flower, oils, and even vapes legally across the country.

And because hemp is federally legal to grow, it comes with a friendlier price tag than recreational and medical marijuana.

What’s more, is that you can get cannabinoid-specific hemp products that carry similar effects and benefits of particular strains. We’ll touch base on that as we explain more about Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains.

What Are Cannabis Indica Strains?

Cannabis Indica, which means cannabis from India. Indica strains are native to the dry and harsh lands of the far east; that’s why biologist John Baptiste Lamarck believed it came from India back in the 1700s.

Indica plants are shorter and bushier than Sativa, with broad leaves that change colors to purple from dark green.

Users believe that the Indica flower tends to have a more sedating effect, so it’s best for relaxation and sleep.

Cannabis Indica Effects

Indica’s effects and benefits are mainly relaxing, pain relieving, and sedating.

People who use Indica strains tend often say the most common effects include:

  • Relaxation
  • Reduced sensation of pain
  • Sleep aid
  • Body high

Delta-8 THC – The Essence Of Indica Strains


If you want to get some legal cannabis products that give you the best of Indica strains, then hemp-sourced Delta-8 THC is the way to go.

Delta-8 THC sourced from Indica-dominant hemp strains embodies the essence of Indica. It’s famed for its ability to relieve chronic pain, alleviate anxiety, and induce a state of deep relaxation.

Delta-8 THC also produces a body high that users describe as a clear-minded high that relaxes the body and mind and also helps them get some deep sleep.

Try some of our best-selling Delta-8 THC products and get a real taste of what Indica feels like.

Popular Indica Strains

If you live in a State where marijuana is legal and decided to go for some good ol joint, here are the popular weed strains that are mainly Indica dominant:

  • Northern Lights
  • Blue Cheese
  • Bubba Kush
  • Granddaddy Purple
  • Kosher Kush
  • Afghan Kush

What Are Sativa Cannabis Strains?

Sativa plants are usually tall with thin, light green leaves. Users report feeling more energized and focused when they consume a Sativa flower.

Cannabis Sativa Effects

Sativa strains are often uplifting and stimulating. Users report the Sativa effects to be:

  • Euphoric with a cerebral high
  • Uplifting
  • Energizing
  • Simulating, with an increase in creativity and productivity

Delta-10 THC; The Sativa Strain In A Cannabinoid

Delta-10 is a THC cannabinoid that carries the Sativa strain traits at heart; users tell us it gives them a cerebral high that gets their creativity juices running and boosts their energy and focus.

The beauty of Delta-10 is that it’s less psychoactive than Delta-8 and Delta-9, making it perfect for daytime use, especially for those sensitive to THC but still want to get a cool buzz.

And top everything off, Hemp-sourced Delta-10 is federally legal, and you can buy it online.


HHC: The Accelerated Sativa-Like Cannabinoid!

Get ready for a new meaning to “Wake and Bake” with HHC!

HHC is a minor cannabinoid in hemp plants; it’s pretty much a Sativa strain on steroids, with a strong high unlike anything else! The HHC high is twice that of Delta-8 but with the clarity, focus, and energetic feelings of Sativa strains.

A bonus point goes to the fact that HHC gets you buzzed without being a THC compound. See where I’m going with this, “non-THC states”?

If Delta-10 doesn’t give you the buzz that you need, then our HHC gummies will do right by you!

Popular Sativa Strains Names:

Now, if you don’t want to get some hemp products and decided to go old school, here are some of the popular Sativa dominant strains:

  • Jack Herer
  • Durban Poison
  • Green Crack 
  • Tangie
  • Sour Diesel
  • Lemon Haze

What Are Hybrid Strains?

Cannabis farmers crossbreed different cannabis strains to create hybrids. Usually, Hybrid strains are a mix of Indica and Sativa strains.

Sometimes farmers will also add cannabis ruderalis strains to the mix; ruderalis plants don’t have many benefits like Indica and Sativa plants, but they can improve the plant’s growth rate.

Right now, there are hardly any pure Indica or Sativa strains. Instead, you get a hybrid cannabis strain with a dominant strain.

Some of the most common hybrid strains are

  • Half and half split of Sativa and Indica plants
  • Sativa-dominant hybrid strains
  • Indica-dominant hybrid strains
  • Hybrid Autoflower (Ruderalis with Indica or Sativa or both)

Hybrid Strains Effects

Popular hybrid strains offer a mix of benefits between Indica and Sativa in a 50/50 split where you get the anti-anxiety, relaxation, and pain relief of Indica strains mixed with the improved focus and energizing effects of Sativa strains.

Sativa dominant strains tend to carry the same benefits as Sativa, such as a boost in energy, focus, and creativity; you’ll also get some of the anti-anxiety benefits.

If you get Indica dominant strains, you’ll get the Indica benefits such as relaxation, pain relief, and better sleep.

Delta-9 THC – A True Hybrid!

Most people are familiar with the OG THC! Some love it, and some can’t come near it. Delta-9 has extremely potent psychoactive properties. Depending on the user’s tolerance, these properties can cause some people to be completely stoned and couch-locked with a sprinkle of paranoia!

While that may be the case for marijuana-sourced Delta-9, however, our Delta-9 gummies are sourced from hybrid hemp strains that offer the Indica’s strong relaxing buzz and the Sativa’s focus and clarity.

Final Thoughts – Sativa vs. Indica vs. Hybrid Strains

Sativas tend to have energizing and focus-boosting effects, while Indicas are more sedating and relaxing.

Cannabis strains such as Indica and Sativa are still illegal federally, while hemp is federally legal.

You can get the benefits of Indica strains with hemp-sourced Delta-8, whereas hemp-sourced Delta-10 products and HHC carry the benefits of Sativa strains, and Delta-9 is the true hybrid.

Whatever the strain or effect you’re looking for, you’ll find it in one of our organic hemp products with the bonus of a 15% discount when you sign up.

Try our Delta-8 and Delta-9 samples to get a taste of an Indica vs. hybrid gummy.


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FAQs for Indica vs. Sativa vs. Hybrid

Which is better, Sativa vs. Indica?

Depends on what you’re looking for and what your body likes! Indicas, in general, tend to be more relaxing with calming effects, while Sativas give you a boost in energy and focus.

Which makes you sleepy, Indica or Sativa?

Indica strains are more sedating and relaxing, which can make you sleepy, while Sativas tend to energize you.

Is Sativa an upper or a downer?

For most people, Sativa is an upper that boosts mood, energy, and creativity, but then again, it depends on each individual and how their body chemistry interacts with it.

Is there really a difference between Sativa and Indica?

Cannabis is a personal experience; not all people experience it the same! That said, most people enjoy an energetic high with a boost of focus with Sativa, while Indica makes them more calm, relaxed, and even sleepy.

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