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Does Delta-9 Get You High?

March 9, 2022
Does Delta-9 Get You High

These days it seems a new three-letter hemp product is hitting the market every other week. The reputation behind cannabis plants has undeniably changed in the last decade, and hemp-derived products are a large part of that shift in mindset. With the legalization of hemp in 2018 came a slew of THC and other hemp products, the leading star of which is the Delta-9 THC gummy.

Delta-9 THC gummies contain a measured dose of Delta-9 and are legally available online like other hemp products. They’ve become wildly popular amongst cannabis aficionados, but why? Spoiler alert: D9 packs a punch.

Main Keypoints:

  • Hemp-derived Delta-9 THC products are legal on the federal level as long as they are below 0.30% dry weight.
  • Contrary to popular myths, hemp-derived THC products contain psychoactive properties and can get you high.
  • D9 is the primary psychoactive compound in the cannabis plant.
  • Compared to Delta-9 THC, Delta-8 and Delta-10 are less potent and are milder options for those who seek the benefits of THC without the couch-locked feeling.

So, Does Delta-9 Make You High?

While the name “Delta-9 THC” itself may be unfamiliar to many, it’s just a label for the THC we’re all most familiar with. Most people know that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the active ingredient in Cannabis that gives it psychoactive properties, but not everyone is aware that THC has several different forms. Since Delta 9 THC is the most common form of THC found in the cannabis plant, it’s more than often referred to simply as “THC.” The other forms of THC, Delta-8 and Delta-10, are typically discussed using their first names to avoid confusion.

To answer your question, hemp-derived Delta-9 THC can absolutely make you feel high. So, if your goal is to use Delta-9 for that purpose, then this is very good news for you. That said, if you’re curious about the other THCs, read on! We’ll dive into the differences and potency levels so you can make the best choice about which to try and, perhaps, which to stay away from.

What Does Delta-9 THC Mean?

Delta 9 is short for delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabivarinic Acid (delta-9-THCVA). Delta-9 THCV is one of many significant cannabinoids that can be found in the cannabis plant. Extracting is usually relatively cheap and easy to do, whereas the other THCs, Delta-8, and Delta-10, are a bit more elusive.

Chemically, Delta-9 THC gets its name due to its double bond located on the chain of carbon atoms of the endocannabinoid system. Delta-9 has a bond on the ninth carbon atom, Delta-8 on the eighth, and Delta-10 on the tenth. Although small, the difference of location leads to noticeably different pharmacological effects.

Delta-9 Effects:

Adults enjoy consuming Delta-9 THC products because they elevate mood, enhance sensory perception, and leave you feeling uplifted and euphoric. However, Delta-9 has been shown to do far more than just bring on the laughs and munchies.

While much of what we know about THC and its effects is anecdotal, research suggests that Cannabis and the endocannabinoid are directly involved in maintaining balance to health, including:

Additionally, those who have consistently incorporated Delta-9 THC into their daily wellness routine have seen significant improvements in appetite as it has proven antiemetic properties. This ingredient indeed packs a punch from reducing pain to helping ease the symptoms of eating disorders and containing anticonvulsant effects.

Delta-9 Side Effects

What Are Some Other Delta-9 Side Effects?

Since Delta-9 has psychoactive effects, some not-so-pleasant side effects can occur. Consuming Delta-9 in high doses can lead to feelings of anxiety and nausea, mental fog, and paranoia.

While not life-threatening, these unpleasant side effects can be overwhelming and cause far more stress and confusion than ever intended.

If you’re comfortable with Delta-9 and consider yourself an experienced user, then you likely already know how to work your way up to a high dose.

But, for those who are not as experienced in that department, starting with the smallest effective dose can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed by THC. For example, cut it in half or even in quarters if you’re trying a THC gummy. Start with a small dose, wait a few hours, and see how you feel.

You can always increase the dosage, but once you’ve taken too much, you can’t exactly un-consume it. Start small and work your way up to that perfect dose that vibes with you.

Everyone is different, and Delta-9 might not be the THC for you at the end of the day. Fortunately, two less potent options are rising higher and higher in popularity even as you read this blog: Deltas 8 and 10.

Does Delta-8 THC Get You High As Delta-9 THC?

Although very similar in chemical structure to Delta-9, Delta-8 THC has its double bond in the eighth position, and that small difference sets its effects and potency levels apart from that of Delta-9. While Delta-8 THC has psychoactive effects, users have reported its intoxicating effects are far less potent than Delta-9.

Delta-8 THC binds to CB1 receptors in the central nervous system (CNS) and influences CB2 receptor activity. Delta-8 THC is considered a more “light” version of Delta-9-THC as it produces a mild sedative effect while remaining less intense and mind-altering when compared to Delta-9.

Does Delta-8 Affect Delta-9 Tolerance?

Research on Delta-8 THC is pretty limited even today, and we aren’t fully aware of all the ways Delta-8 THC may impact a person’s tolerance to Delta-9. With that said, we do know that both THCs interact with the same endocannabinoid receptors, which means the two may produce cross-tolerance.

However, Delta-8 THC is about half as potent as Delta-9. Those who frequently use Delta-9 may not feel as much effect from Delta-8 THC, while those who regularly consume Delta-8 THC may still feel a large impact after consuming Delta-9.

It gets confusing, we know. Basically, yes, the two can technically produce cross-tolerance, but with Delta-8 THC being only half as potent, it may not impact Delta-9 tolerance very much. It’s tough to say precisely since everyone is different with unique body chemistries, and so many factors aside from frequency of use play into how you’ll be affected by THC.

Delta-10 vs Delta-9

Delta-10 THC is a minor cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. Unlike the other cannabinoids, this THC is elusive and challenging to extract. Similar in structure to Delta-9 and Delta-8, Delta-10 has its bond in the eighth position and interacts with the human body’s endocannabinoid system, similar to the other THCs. Delta 10 stays in your body as long as other THCs and acts in very similar ways. There are a few significant differences, though.

What sets Delta-10 apart from other cannabinoids is its lower potency and stimulating effects. Since it’s so new to the cannabis industry, much of what we know is anecdotal. While it does have a mild psychoactive effect and can give you a slight feeling of being high, users who have tried Delta-10 say it’s cerebral, uplifting, and energizing.

Some of the characteristics noted for Delta-10 so far are:

  • Roughly half as potent as Delta-9 THC
  • Can be more stimulating and nootropic
  • Promotes flow states, creativity, euphoria, and focus
  • Has fewer side effects than Delta-9 THC
  • Can help with chronic pain relief and anxiety
  • Can be appetite-stimulating
Is Delta-9 THC legal

The 2018 Federal Farm Bill’s passing opened the door for legal hemp-derived THC products to hit the market. However, the legality of Delta-9 depends on each State’s laws. We have to remember that it’s still a controlled substance and strict regulations follow.

While it’s legal for online purchases in most states, some states are murky with how they’ve interpreted the law, and some are still too stubborn to fold at all.

As a general rule, for Delta-9 THC to be legal, it has to come from hemp-derived material and cannot surpass 0.30% THC per dry weight basis.

As long that criteria are fulfilled, you can buy Delta-9 THC products in every State that accepts the 0.30% THC.

You should always check the legality of whatever THC products you want to purchase within your State before clicking that check-out button.

Currently, if you live in any of the below states, you are either not allowed to purchase OR the max amount of THC content in the products you can purchase is 1% – 0.30% for all THC compounds and their derivatives.

List of states where Delta-8 THC and Delta-10 THC are currently restricted:

  6. IDAHO
  10. UTAH

Best-Selling Delta-9 Products:

Delta-9 is, as we’ve mentioned again and again, a wildly popular ingredient and can be found in a massive variety of products. While smoking flower and vaping oil are both popular options, Delta-9 THC gummies have found themselves at the top of the list.

With a quick Google search, you can find an overwhelming amount of Delta-9 THC gummies that are sold online as they’ve been highly sought-after since their introduction to the cannabis market.

Other best-selling Delta-9 THC products include:

THC gummies are nothing new to the market; however, seeing Delta 9 Gummies from hemp-derived material is somewhat a more recent trend we see. Just a year ago, from writing this post, you didn’t see any Deltra 9 gummies on the market that was hemp-derived; it was more labeled as Full-spectrum gummies where D9 was part of the natural blend.

With Delta 8 becoming so popular, the focus shifted from being a full spectrum gummy to being a Delta 9 THC gummy. For example, we offer 10mg and 25mg Delta 9 THC gummies that are still compliant. How, you might ask? Well, it all comes down to the total dry weight of the product itself.

Or, if you want something even stronger, we now offer our Delta 9X THC Gummies with a blend of THCp and CBG. But be careful, for they are very potent!

Do Delta-9 THC gummies get you high?

We covered the fact that Delta-9 THC has psychoactive effects, so let’s talk about whether or not hemp-derived Delta-9 gummies can get you high.

When we consume Delta-9 gummies, they get right to work by supporting the healthy functioning of the endocannabinoid system and helping boost endocannabinoid tone and signaling. They also, after anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, have the potential to make you feel high or “stoned.”

While it’s a common misconception that hemp-derived products can’t be as effective as marijuana-derived THCs, that couldn’t be farther from the truth! Delta-9 THC gummies can be used for the purpose of getting high, but they’re often also used for their many medicinal benefits as they’re easy to dose and convenient to carry around.

If we compare Delta-9 THC from marijuana and the hemp plant, both are Cannabis, and as a consumer, it’s the same feeling, Cannabis is and will be Cannabis and have the same chemical structure. 10mg D9 is the same and will feel the same and will hit all the same cannabinoid receptors no matter what cannabis plants it originates from. However, Delta-8 and Delta-10 are a different story, as we covered earlier. 

Want to know more about how long a high from Delta-9 gummies last, check our in-depth article here.

Does Delta-9 Make You Paranoid?

Unfortunately, one of the biggest complaints users has had after consuming Delta-9 is that it made them feel paranoid or anxious. Delta-9 likely is to blame for turning potential cannabis lovers into fearful consumers. This mostly happens when consuming larger doses and is not an experienced user.

Paranoia and anxiety can’t always be avoided with Delta-9 THC, and that’s exactly why Delta 8 and 10 have grown so much in popularity since being introduced to the market. If you’ve already tried the slow-and-steady approach to dosing Delta-9 and still aren’t into it, then its less potent cousins, Delta-8 and Delta-10, maybe the better options for you.

Take any medication or prescription drugs? We suggest you read our article about how Delta 9 interacts with other drugs.

Where To Buy Delta-9 THC Gummies

Where To Buy Delta-9 THC Gummies

Since Delta- 9 THC products are so in-demand today, they can be found at really random brick-and-mortar stores. If you can’t immediately verify if any third-party testing has been done on the product, then pass! Your THC products should be of the purest and highest quality.

If you have any safety concerns, there is undoubtedly an advantage to purchasing Delta-9 gummies online, as you can ensure the product has been tested and is safe to consume.

Since harmful chemicals can make their way into the concentrate during manufacturing, ensuring the product has been lab-tested is the only way to prove the absence of these chemicals and residual solvents.

Related Article: Are Delta-9 Gummies Legal?

When shopping for Delta-9 THC, you should always be mindful of:

How Long Does Delta-9 THC Stay In Your System?

Different doses of Delta-9 THC can stay in your system for more or less time because of the half-life. THC metabolites may have their own effects on the body’s endocannabinoid system. The THC metabolites are stored in body fat and gradually eliminated through feces and urine.

How long any THC stays in your system depends on a variety of factors:

  • Frequency of use
  • Method of consumption
  • Metabolism rate
  • Level of dose
  • Body fat content

Typically, it’s recommended to abstain from any THC products for at least two weeks if your goal is to pass a drug test.

As far as how long you’ll feel, Delta-9’s effects also depend on various factors, but generally, Delta-9’s effects should fade after a few hours, depending on the method of consumption.

Final Thoughts – Does Delta-9 Get You High

Well, to answer the big question: Delta-9 THC can get you high. In some cases, it can get you a little too high, which is why Delta-8 and Delta-10 have risen in popularity so much in recent years. Always do your due diligence when buying any THC product and check your State laws beforehand. Check for third-party lab results, peep that ingredients list, and start slow when trying a product for the very first time.

Ready to try Delta 9 THC? We offer our organic 10mg and 25mg Delta 9 THC gummies at a very favorable price, along with our Delta 9x Gummies. Extra potent!

If you want something a little less potent, you can also check our organic Delta 8 Gummies or our Delta 10 gummies. Not into sweets and looking for something else, check out a wide variety of hemp-derived THC products here.

FAQs About How Delta 9 THC Gets You High

What is a Delta 9 high like?

Since Delta-9 THC gives you psychoactive effects, you can expect it to be somewhat of a Sativa feeling mixed with a relaxing after effect. It will mostly go to your head and get that active versus a so-called body high that you typically get when consuming other cannabis edibles like Delta 8 or 10.

What gets you higher Delta 8 or Delta 9?

Delta-9, without a doubt. It’s about twice as strong compared to Delta 8 THC. So if you are looking for that extra “high” feeling, D9 is your go-to.

Is Delta-9 hemp-derived THC federally legal?

It’s legal on the federal level, thanks to a 2018 Federal Farm Bill “loophole.” However, some states have not adopted this law or have their own interpretation of it. Always research your local marijuana laws and hemp laws before purchasing THC products online.

Will Delta-9 THC make me feel stoned?

It absolutely can! Delta-9 contains psychoactive effects and can make you feel high or “couch-locked” after consuming significantly higher doses. If you are familiar with smoking marijuana, you will recognize the same effects.

Does Delta-9 have appetite-boosting effects?

Most people who have tried Delta-9 have reported getting what has been so affectionately dubbed “the munchies.” Delta-9 has been shown to stimulate appetite as well as alleviate nausea.

Does Delta 9 make you sleepy?

It sure can. After the initial high feeling has worn out a bit, it tends to follow with a nice relaxing feeling which can make you feel sleepy. If you are looking for something to take before bedtime, we highly suggest you look into Delta 8, which has shown to be more of a relaxant than D9.

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